Rorate Caeli

2023 Paris-Chartres Pilgrimage

Young scouts and leaders filled the church of Saint Sulpice for high Mass early Saturday morning May 27th to begin the three day event. The overflow crowd surrounding the church for the Mass is partly visible in next photo below.

This year the 16,000 mostly young participants broke all previous attendance numbers. 

The pilgrims were greeted along the way as we walked through Paris.

Our journey took us through the variety of French countryside: village, forest, field and highway.

The Mass tents on Sunday and Monday morning accommodated 300 priests for daily holy Mass.

On the road to God, led by faith and persevering in hope.

Solemn High Mass for Pentecost Sunday in a natural arena to accommodate the thousands who worshipped. 

A tangible sign of pilgrim’s progress: we’ve advanced 56k distance from Paris en route to our goal of Chartres cathedral.

Every step taken in faith is a cooperation with grace: we are never alone on the journey.

Pilgrims kneel and pray in thanksgiving at first sight of the yet distant spires of Chartres.

Like the New Jerusalem the spires point heavenward speaking ever of the goal of every pilgrim from here to eternity in the life of faith.

Life is a pilgrimage. Each day’s steps bring us closer to our goal when taken in faith for such always lead to God. 

Archbishop Gullickson offers prayers of Thanksgiving in the sacristy after solemn High Mass of Whit Monday which concluded the pilgrimage at Chartres.

Like the Romanesque and Gothic spires of Chartres, tradition blends harmoniously through the ages, faithful to God and leading ever toward Him because built securely on the truth of divine Revelation.

 The Archbishop sends his best wishes and prayers to Rorate Caeli visitors.

For more on the pilgrimage read my account in The Wanderer Catholic Newspaper.