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Traditional Silent Retreats for Men and Women at New Center in Indiana

I frequently hear people asking "Where can I go for a traditional Catholic retreat? Where there will be good, solid preaching, and most importantly, the TLM?"

There are indeed options. I posted earlier here about the 5-day silent retreats being preached by the Benedictine monks of Notre Dame Priory from Australia, who come each year to the Spiritual Center of Maria Stein in Ohio. They will be doing a Men's Retreat from June 18-23, 2023, and a Women's Retreat from June 25-30. See here for more information.

Just recently I received great news about a full-fledged traditional retreat center that has opened its doors. The St. Teresa of Avila Retreat Center is the latest addition to Edelweiss House, a not-for-profit 152-acre working farm near Greensburg, Indiana.

Edelweiss’ mission has always been to help the family, but it has now stepped up its mission of “Standing as a Roadblock against the Destruction of the Family." Their first step is to help men and women, the foundation of families, re-connect with God through silent retreats.

Below is the list of Traditional Silent Retreats being hosted in 2023, two of which are already full. The other retreats are rapidly approaching. Seeking men and women over 18 to register.   

April 27-30 - Men's Retreat (Full)
May 18-21 - Women's Retreat (Full)
June 8-11 - Men's Retreat
September 7-10 - Women's Retreat
October 12-15 - Men's Retreat
November 9-12 - Women's Retreat
December 7-10 (Tentative*) - Men's Retreat

The organizers have asked that we share this information with people who might be interested.

Find out more information at or download the retreat flyer here. The website can accept online registrations and donations as well.