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Arlington's Bishop Freely Chose to Limit TLM Access

On September 30, 2022, Crisis Magazine published a very important article by James Baresel, "When Bishops Put Obedience Above Charity," concerning the true (Thomistic) and false (anti-Thomistic) notions of obedience and how they have played out in the dramatic situation in the Arlington, Virginia diocese. In particular, Baresel explains how true episcopal authority is exercised in charitably placing the spiritual needs of his flock above servile adherence to unnecessary laws or requirements, as indeed Canon Law itself provides for.

Two excerpts:

"Bishop Burbidge is not interested in determining the bare minimum Church law strictly requires and then facilitating use of the Tridentine Mass as much as possible. His policy is to embrace Pope Francis’ decision to restrict the Tridentine Mass as much as he can while still providing reasonable access to it....

Bishop Burbidge has decided to make a strong effort to implement whatever the pope of the moment’s liturgical policy is — and argues that this is virtuous. Hence, on July 15, 2021, Bishop Burbidge was committed to promoting use of the Tridentine Mass in accordance with Summorum Pontificum, and on the following day he was committed to restricting its use in accordance with Traditionis Custodes."

Highly recommended: in my view it is one of the best pieces written so far on the greater problem with TC and the effort being made to push bishops around from above. Read the whole thing here.