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The Traditionalist strength in France

One of the topics discussed by the French bishops this week, in one of the two meetings they hold each year, was "the Traditionalist question".

Thanks to the link provided by Le Forum Catholique, the exclusive survey given to the bishops for their consideration (prepared by the Oremus group) is available here (PDF file).

General statistics:

1. The study estimates the number of Traditionalist Catholics in France as 80,000 (45,000 in Ecclesia Dei communities; 35,000 in FSSPX/SSPX communities).

2. This would mean that the percentage of practicing Catholics in France who are Traditionalists (both ED and SSPX*) is of 5%. (This estimate is based on what we believe to be an almost ridiculously inflated number of practicing Catholics: Oremus estimates that there are 2.5 million practicing French Catholics... based on a CSA/La Croix survey according to which 7% of all French Catholics are "practicing" Catholics.)

Specific examples:

1. Based on specific examples of Traditional communities in the Diocese of Versailles, Oremus estimates that 85-90% of Traditionalists (both ED and SSPX) are 55 years old or younger. That would mean that 8% of all practicing French Catholics below that age are Traditionalists (considering the aforesaid ridiculous number of 2.5 million practicing Catholics). Among ALL practicing Catholics in France, Oremus estimates that 66% are OLDER than 55 (and 50% are older than 65), which shows the great vitality and youth of Traditionalists.

2. In fact, based on actual samples, the study estimates that 59% of French Traditionalists are 24 or younger: an impressive number.

More interesting facts from the study in the next few days.
*Throughout the survey, the estimates consider both the Ecclesia Dei and the SSPX communities as a single phenomenon; perhaps the French bishops may soon accept the fact that the whole Traditionalist movement could be brought back into the heart of the Church...

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Gillibrand said...

The heart of the Church; the traditionalists never left it, the Bishops did.