Rorate Caeli

One Holy Apostolic Rite

[En français]

A few bishops around the world, especially in the Eldest Daughter of the Church, are desperate with the possible papal document restoring the Traditional Latin Mass to its place of honor. The bishop of Angoulême said today that "biritualism" cannot be "forced" in such a way; a few days ago, the bishop of Metz had warned that any such measure would "endanger the unity of the Catholic Church".

In the daily newspaper of the Communist Party of France, L'Humanité, one of the greatest French Catholic advocates of "tolerance at all costs", Father Gilbert Caffin, has finally found something he will not tolerate: liberty for the Traditional Rites of the Latin Church.

The measure, its critics say, will "endanger unity of worship". It is impossible for these Rites to live together!

I share their sincere and heartfelt concern for the One True Faith and that is why I present the following pictorial manifesto:

The institution of this pernicious biritualism... intolerable to the People of God!

The unity of faith... the Catholic Church will be undermined... the existence of parallel rites!

The Latin Church must stand ... defense of its liturgical unity,...

...of its unitary ritual purity,...

...of the active participation of the faithful,...

...against duplicitous attempts... introduce divisions within the People of God!

The faithful cannot be forced to cope...

...with such unprecedented variety in worship.

It is clear that a "liberalization" of the long-forgotten rites...

...will shatter the united front of Catholicism... it faces its enemies!