Rorate Caeli

Not only “blessings”: Now Francis voices approval of the need of “legal recognition” of same-sex “unions”

 In yet another set of declarations, included in his “autobiography” to be published in a few days by HarperCollins.

From the excerpt made available by Italian daily “Corriere della Sera”:

"It is right that these people who are living the gift of love can have legal coverage like everyone else. Jesus often went out to meet people who lived on the margins, and that's what the Church should do today with people from the LGBTQ+ community, who within the Church are often marginalized: make them feel at home, especially those who have received baptism and are in effect part of God's people. And those who have not received baptism and wish to receive it, or those who wish to be godparents, please let them be welcomed." 

This papal acceptance of legal “civil unions” of same-sex “couples” is a complete reversal of two thousand years of Church teaching. It is an outrage, that can only come from a perverted and sick mind.