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Holy See-SSPX - Winds blow in Rome and Menzingen (Part 1)

Yesterday, the Italian daily Il Tempo published a very interesting report on the papal meeting with all cardinals, on March 23. It indicates that the pope may then tell the College of Cardinals of his plans to begin to restructure the Roman Curia [which would include (a) the end of the Pontifical Council for interreligious dialogue and its incorporation within the Pontifical Council for Culture; (b) the end of the Pontifical Council for Migrants and its incorporation within the P. Council for Justice and Peace; (c) a complete unification of all Vatican media apparatus within one single control, under the Pontifical Council for media].

The article then mentions that the Pontiff wishes to do "something" to reintegrate the SSPX to the Church [will this happen in the March 23 meeting with all cardinals? or will it happen on March 20, in a meeting with the heads of the dicasteries only, as it happened in February? -- the paper does not say]; but that, in turn, the SSPX will have to accept in toto all documents of the Second Vatican Council.

Now, of course there would never have to be such a declaration in such terms. Benedict knows better than that -- and much better than Il Tempo's sources... The wish of Il Tempo's sources is, thus, to increase the angst among those who are not as well-informed of the deep wish of the Holy Father and of the options put in place by Cardinal Castrillón Hoyos.


  1. Very interesting. Aside from the possibility of the return of SSPX, it seems that the pope may be making an adjustment to the priority given to dialogue, and "social justice" to a more traditional level of importance. This would be a good thing.

  2. On reason for the reorganization of the Curia is the growing financial problems at the Vatican: 4 years of deficits, the last more than -30 million: less departments, may mean less expenses.

    This may be a motive too for the pragmatists to accept B16's willingness to end the battle with the SSPX; as a Vatican amicable to traditionalists might also get better financial support. Surely if the SSPX "reconciles" they will be asked to contribute to Peter's Pence or in some other way.

    As for Vatican II, the SSPX have always recognized that it is a valid document and that its documents should be accorded religious respect, just as Paul VI imposed by the Apostolic Brief In Spiritu Sancto of Dec 8 1965 (see Vatican website for text).

    The problem is that many want that to Brief to mean something more than it said: namely that Vatican II has a dogmatic authority which requires its teachings to be considered "tenenda" or "de fide".

  3. The dates are getting closer . . .

    It's going to be exciting to see what happens


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