Rorate Caeli

New Collection of Insightful Interviews with Bishop Schneider

Over the years, Bishop Athanasius Schneider has granted many illuminating interviews that offer guidance, challenge, and comfort to the storm-tossed faithful.

This new volume — A Shepherd Solicitous for the Whole Church: Bishop Athanasius Schneider in Conversation with Dániel Fülep & Others — collects seven of them for the first time in one place: two substantial interviews conducted with His Excellency by the Hungarian theologian Dániel Fülep, plus five others, shorter but no less potent.

In wide-ranging exchanges, we hear Bishop Schneider reflecting on versus populum • the validity of the new sacramental rites • celibacy • patriarchy • women’s ordination • papal elections • papolatry • Amoris Laetitia La Salette • the conversion of Russia • the European Union • migration • Islam • the conversion of the Jews • Freemasonry • modernism • aggiornamento • the SSPX • the Neocatechumenal Way • praying the Rosary during Mass • Pius X’s reform of the breviary • episcopal conferences • and much else besides.

We learn delightful revelations:

• how the bishop’s little book Dominus Est changed the Vatican’s liturgical policy;

• how, after a lapse of 27 years, he was able to visit the priest, then 86 years old, who had given him his First Communion—and who then humbly served his Mass like an altar boy;

• how, as a child, he was forced to sing Soviet propaganda songs in school—an experience that helped prepare him to sniff out progressivist propaganda in the Catholic Church years later;

• why he made the unusual choice of a Greek phrase, “Kyrie eleison,” for his episcopal motto.

In these edifying pages we hear, again and again, the voice of a good shepherd who is truly and ardently solicitous for the whole Church.

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