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"Unity of Worship" update: ¡Arriba España!

From the Plaza de Toros ("Mezquita del Toreo") of the Spanish enclave of Melilla, in North Africa (part of the Diocese of Málaga), another reminder of why so many French bishops wish to preserve the unity of worship in the Latin Church.

Andalusian-style Folk Mass (Misa Rociera - September 2006):
Part 1 ("Comenzamos esta Eucaristía..." - "We begin this Eucharist...")
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Andalusian-style Folk Mass (Misa Rociera):
Part 2 (Homily)
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Andalusian-style Folk Mass (Misa Rociera):
Part 3 (Actuosa Participatio)
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Andalusian-style Folk Mass (Misa Rociera):
from another viewer (we guess it is a recessional hymn...)
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bona gratia said...

I kept waiting for the bull (toro) to come out and face the priest (matador).

Cerimoniere said...

Things have come to a pretty state indeed, when we feel like siding with the animals against the representatives of Christianity in the arena...

Hammerbrecher said...

Sure that was a Mass?

MacK said...

The only factor I can find which places this sorry spectacle in a favourable context is that the precious few members of the "audience" reflect the systematic abandonment of the multi-ritual NO service worldwide - and so much the better. Let us return to true Roman Catholic norm of The Latin Mass of All Times as soon as possible.

Matthew the Curmudgeon said...

Who do these French Bishops think they are-American Episcopal Church Bishops?!

Petrus Radii said...

Yep! It's all "one Rite"! No significant differences to be seen in comparison to the pre-conciliar forms of liturgical expression. Just can't understand why some would call this beautiful experiment of inculturation "the sacrifice of Cain"!

West Canada said...

Having just received this by email from a friend - I am shocked but really am I surprised. These theatrical productions are no longer the Sacrifice given to us by Jesus Christ. What a tragedy that priests and bishops pass this to their audiences as a 'Mass'. One cannot but believe that subversives are at work within the Church aiming at its further destruction. Thank God, where the Traditional Mass is available, young people are 'discovering' it and coming in from the bewildering modern variations on the Mass. Reinstatment of the Traditional Mass universally is the only answer for the Church and its future good health and the salvation of souls.