Rorate Caeli

PLEASE DONATE - PLEASE HELP the oldest continuing Traditional Catholic Community in South America through Friends of Campos (Holy Week and Easter Appeal)

Traditional Sister guiding a class of young students in a chapel of the Campos Apostolic Administration

In Corde Iesu

Keeping tradition alive in the country hills of rural Brazil in the region of Campos dos Goytacazes and its surrounding area is a blessing or a miracle. In fact, the Traditional Latin Mass has always persevered in the region and the Personal Apostolic Administration has brought the people to holiness of life!

It is with renewed faith in the Lord as we approach the time of our Paschal Feast that we reach out for support in our project. If you are considering a special offering during Holy Week and the Easter season, please include Campos in your generosity.

In this unique place in the world, your donation will help with maintenance for the priests and seminarians and for the sisters in their devout work with children and elderly disabled. Every dollar you donate goes very far in the Brazilian currency!

Friends of Campos wishes you and your family a holy and blessed Easter!

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Traditional Sisters provide elderly care -- the Sacraments in the Traditional Form are
all administered by the priests of the Campos Apostolic Administration