Rorate Caeli

“Yes, Teilhard de Chardin was a racist heretical eugenicist, who even supported Nazi experiments, but at least he wasn’t a believing American Catholic!”


Each additional day with Francis is a day of wonder — wonder at how such magnificent melange of utter buffoonery, tackiness, ignorance, and malice could reach the see of Peter in this “enlightened” age. Maybe it is all a great plot by liberals to destroy papolatry once and for all. 

Because when he isn’t promoting half-baked historical lies about despotic monsters, he is praising to high heaven the most influential heretic of the twentieth century, his fellow Jesuit (shocking) Teilhard de Chardin. 

Catholics were warned about his works by the pontificate of none other than John XXIII himself. If that were not enough, Teilhard should also be radioactive even for any liberal-minded human being due to his persistently and well-documented racist rantings, his support of eugenics, and his praise even of Nazi Germany's medical experiments.

Francis' words, as the words of Teilhard itself, are a pretentious gobbledygook that makes the Christian religion out to be a pantheistic mess.

“This priest, often misunderstood, had intuited that ‘the Eucharist is always in some way celebrated on the altar of the world’.”

Sorry, you can't rehabilitate trash. Trash is trash. Some of it is recyclable, some of it is compostable, it's still trash. Teilhard is neither recyclable nor compostable, his work should remain forever burning in the landfill of non-theology.