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Benedictines of Mary: New Monastery

This is the time of year when so many fundraising pitches are made -- some for worthy endeavors from the Priestly Fraternity of Saint Peter and Institute of Christ the King, for instance; and others for hobbies such as websites and videos. (One of the many things about Rorate Caeli that I appreciate is contributors are volunteers who write as an extracurricular activity; never has a solicitation been made for the blog, and never has money been accepted.)

To that end, we have choices to make on where to donate this Christmas. Perhaps some of us were supporting a diocesan parish that we have been tossed out of in the spirit of unity. Perhaps some of us no longer choose to finance a diocese that has treated Latin Mass-attending Catholics as second class citizens, segregated at best and evicted at worst.

So, may I suggest financially supporting traditional women religious who pray for you, each and every day? It is true, several orders attached to the traditional Latin Mass do so. Carmelites in the U.S., for instance, are some of your biggest prayer warriors. These sisters are building and expanding and can use your support here.

The Benedictines of Mary are known to many Catholics who attend the traditional Latin Mass. We know some of the sisters there (maybe you have a family member or friend who joined?) -- they pray for priests and you all the time. They sing and record sacred music albums. They sew beautiful vestments. And they are growing so much they have broken ground on a second monastery, having filled their Gower, Missouri, location -- this one in Ava, Missouri:

The new monastery has been placed under the patronage of Saint Joseph, foster father of Jesus, primarily in thanksgiving to him for his powerful, ongoing assistance to the Benedictines of Mary, Queen of Apostles. To him the Sisters entrusted the construction of the Abbey Motherhouse complex in Gower, completed in 2018 and is free of debt. Now they turn to him again to oversee this new house to be built in his own honor, in remembrance of his spiritual fatherhood to the Church, and to all followers of Christ.

Excavation has begun! The estimated completion for the new Monastery of St. Joseph with concurrent funding is Fall of 2024 and the estimated cost is $20 million. With your help this house of God will become a reality! St. Joseph pray for us!

Consider sponsoring something for the new Benedictines of Mary monastery -- maybe a choir stall, maybe a cell or maybe even the bell tower. It all depends on what you are able to donate.

And pray for them. Pray for the continued growth and vibrancy of the Benedictines of Mary, and all women religious who love the traditional Latin Mass and sacraments. They pray for you -- guaranteed, whether you know it or not!

Have a merry Christmas.