Rorate Caeli

German "Church" Officially Approves Same-Sex "Blessings" - a Moment of Schism and Collapse of the Universal Church

 "Et in unam, sanctam, catholicam et apostolicam Ecclesiam..." -- we proclaim our belief in the marks of the Church every Sunday in the Creed.

Minutes ago, the parliamentary assembly of German bishops and radical lay activists gathered under the name of "Synodal Way" officially approved "same-sex blessings". As reported by Jonathan Liedl:

Once again, German schismatics and apostates bring the Church to a moment of collapse and crisis. WE ARE NOT IN COMMUNION WITH THIS nonsense, whatever this is. May God send fire from heaven to burn to the ground the den of iniquity that is the German "Church". This mess and this destruction of the Church are exclusively the work of Francis and his minions. 

The German Church has become a cancer in the Universal Church. It must be extirpated, the few good parts treated, or the whole Church will die from her errors, as it almost happened 500 years ago. Enough is enough.


Kyrie, eleison!