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The Sun Pope?

The Sun Pope?
Philippe de Labriolle
Paix Liturgique Letter 962
October 3, 2023

When Cardinal Müller, Prefect Emeritus of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, makes it known in the media that "The Pope is not authorized by Christ to harass good bishops," among whom he includes Bp Strickland, Bp Schneider and probably Bp Rey, it's worth pointing out that this strong support is simply a reiteration of the spirit and letter of Lumen Gentium, the dogmatic constitution of the Second Vatican Council.
The Catholic Church does not belong to the Argentine Pope, unlike the Belgian Congo, which for several decades was the personal property of King Leopold II, who ceded this territory 76 times larger than his metropolis to Belgium. Is the fact that one billion three hundred and forty-five million baptized people have some sort of attachment to Vatican City, which extends over a mere fifty hectares, a plausible reason to appropriate (as if the exalted office had gone to one's head) some Luciferian "non serviam", with unprecedented audacity on the Throne of Peter?

The Bishop of Rome, Peter's successor and, through him, Vicar of Christ, a title devalued to merely "historical" in 2019, will be accountable before the Just Judge for at least a decade of power applied to contradicting the moral theology of the Magisterium, and devaluing the lex orandi of the Church militant, that of here below. If some hybris has seized him to make use of consecrated human resources to his heart's content, with a view to rendering outdated the most constant lex credendi (constant because received from the apostles), it has to be said that the Acts of the Second Vatican Council provide no support for this personal policy of mistreating the Church, and in particular the episcopate.

Chapter 27 of Lumen Gentium states that: "Bishops, as Christ's vicars and delegates, govern the particular Churches entrusted to them by counsel, persuasion and example, but also by authority and sacred power, which they use only to build up their flock in truth and holiness, remembering that the greater must become like the lesser, and he who governs like he who serves (Luke 22:26-27).... The pastoral charge, that is, the daily and habitual care of their flock, is entrusted to them in full, and we must not see in them the vicars of the Roman Pontiffs, for they exercise a power of their own, and it is in all truth that they are called the chiefs of the people they lead. So their power is not diminished by the supreme and universal power, but on the contrary is affirmed, strengthened and defended by it."

Simply part of a whole, this already lengthy quotation should encourage the faithful to read the Acts, which attest to the authentic content of a Council that Pope Francis invokes to legitimize his own audacities. Counting on ignorance of the actual texts, and/or defying anyone to confront him with the reality of important texts versus the fiction of legitimization he is hoping for, the Bishop of Rome sadly joins the ranks of the abusers he so correctly denounces.

The Roman contemptor of clericalism has confiscated for his own benefit any right to the institutional function of the cleric, in the same way that the former bishop of Algiers, Bp Duval, forbade the priests of his diocese to take any political stance, reserving for himself the right to spread anti-French bile. During his address to priests at the Lisbon World Youth Day last summer, and the famous paradoxical prescription that was its substance, namely "priests, don't act like clerics," the Pontiff of Rome found himself unable to offer his audience a historical and holy priestly figure as a model that was in line with his wishes. He merely mentioned the Dominican theologian Yves Congar, who had never exercised any pastoral ministry, apart from the one he performed at the microphone, on the podium, for a teaching challenged by Pius XII, the Bishop of Rome at the time. Clearly, a paradoxical prescription without a model for guidance is called a toxic prescription. To be put in the round file, as a matter of urgency.

The Pope's aggressiveness is scandalizing people far beyond traditionalist circles. The word is getting out, not least out of compassion for the collateral victims -- the candidates for the priesthood in Toulon, suspended sine die, their families, or Mother Marie Ferréol, socially charred without mercy, and many others. Enough is enough! Under the reign of the Sun Pope [a reference to the despotic Louis XIV, the "Sun King"] this mitred Procustus (indeed the tiara is in storage somewhere) lops off anything that sticks out beyond the arbitrary limits of his good pleasure. Heaven protect us from this "Shepherd" who doesn't like the enemies of his omnipotence, because they see that it is not configured to Christ, "meek and humble of heart", the true Head of the Church. No fraternity for the enemies of the Universal Fraternity, whatever their religion, such is the axiology of "Fratelli Tutti". Truth and Holiness, on the other hand, have always been  the "mantras" of the Salvation of souls, for twenty centuries now.

In the tempest, Our Lord keeps watch. The sensus fidei of the faithful must take precedence over naive obedience to contradictions that offend Heaven. Increasingly, more and more, roborative voices are coming out of the woodwork. Deo Gratias. What will tomorrow bring? Will we have to suffer the ukases of an Ubu-pope [Ubu: comedic dictator]? God forbid.