Rorate Caeli

Belgian Cardinal and Bishops Approve Liturgy for “Same-Sex Unions”

Archbishop Léonard, of Brussels-Mechlin, was one of the most conservative voices of the Church in Europe. That was enough for the petty, vengeful, small little man currently occupying the throne of Peter to not only not make him a Cardinal, but accept his retirement (unusually for a major Archbishop) as soon as he reached 75. For his place, Francis named an extremist liberal, a disciple of one of the greatest perverts ever to occupy a European see (Danneels), Jozef de Kesel. And, of course, Francis created him Cardinal as soon as possible.

Now, de Kesel has arrived decisively at what he was named to do: the bishops of Belgium are to visit Rome in the upcoming days for their Ad Limina visit and, just in time, de Kesel led the Flemish bishops in approving a special "liturgy" with prayers for the blessing of homosexual unions.

The “liturgy” is below (click for larger view - translation by Diane Montagna). It's what these bishops want because it's what they are: perverts, creeps, groomers, repulsive creatures of utter darkness whose only aim in life is to make the Church of God as dark and perverted as they are. THEY WILL NOT PREVAIL. But they will give us still many decades of sorrow before their ilk is swept from the earth in a wind of fire that will make Gomorrah seem tame and peaceful.

[Source: Dutch, in the official website of the Flemish Bishops' Conference; PDF prayer in Dutch from the same source here.]