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Francis names pro-abortion atheist as member of Pontifical Academy for Life

 A nightmare that has no end: that is the sick pontificate through which we are suffering. 

The Pontifical Academy for Life was one of the very few positive post-conciliar creations. Unsurprisingly, it was born of the mind of Dr. Jerôme Lejeune, one of the greatest pro-life heroes, who suggested it to John Paul II and was named its first president.

Since the advent of Francis, the new Pontifical Academy for Life has become a hotbed of dissent from Catholic moral teaching: from contraception to homosexuality to abortion, and other doctrinal issues, there is no matter on which it has not caused scandal under the leadership of Abp. Vincenzo Paglia.

Its newest members were named by Francis yesterday, among them a radical leftist economist, an Italian living in the U.S. named Mariana Mazzucato. Mazzucato is an avowed atheist:

She's also so pro-abortion that when the greatest victory of American lay Catholics (and their allies) in decades, the reversal of the perverted and murderous Supreme Court illegal decision Roe v. Wade last June, was handed down in the majestic opinion of Dobbs, the new opinion was strongly decried by her: