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After Christmas, maybe?

Going with the whole "sources close to the Vatican" bit, ACI Prensa is reporting that the Motu Proprio "may be published after Christmas; while the post-Synodal [Apostolic] Exhortation on the Eucharist will see the light [of day] by mid-January"
Fr. Zuhlsdorf found the news first, and we are only sharing the wealth. Thanks, Father.


  1. I have surmised before in a few places that the motu proprio would be purely nuts and bolts of any freeing up of the Pius V Mass and the apostolic exhortation would be the pastoral exposition. Given the close timing of the two, I can't help but think they have to be related in some way.

  2. The time frame of the Apostolic Exhortation seems precise, and we had already reported that elsewhere.

    Regarding the date of the Motu Proprio... ACI has been hasty before...

  3. I'm losing the will to live.

    "Justice delayed is Justice denied".

  4. My goodness, reading this issue is affecting a lot of people. ¡Get a life! AMDG.

  5. For those underwhelmed by this article, here is another way of looking at it:

    First it was pure speculation. Then it was only rumors of an upcoming change. Then it was only rumors of an upcoming Motu Proprio. Then it was speculation that its only a rumor, and there is no sproof that the Pope is even doing anything. Then it was rumor that the speculation was groundless, because no one even had proof the Motu proprio even existed. Then it was speculation that the Motu Proprio would not be any different than the current indult. Then it was people getty weary and tired of all these rumors and speculations while no one even knew whether the Motu Proprio might exist. Then it was dread that the Frogs had torpedoed it before it would ever be released.

    Etc., etc., etc.

    NOW… we have Cardinals verifying that Ecclesia Dei had its FIRST EVER PLENARY SESSION, just to discuss this Motu Prorio—proving beyond any shadow of a doubt that it exists—and by all indications. the Motu Proprio is more promising than we had dared to believe.

    And finally, we have an indication that the Motu Proprio will be released some time between Christmas and the end of January.

    That is NOT cause to be depressed. Hope is a virtue!

  6. It's always darkest just before the dawn. That may sound trite. In is trite. But also true. The length of the night-long wait makes it seem dark, darker, darkest, just before something good happens. Pray, hope, don't worry!


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