Rorate Caeli

The Last Latin Mass at Mary Queen of Peace


Last Sunday was the last Latin Mass (for now) at Mary Queen of Peace in Cleveland, OH. The faithful parishioners are now ejected from their parish-- simply because they loved the Church and its highest and holiest possession, its traditional liturgy. Note the tears of the faithful, who must suffer such misery because of the wicked shepherds in charge of the Church. What kind of cruel shepherd would force people to suffer like this for their faith? “Which of you, if your son asks for bread, will give him a stone?"

This  spiritual abuse-- and this poisonous hatred of the Catholic faith-- must end! Now, more than ever, we must rally to Holy Mother Church and defeat the vipers who would destroy it.

Photo credit: Latin Mass Photographer. You can see the full albums of the last Latin Masses at Mary Queen of Peace and St. Rocco at the attached links. The beauty of the liturgy, and the simple faith of the priests and parishioners, speaks for itself-- more eloquently than a thousand synodal reports or airplane press conferences ever could.