Rorate Caeli

Francis confirms his hatred for the Latin Mass is ideological, since the greatest "danger" in the Church today is "reaction against the modern" - and criticizes the liberality of John Paul II and Benedict XVI

 He clothes his hatred by saying Traditionalists are ideological, and basically calling his predecessors John Paul II and Benedict XVI idiots (in so many words) for somehow not having the brilliant "pastoral" foresight he has -- that persecution is good and "pastoral"...

From his talk with Hungarian Jesuits, as reported by Jesuit periodical La Civiltà Cattolica:

[Question:] The Second Vatican Council talks about the relationship between the Church and the modern world. How can we reconcile the Church and the reality that is already beyond the modern? How do we find God’s voice while loving our time?

[Francis:] I wouldn’t know how to answer that theoretically, but I certainly know that the Council is still being applied. It takes a century for a Council to be assimilated, they say. And I know the resistance to its decrees is terrible. There is incredible support for restorationism, what I call “indietrismo” (backwardness), as the Letter to the Hebrews (10:39) says: “But we do not belong to those who shrink back.” The flow of history and grace goes from the roots upward like the sap of a tree that bears fruit. But without this flow you remain a mummy. Going backwards does not preserve life, ever. You must change, as St. Vincent of Lérins wrote in his Commonitory when he remarked that even the dogma of the Christian religion progresses, consolidating over the years, developing with time, deepening with age. But this is a change from the bottom up. The danger today is indietrismo, the reaction against the modern. It is a nostalgic disease. This is why I decided that now the permission to celebrate according to the Roman Missal of 1962 is mandatory for all newly consecrated priests. After all the necessary consultations, I decided this because I saw that the good pastoral measures put in place by John Paul II and Benedict XVI were being used in an ideological way, to go backward. It was necessary to stop this indietrismo, which was not in the pastoral vision of my predecessors. 


A man drunk with love for the "modern age" -- it's been working out so well for the family and for the Church... [source]