Rorate Caeli

2nd Worldwide Campaign for the Preservation of the Traditional Latin Mass

Amid swirling rumors of another Vatican crackdown, the organizers of Missae pro Missa ("Masses for the Mass") have announced a second worldwide spiritual bouquet for the preservation of the Traditional Latin Mass. Similar to the first campaign launched for Lent 2023, there are four ways to participate:

  1. Request Masses to be said (e.g., through a parish, religious order, or another group) for the preservation of the Traditional Latin Mass (or if you're a priest, celebrate Masses for this intention)
  2. Offer your own hearings of Mass for this intention
  3. Pray rosaries for this intention
  4. Share the Missae pro Missa initiative with others
Please submit your spiritual offerings via the website form. The worldwide totals are displayed on the homepage and updated daily. You may also leave a comment describing why you love the Traditional Latin Mass and desire to see it preserved in the life of the Church.
To date, participants in Missae pro Missa from more than 30 countries have offered over 6,700 Masses (requested or heard) and nearly 22,000 rosaries for this intention. Additionally, hundreds of comments, viewable on the homepage, testify to participants' love of the Traditional Mass and desire to see it remain a flourishing and normal part of the life of the Church.
The goal of this second campaign is extremely ambitious: one million Masses and one million rosaries by the Feast of Christ the King (October 27, 2024). Yet this target is also entirely reachable. If each of the estimated million-plus traditional Catholics worldwide simply offers his next Mass and rosary for this intention, we will hit our goal tomorrow.
Will it really make a difference? Participants in the first campaign will recall that it was also launched amid difficult and uncertain times, with the February 2023 "rescript" having just been issued and rumors of an impending Apostolic Constitution that would formally codify Traditionis Custodes. Only God knows the exact effect of so many thousands of Masses and rosaries offered for the singular intention of preserving the traditional liturgy. What we do know, however, is that the Catholic Mass is the most powerful prayer on Earth. Offering the Mass on behalf of the Mass itself is therefore infinitely more powerful than all the forces of evil seeking to destroy it.
To participate in the spiritual bouquet, please visit: