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YOUR CONTRIBUTION IS IMPORTANT: Making a List of Traditional Catholic Schools in the United States


Dear readers,

About three years ago we tried to assemble a list of Traditional Catholic schools in the United States. At the time, due to other ongoing issues, the list couldn't be finished.

So now we are trying again: your contribution is essential. For the purpose of this list, we are defining a Traditional School as one which offers the Traditional Latin Mass for the student body at least ONCE a week.

Schools that offer the Ordinariate Mass or an Eastern Catholic liturgy will also be included.

Please, help us to finally assemble this list: any school for any age is acceptable, as well as different settings (including boarding and non-boarding settings).

Please, send your contribution to NEWCATHOLIC at GMAIL dot COM, with the subject: "CATHOLIC SCHOOL LIST".

Include name, website, address, if the school is co-ed or not, and frequency of mass.

Thank you!