Rorate Caeli

The Abortion Pope: Under the Benevolent Silence of Francis and his Negligent Bishops, Latin America became the Center of the Global Babykilling Industry

 First, his neighboring Uruguay. Then, his native Argentina. Then, Colombia. Now, the second-greatest prize, Mexico. Soon, Brazil, whose Supreme Court has just started debating the liberalization, and others. 

Francis says NOTHING. We know, from John Paul II, that a Church that is clear in her pronouncements on abortion can truly change the debate. The Wojtyla pontificate was a beacon of hope for life, from Latin America to Eastern Europe — and even in UN conferences. Yet Francis says nothing. He does nothing. On the contrary, his allies are the same globalists promoting human sacrifice in Latin America. Maybe they think it’s good for the climate and net zero carbon goals…

The Francis Pontificate has truly become the Abortion Pontificate for "Catholic" Latin America.