Rorate Caeli

“Genghis Khan was a mass murderer, but at least he wasn’t an American Catholic Reactionary!”


No wars of conquest in all of history killed as many people as those of Genghis Khan: an estimated 40 million dead, an amount that wouldn’t be reached (in absolute numbers) until the Second World War, though never surpassed in proportion to the global population at the time.

So, what did Francis do? Well, he praised Genghis Khan, of course, in his visit to Mongolia. He says he was a promoter of “religious freedom” (he forgot to say, of those who were tolerated), though, of course, not exactly the freedom of the millions slaughtered, starved, or left to die. 

So, a “despot” can be an anti-Catholic freak, such as the bloodiest tsars, and he (or she) will be praised by Francis; he can be the greatest mass murderer in history, and he’ll also be praised by Francis. 

But there is one unpardonable crime: being a believing American Catholic. That is a no-no.