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If you wish to join the thousands who want to lend their support to the Socci Manifesto (click), write to:

Subject: Appello di Antonio Socci

“Esprimiamo il nostro plauso per la decisione di Benedetto XVI di cancellare la proibizione dell’antica messa in latino secondo il messale di san Pio V, grande patrimonio della nostra cultura da salvare e riscoprire”. [English: "We express our praise for the decision of Benedict XVI to cancel the prohibition of the ancient Mass in Latin according to the Missal of Saint Pius V, a great legacy of our culture, which must be saved and rediscovered."]

Sign: Name, Profession (optional), City (optional) and Country of Residence


  1. Yep, me too! I'm getting really excited. Let's all pray for a different, very special present this Christmas!! :-)

  2. Let us not be too concerned with specific dates, especially those of great feasts.

    My e-mail of support was also sent.

  3. Sent - and got 3 others!

  4. I have sent mine as well.

  5. Anonymous4:10 AM

    Sent mine and emailed out the news to many others.

  6. Done, and posted on my blog, per Pater Gonzales!

  7. Anonymous11:08 AM


  8. Anonymous12:28 PM

    Sent mine

  9. Sent. I have taken the liberty of translating the English text into Spanish in order to help expand the appeal. If anyone is interested you will find it here

  10. Anonymous9:49 PM

    my email was retunred. Is the address correct?

  11. Anonymous11:39 PM


  12. Yes, Father, the address is correct: .

    Do not forget to send also your letters/Christmas cards of support to the Pope himself (real mail).

  13. It appears, according to Father Z, that "Foglio" on 19 December published a list of names that added their names to the petition. A lot of the names have USA home towns, and I would guess that a lot of those names came from you Rorarte readers. Nicely done, people!

  14. Thanks for the info. I will write
    Have a Blessed Christmas to All of you

  15. Anonymous3:53 PM

    Thank God Almighty!

  16. Anonymous5:24 AM

    sent mine.

  17. I am eager to sign this manifesto because I support the Holy Father's apparently imminent action. However, I would like some comments on the way it is phrased.

    Is Benedict really lifting a prohibition on the traditional Mass? I thought the whole argument was that the traditional Mass had never been forbidden (as Cardinal Stickler once said). If so, what prohibition is he lifting?

  18. Aristo: No, the mass has been very effectively prohibited. What it hasn't been is officially "abolished" when the missal of Paul VI was relased, just as with the publication of every previous Roman Missal the one preceeding it was "abolished" and the new one took its place. The Missal of Pius V can't be abolished, by the terms of the bull appended to it called "Quo Primum." You see, this has been one of the really great reusses in the history of the church. The attempt is being made to "allow" it to fall into "dususe" for a period of 200 years, thus allowing it to be considered "dead rite" which can be suppressed. But it will still be a lie, because the Missal of Pius V, uniquely, cannot be abbrogated or "abolished," being the core of the identity of the Roman church. If anyone tells you it WAS abolished, just ask them to cite a document saying so. They'll never find it. Interesting situation, eh?

    It's all semantics, like the difference between valid and licit (true and legal) in church actions. A marrige (or an SSPX bishop) can be illegal, but still be true. Or something can be quite legal, but in fact be untrue (a marriage that get annulled). Or something can be true and legal (happy situation), or untrue and illegal (generally considered to be bad and unfortunate). You probably know all this, but I'm just spelling it out because I got up early and the water hasn't boiled yet. But seriously, nowadays everyone needs to be a little bit of a Canon Lawyer. It keeps one from being taken advantage of.


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