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How liberals see the Truth: backwards

John Allen's "Word from Rome":

The pope has also shown caution about moving forward with swift reconciliation with the traditionalist Society of St. Pius X, the grouped founded by the late French Archbishop Marcel Lefevbre, in part because of concerns among bishops about the group's attitude toward the teaching of the Vatican on religious freedom, ecumenism, and inter-religious dialogue. Those concerns were most recently voiced during the meeting of the cardinals last week.
The pope has shown "caution" about a "swift" reconciliation? Was it really the Pope? Do you believe Pope Ratzinger had not already heard for two decades all these "concerns"? Is any of this truly new to him?

The Pope has acted as a clear strategist, as he had set out to act. Period. Since we despise misinformation here at Rorate Cæli, we must warn our readers that much of what they read should be read with a pinch of skepticism.