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One and Only cannot leave aside relations with other religions, which are constructive as long as any ambiguity is avoided which may somehow weaken the essential content of the Christian faith in Christ, the only Savior of all men, and in the Church, the necessary sacrament of salvation for all mankind.

Benedict XVI
Address to the Faculty and Students of the Pontifical Gregorian University
November 3, 2006


  1. Anonymous4:55 PM

    pardon me for stating the obvious, but....

    HABEMUS PAPAM!!!!!!!!

  2. Stating the obvious can be a good thing. In fact, that's part of what is so satisfying about what the Holy Father has said. It is truly wonderful, how one's happiness can be increased by reading a couple of sentences that state the obvious about the significance of Christ and His Church, and knowing that is His Vicar who has written them.

  3. Hopefully such words will be followed by the appropriate actions. Pope Paul VI's "Credo" in 1967? reiterated traditional Catholic teaching but we all know what followed. In a sense, it is amazing that everyone rejoices when the Holy Father simply states what the Church has always taught...the obvious should be the norm. I pray the Holy Father has the courage to stand up for the Truth.

  4. I would like to, with much trembling, make one more important point. Relations with other religions not only has to avoid any indication that the Catholic Church is not the True Religion and necessary for salvation, but it also has to avoid any situations which would obstruct the salvation of souls. This after all is the mission of the Church entrusted to Her by Her Divine Bridegroom. Salvation of souls must needs always come before any and all relations with other religions.

  5. You people are soft in the head. While I do pray for the Holy Father, as long as he chooses to schmooze with Animists, Protestants, Jews and Muslims he does not get any more than my prayers.

    As a former Protestant I find his actions insulting and degrading. It makes my efforts to join the Church as useless and unnecessary.

  6. Buddy, if you don't give the Holy Father anything but prayers, in what way are you a "former" Protestant?

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  8. The Holy Father certainly does need much prayer. Our Blessed Lady has made this fact very clear in our time.

  9. Buddy Shepherd

    Real Roman Catholics pray for their Holy Father and they have the rightful courage to respectfully resist him when he is encouraging them to behave in a manner comensurate with putting The Faith, Hope & Charity in danger.

    Our Blessed Lady has admonished us all to pray for The Holy Father more than once, therefore, this must be very important for a Roman Catholic to do.

    Many protestants and such who have become Catholics have then grown towards the Traditional Church - I refer you to Dr David Allen White, among others who hve followed such a sinuous route to The Authentic Faith.

    Once you do this you will have a priceless channel through which to channel the sum total of justified anger.

  10. "Courage to resist the pope" (Mack)

    "Here I stand. I cannot do otherwise..." (Luther)

    There's a difference between courage and insolence.


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