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The Wielgus affair: Communist spy turned Archbishop of Warsaw

The fallout from the appointment of a former source of the secret services of the Polish Communist government as Archbishop of Warsaw continues to rock Poland and the Vatican two days before his installation.

One of the documents unearthed by Rzeczpospolita

From Andrea Tornielli (Rome), in Il Giornale's Friday edition (Italian):

The position of the new archbishop of Warsaw, Stanislaw Wielgus, 67 years old, appointed last December 6 as successor to Cardinal Glemp and who will enter the diocese in two days worsens: new documents from the archives seem to demonstrate, as the authoritative Polish daily Rzeczpospolita affirms, that the prelate was "a secret agent of the Communist services for twenty years".


Now, thanks to a microfilm, new and graver elements emerge. "I, Grey-Stanislaw [one of the supposed pseudonyms used by Wielgus] agree to collaborate with the secret services of the Polish Popular Republic during my time abroad. The collaboration will be based in an offer of intelligence services from Federal Germany and other hostile nations, according to the instructions of the Center for Intelligence Services. The services shall make available all means and eventual legal help for the development of the aforementioned activities." This is the text of the document reported in unabridged format by Rzeczpospolita.


It is probable that the circumstances were not [known to the Vatican] in all their consistency and extent. Anonymous sources from the Polish Church do not hide the embarrassment which this situation is causing, a few hours before the installation of the new archbishop: "It is a grave affair, a sad and delicate story, it is not a pleasant thing."

"The new archbishop of Warsaw was a secret and conscious collaborator with the SB [Security Service] for more than 20 years. Documents confirm this," the well-respected Rzeczpospolita newspaper wrote yesterday of Mr Wielgus, who was chosen by Pope Benedict XVI last month to fill one of the most important roles in the Polish church.


Mr Wielgus is accused of spying for the SB from 1967, when he was a philosophy student at Lublin University, until the collapse of communist rule in 1989, and of operating under at least three pseudonyms: "Adam", "Grey" and "Adam Wysocki".

Rzeczpospolita claimed to have unearthed Mr Wielgus' signed agreement to work for the SB, along with documents showing that he gathered information about church matters and students whom he taught, and even papers suggesting that he received "special training" for agents and was given a grant to study in Germany as reward for his collaboration.

More from Rzeczpospolita (in Polish).


  1. Wielgus is probably not the only dubious character to be haunting the Roman hierarchy in contemporary times. Such revelations as these serve only to illustrate even further the overall scandal in which NO church is mired and the extent to which the Roman Catholic Church has been systematically corrupted and debased by communist infiltration, masonic collusion and progressivist corrosion.

    This is why any Catholic who believes that any pope will save the church is living in a dream world as it just is not so. Which pope appointed Joseph Cardinal Bernadin? And what an abominable and disgraceful character he was as was the disgusting legacy he left behind him in Amchurch.

    This is why the media circus we have witnessed over the rightful place of the Traditional Latin liturgy and the supposed 'motu proprio', or not, with all of the appended rumours of content and timing reflects a papacy which is not only ill-informed but out of control, in more senses than one. But then conciliarism has ensured that we have an impotent papacy.

  2. Anonymous12:48 PM

    This is indeed a sad matter. We should pray that the Church acts appropriately. However, the tone and arrogance of this posting is PRECISELY why this Catholic deacon is worried about this web site.I know that the editor thought my concerns did not "deserve a response" when I raised them in another posting. This is one more example of the kind of material that does not help - but hinders our prayerful and passionate desire for orthodoxy and orthopraxy in our beloved Church."mack" please show love for the Church even as you worry for her, she is our mother.


    La Santa Sede, nel decidere la nomina del nuovo Arcivescovo Metropolita di Varsavia, HA PRESO IN CONSIDERAZIONE TUTEE LE CIRCOSTANZE DELLA SUA VITA, TRA CUI ANCHE QUELLE REGUARDANT IL SUO PASSATO. Ciò significa che il Santo Padre nutre verso S.E. Mons. Stanisław Wielgus piena fiducia e, con piena consapevolezza, gli ha affidato la missione di Pastore dell’Arcidiocesi di Varsavia.

    Roma locuta causa finita.

  4. Anonymous Deacon,

    What "tone and arrogance" are you talking about? The whole post was just quotes from news papers.

    Maybe you are so worried about this site that you are starting see things that aren't there.

  5. I disagree with the anti-christian mentality of the anonymous posting complaining about the posting of such documents by this web site. I call on this anonymous, are you a Christian? Don't we Christian believe that thruth shall set us free? Any attempt to curtail freedom of speech, specially when it refers to the thruth, is an anti-christian value and is working on behalf of the Demon, who is the price of lying. Regarding this appointment, this is another evidence that Joseph Ratzinger (Benedict XVI) is not a saint, but a very skillful burocraut, that skillfully raised to the top ranks of the Catholic Church. He seems to blow where the wind blows. Indeed he is very intelligent, but he is no saint, and I think that he is very proud of this.

  6. Judge yourself and your own concept of "love" for the church.

    Sometimes love for a child is shown by discipline and reparation for sinful acts: conciliarism appears to have phased out this aspect of "love" for the syrupy, sugar-coated brand of gratuitous indulgence we see today. The perpetual downsizing of modern church has nothing to do with love - scandal after scandal and failed novelty upon failed novelty reveal a church which has lost its way - the way which should be based on the light of The Christ and the Truth He insisted upon. If you love me you will obey my commandments. The systematic disobedience of modern church to its calling has left it exposed to abandonment and desolation. This example of Wielgus is not isolated but systematic. Silence and false obedience will get no one anywhere now. Prayer must boldly call for truth and light, not darkness and all things to be kept secret in hidden places so that we can all smile and be comfortable with the world. Friendship with the world, as St Paul tells us, is tantamount to enmity with Almighty God. St Luke recounts Our Blessed Saviour taught that what is esteemed in the eyes of man is considered loathsome in the sight of God. The temple has become a place of corrupt practice and ambiguous doctrine - how can we remain silent about this? Pope Eusebius IV told us that to remain silent in the face of error is to condone it. There are many more examples that could be cited.

    We must pray that we enter not into temptation. We must pray and be watchful that the coming of The Lord does not overtake us as a thief in the night. Is this arrogance?

  7. Anonymous1:50 PM

    "Tone and arrogance," Anonymous Catholic Deacon? The post is an excerpt from two news sources, introduced by a completely factual and bland sentence. What tone are you talking about, and where are you finding any arrogance? Or is it improper for Catholics to notice that a former source for the Communist Polish secret police has been appointed Archbishop, and that a lot of people in Poland and elsewhere are troubled by that?

    Now, if you want to complain about the "tone" of Mack's comments, I can understand that. But Mack is not an owner or contributor to this weblog.

  8. How long have we been warned about masonic and bolshevik infiltation in the priesthood?

    A LONG time.

    I'm surprised anyone would be surprised.

    We aren't really.

    Perhaps a few orthodox-bolshevik observers could be invited to the investigation. We'd hate to engage in discontinuity and must, naturally, interpret all things in light of the pact of Metz.

    It doesn't matter what pre-conciliar Popes taught about masonic-bolshevik-modernist schemes to destroy the Bride of Christ, such material probably falls into the category of hindering orthodoxy; Catholic, I assume.

    Where there is one of it sodomite bishops, bolshevik bishops, masonic bishops...there are more.

    re Polish attempt to make Christ King of Poland.

    Recognizing that tranlations can be tricky, and we don't have the whole story, perhaps someone from the Holy Office might visit Poland and ask priests and Bishops such as Monsignor Tadeusz Pieronek to explain exactly what he meant by "Christ doesn't need a parliamentary resolution to be the king of our hearts": to explain his statement "These lawmakers would do better to look after their constitutional prerogatives and let religious institutions and the Church do our work" [to some that would be destroying the Church from within perhaps?]: to go more in depth into unpacking the meaning of his assertion that "This kind of action, although it may stem from good will, sounds a bit like propaganda" [ahem], & to ask Gdansk Archbishop Tadeusz Goclowski to explain more fully what he meant by "Let parliament deal with passing better laws that we need."

    Either the Holy Father knew about this or he didn't. If he did, then it suggests either a very bad thing (ugh), or that the Holy Father perhaps wanted this to come out for a very good reason extending further than Poland and giving him a good a public reason to begin simultaneous investigations from LA to Scotland to Australia to Brazil. Perhaps others, will start running despite that fact no one is pursuing them, falling over themselves to prove fidelity to Rome, a fidelity strangely at variance with past behaviour.

    Keep your eye on the US and France to see if anyone bolts.

    Whatever the case, over the next year, positions as Cardinal electors need filling, and many Bishops are due to retire (hurrah) in the US.

    This should help.

    Right now my concern is for our Holy Father more than anyone else. Not because I think he HAS done anything wrong, but for other reasons which have been mentioned in various places since his "election", e.g. he is lonely, isolated, and surrounded by animosity.

  9. Did he actually do any intelligence work? Did he name names? Did he turn over information to the SB? I haven't exactly been following this, so I don't know.

  10. This incident surely highlights the total mess at the highest levels of the Church regarding episcopal appointments.

    The quality of bishops appointed by JPII was a scandal (with a few exceptions) and the appointments under this pontificate show little sign of improvement so far.

    Until Rome gets serious about looking for Catholic candidates for the episcopate, the decline of the Church will continue.

    This website is quite right to highlight incidences of corruption in the hierarchy. It is only by bringing them out into the light that they can be exposed to scrutiny and resisted. This will not happen in the current darkness which envelops those who control the levers of power.

    God gave us the modern means of communication for a reason - we should use them against His enemies as best we can.

  11. Interesting that this story turns up in the Guardian, which is a thoroughly socialist, leftist, dare I say Communist influenced rag, even the main UK media front besides the BBC. And yet not a single Catholic media site besides this one is noticing it...yet. Could there be a credibility problem? Perhaps it would be wiser not to jump at this one too quickly. Besides, once he's been outed, his only choice is to work for Benedict, or perhaps he was a double agent to begin with. I'm not saying there's no truth in it, but there may be more than one side. Don't get too excited over the politicking at that level, it's a labrynthine affair that the Vatican is well versed in by long exprience, don't you think?

  12. Too think we've fallen from Cardinal Wyszynski to this man in 50 years is nauseating.

  13. Besides, what the leftist dominated media siezes on as grist for their mill, is usually contrary to the best interests of the church. I don't take my cues from the (Manchester) Guardian, they are no friend to the Roman Catholic Church, make no mistake, nor are they just "simple honest reporters" pounding their beats in search of the truth. I'll suspend judgement for the time being. I'm not that easily drawn.

  14. Often you can judge the quality of a story by where it appears first. Usually if the Guardian prints it, I opine - or even believe - in EXACTLY the opposite direction. There are those who would like nothing better than to believe this story on a superficial level merely in order to embarrass the Church. It may be true, but it may have sides to it that would best go undissected, for the good of the Church. We have too many potential gains at hand - in my humble opinion - to get caught up in what amounts to a local affair. Don't take your eyes of the ball.

  15. ditto's for the above comments made by mack. At first glance this situation could be attributed to the inside politics that is Rome. However, it could have more insideous overtones suggesting something much deeper.

    Insofar as the anonymous deacon comments suggesting we "all just move along here, nothing important, etc." With that way of thinking is it any wonder the Church is in the situation it is today? Critically important issues have been hidden, or conveniently overlooked, for much too long. The continuing crisis in the Church is precisely because of the lack of questioning, lack of discernment, of going placidly along without inquiry and holding accountabilities.

    Is it any wonder that the clerical sexual abuse crisis reached an epidemic proportion while an "obediently silent" laity was kept in the dark while various prelates hid the ongoing crimes to protect themselves?

    If this latest evidence suggests a complicity and collaboration with communist thugs this Warsaw archbishop could be directly implicated in the torture and death of multiple partisans of Christ and His Church. This is not a minor matter or one that can be swept under the rug. No one can minimize how much the Poles have suffered under the pagan hammer of Communism. If you don't know, read up on Polish history since the 1960's...

    Enough already. We can no longer stand by while innnocents are ravaged by wolves. If the hierarchy, or deacons, refuse to protect the lambs we can, will, and must defend them -- if necessary, to the death.

  16. So what does that mean, are you taking up arms and going to march on Warsaw? What nonsense. You've been watching too much "Lord of the Rings". Personally I'm a big fan, BIG fan, but Wieglus isn't Sauron, and Warsaw isn't Mt. Doom. Pick your battles. Sometimes the lambs have to look after themselves, which is what we as Traditionalists have been doing for the last forty years. Overreaction is as bad as indifferentism - it demonstrates instability. As I said before, don't take your eye off the ball here.

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  18. Looks like you were right Heb.

    Nothing to see, move along.

    Jan. 5, 2007 ( - An investigatory commission established by the Catholic hierarchy in Poland has confirmed that Archbishop-elect Stanislaw Wielgus-- the Pope’s nominee to head the Warsaw archdiocese-- cooperated with secret police during the Communist era.

    Nevertheless, Church leaders said that the archbishop’s installation would proceed as scheduled on January 6. Pope Benedict XVI (bio - news) was aware of the archbishop-elect’s connections with the Communist government, the Church panel found. Moreover, the investigators said that there was no clear evidence that the prelate’s work with secret police had harmed anyone.

    Alrighty then. So thats that.

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  20. Indeed we shouldn't be surprised about the activities of this bishop. The question is weather he acted on his own or with accord with the then Polish bishops and the Holy See. That there have been communists in the hierarchy, there have and continue to exist. The troubleling question is why Benedict XVI appointed him not only archbishop of Warsaw, but also cardinal, because the See of Warsaw traditionaly receives the cardinal hat. So he is going to be a new cardinal, that is for sure. There must be many thoudsands more skeletons in the closets of the Catholic Church, so I am sure that the next years will be full of surprises (?). Since there have been openly homosexual cardinals, like the one from Vienna, we shouldn't be surprised about communists or pro-communist cardinals, and masons too. The bishops and cardinal of the church are not appointed because of their saintly virtues, but in spite of the sinnly virtues. I wonder what would the archives of Paul VI say? I see it very positive that all of this garbage reaches the public light.

  21. I get a distinct impression of double-agency here, and a reassuring sense of precisely who was working for whom. Don't get too bothered by it. The war is long, the soldiers many. And don't get me wrong, I'm not being lighthearted when I say this, but Our Lord was well aware of the betrayer among the disciples, but it was that betrayal that set in motion the events leading to the redemption of the world. Stay the course; watch, and pray.

  22. "You've been watching too much "Lord of the Rings". Personally (...)" "Overreaction is as bad as indifferentism - it demonstrates instability."

    Right said, Hebdomadary. The two things you have pointed to, are the most common vices in the western traditionalist circles.

  23. Cardinal Gagnon once said to me ,"The agentsof Satan have infiltrated the Church";he meantthe curia.I think this has been going on for centuries.People who are quick to judge the bishops appointed by JPII as deficient are forgetting he who appointed Burk,O'Connor,Carlson, their sees and Oddi,Gagnon,P allazini,Ratszinger,Medina,Hoyos to head the dicasteries of the Curia.And they forget that the cardinal of Vienna was very traditional.Who appointed the very bishop who corrupted the American hierarchy and founded the Call to Action?I'm speaking of Dearden of Detroit who was made a bishop by Pius XII the same Pope (my personal ideal Pontiff)who apppointed Bugnini to the Pian commission to renew the liturgy.And what about Benedict XV who did not discipline O'Connel of Boston even though he had appointed his nephew ,a priest who was living with a woman and had civilly married her,chancellor .of the diocese.Dearden was very rigid in Pittsburgh and when he first came to Detroit.His last words to a reporter before he boarded the plane to Vatican II was that noway would there be any change to the Mass. Then came the monster! D Can Pius XII who sent himto Pittsburgh or John XXII who sent him to Detroit be blamed for what he became?The church and the Pope needs our prayers but we all know the Gates of Hell shall not prevail.

  24. I have to points to the last two postings. First I think it is heressy to say to view a "traitor" in the Catholic hierarchy as something "normal". Just because Jesus had his Judas, it does not mean that the Church should promote the existence of Judas now, as it seems it does at the present. We are not called to live with the morals of Judas but of Jesus, and we will judge according to the model of Jesus, not of Judas. The apostle clearly saw this when they starting excomunicating people who did not share the true faith. Secondly, it is irrelevant to be pointing the finger to who appointed who. People act on their free will, and one cannot blame a pope for the doings of a bad bishop. However, it is fair to ask is why this people, those who have damaged the church, have chosen to behave in such a generalized way, as the bishops have been acting since the 1960s. And in this one can and should point blaming fingers: first candidate Paul VI, I cannot believe that in his place Bl. John XXIII would have acted in the same way. As for the cardinal from Viena, I do not believe that one could call a person "traditional", whe he or she does not believe that homosexuality is a grave sin. He clearly was not traditional, but a hypocrate. And this has happened and is happening in the clergy: not to believe that homosexuality is a grave sin, among many other sins. Being traditional is not only believing in the Tridentine Mass, but also believing in traditional theology and morality. The Modernist theology has destroyed the catequetics on sin in the Church. And the Church is paying, and will pay more, the fruits of that erroneous decision. As for those who believe that the Pope can also do so much, this is not true, because in the end he should act according to the thruth, not according to the preasures of the day. And if a pope cannot live this way, then he has failed in his duty. A man elected pope should have very clear that the risk of being killed, comes with job of pope. Pusillanimity is a sin, more so in a pope. AMDG.

  25. Heb:

    "don't take your eye off the ball here."

    Unlike Manchester City's strike "force."

  26. Anonymous7:35 PM

    I was only referring to the first posting from mack when I raised my concern about al.

    I come to this site often precisely because you are unafraid to post such stories.

    I apologize if you thought otherwise editor

  27. Well, Humboldt, get used to the human aspect of the Church, it's always had its shortcomings and always will. If you hate the machinations of the curia right now, would have been right there with Savanarolla in the rennaissence, and probably followed him to the stake. Oh, the internacine sins that have bedeviled the Church through the ages. Why just the other day they determined that one of the Medici cardinals poisoned his brother and his hated wife, both of them notorious poisoners as well...goodness gracious, scandal and shock. Wake up. History is longer than "right now", in both directions, past and future, and the nature of power politics doesn't change that much, that's my point. Don't get so caught up in the moment. Plan for the future, and be ready to capitalize when it comes.

    As to my being a heretic, you could be right (I sincerely doubt it, but it's not without the realm of statistical possibility)...but then you're not an inquisitor. One thing I'm definatey not is naive.

    Simon, I'm afraid I'm not sufficiently versed at the moment in Man City operations to undestand the reference. Are you a City fan? I confess, I can't identify with United, it's too dominant. Reminds me too much of the Cincinnatti Reds in the '70's, the "Big Red Machine."

  28. Heb:

    Free Republic Article

    "Originally the Vatican had expressed its "full trust" in Wielgus, who claimed his contact with the secret service was routine. "If you wanted a passport, you couldn't tell the secret service to get lost," he said in an interview."

    "Pope Benedict XVI gave Polish priests who had assembled in Warsaw Cathedral last May some advice on how to deal with possibly painful revelations: "One must avoid the arrogance of someone judging previous generations that lived in different times and under different circumstances."

    Eurasian Secret Services Daily Review

    "An estimated 10 per cent of the Polish priests have been compromised by the then Communist secret services, while about 90 per cent of the Polish clergy resisted the Communist authorities, and a small number of priests were even secretly assassinated by the secret services in the 1980s and 1990s. Yet, so far, the highest church hierarchy resisted a "self-purification" of the clergy. Only a few, lower-ranging priests admitted to their cooperation with the SB and withdrew from the public religious services."

    Daily Telegraph article

    'Mgr Wielgus said last month that the accusations "appear to be a hoax" and has denied working for the SB.'


    He repeated on Friday: "I did not carry out any intelligence task. I never inflicted any harm on anyone," and said documents suggesting otherwise were drawn up only by communist "functionaries".

    Then on Friday the Church's own investigative committee said: "There exist numerous, important documents which show that Father Stanislaw Wielgus said he was ready to collaborate, in a conscious and secret manner, with the communist security services, and that he had begun that collaboration."

    It went on to say that there was no clear proof that he "inflicted anyone any harm".

    Free Republic

    Lately archbishop Stanisław Wielgus has been known as a vocal opponent of revealing former communist spies in the present Polish public life. Now he denies the accusations against himself. He says he kept in contact with communist era secret service but never actively collaborated against the Church. He also claims that the documents produced are fake.

    NY Sun

    Czajkowski, an associate of John Paul who was succeeded last year by Pope Benedict, was a willing agent who reported about pro-democratic activities of his fellow clerics, according to the National Remembrance Institute, which oversees communist-era files. Czajkowski's past is an embarrassment for a Polish church still coming to terms with the full role it played under communism.


    "The Holy See, in choosing to appoint the new metropolitan archbishop of Warsaw, took into consideration all the circumstances of his life, including those regarding his past. This means that the Holy Father nourishes complete trust in Archbishop Stanislaw Wielgus and, in full awareness, has entrusted him with the mission of pastor of the archdiocese of Warsaw.”

  29. Hebdomadary, well actually I don't have to, nor I will, get used to the "sinful" aspects of the Catholic Church. Thankgoodness I am not forced in any way to put up with everything the Catholic Church hierarchy throws. AMDG.

  30. Anonymous8:45 PM

    This really isn't surprising. There are charges against Cardinal Glemp as well. Not to mention that one of the head leaders for "the cause for Pope John Paul II's canonization" was also a communist informer.

  31. The idea that a tradionalist would not commit homosexual acts because as a traditionalist he would believe that they would be wrong is a mirage.The Cardinal of Vienna never admitted to the crimes but granted that they are true why could he not be both a traditionalist and a horrible sinner?How many of us know something is wrong but do it anyway?One could believe that homosexual acts are evil and yet succumb to the temptation.There is a prayer of St.Augustine where he says that we know something is wrong and we repent only to do it again.My spiritual director in the seminary ,who was hardcore traditional, warned me against the naive position that being orthodox and traditional insures you from serious sin.He then told me about a priest he knew who was outspoken on behalf of orthodox belief and very critical of the Vatican Council especially the liturgical changes that flowed from it.That priest prominent in the area of Church music and editior of a church music magazine which was very much against any changes in the liturgy had been charged with pedophilia.He knew it was wrong but he did it anyways.There is always the need for grace whether it be a saint or the Cardinal of Vienna or Fr.Richard Ginder.

  32. Sydney Morning Herald

    Fair and balanced from Your Catholic Voice last August.
    Full article here:

    This article seems to cut both ways.

    "One of the most-used weapons of blackmail by the Secret Services was the granting of a passport to be able to travel abroad. Every citizen that applied for a passport was requested to attend a meeting in the SB offices.

    Also valid in these cases was the "something in exchange for something" rule: The citizen was given a passport if he promised to furnish information, and the Services wanted to know everything about people.

    Obviously this rule was also valid for priests who, to be able to study abroad -- many priests dreamed about visiting Rome and doing their studies at the pontifical universities -- or to be missionaries, had to request passports. Generally, the priests would recount events without any significance to satisfy in some way the official of the Services, who took notes on everything."

    "Q: Accusations against priests are based on written reports by members of the Security Services. How valid are these documents?

    Raina: The documents of the Services that I was able to consult personally are credible, but each document must be read carefully and one must know how to evaluate it.

    We must not forget how these reports were written. Often officials added something to their reports to be seen to work well. It could happen that officials said they paid an agent, when it wasn't true, because the money ended up in their pockets.

    It must be emphasized that to meet with officials of the Services does not mean one is a collaborator.

    Therefore, before accusing some one, one must be certain that the accused had signed the document of collaboration or that he received money. One cannot declare publicly that some one was an agent or a spy only because he met with the officials of the Services. This means to denigrate the person."

  33. "How many of us know something is wrong but do it anyway?"

    For a normal person, actually "very few".

    sacerdos15, and do you believe that what you wrote? Human beings are not animals. Only animals are governed by instincts. And the case of the cardinal of Vienna, and ah let us not forget the case of the seminary in Austria that was shut down by the Vatican because of the pervaise homosexualim in the seminary.

    I got to go back to my books.

    Happy New Year.

  34. People are not animals but persons with a free will .People in hell do not go there by mistake they go there by a free CHOICE.They knew something was wrong but did it anyway.That is true whether the person is an abortionist or Cardinal Groer,people choose evil.This is a fact of fallen human nature and original sin .Having heard confessions for more than 30 years this is all the more evident.

  35. Anonymous12:17 AM

    I think we need to be generous to Catholic priests who lived through communist totalitarianism. Signing agreements like this in exchange for the freedom to carry on with one's life is a classic tool of authoitarian governments. I wouldn't be surprised to learn that many Poles with influence outside the communist party were forced to sign documents such as these. It seems we have already forgotten the depth of the oppression at work in Poland before the iron curtain fell. As I said, be generous. It is unlikely that this man was a "spy" in any meaningful way.

  36. I'm still wondering about the Man City reference...

  37. Anonymous12:58 AM

    Aaron, see the latest Rorate Coeli post on this matter. Msgr. Wielgus has admitted that he was a spy in a "meaningful" way.

    It must be borne in mind that, although one might understand how Msgr. Wielgus yielded to the pressure to betray the Church and the Polish people, the fact is that he only confessed to his crimes after he was exposed. Not only did it take exposure for him to own up to what he did, but he continued to lie about it right up to the last moment.

    He is manifestly unqualified to be a priest, let alone a bishop or an archbishop. St. Paul's doctrine on this matter is clear, and so is the law of the Church. Rome should withdraw his appointment, and/or Msgr. Wielgus should bow out voluntarily. The Church and the Polish people cannot bear the assault that his installation would prove to be.

  38. Thank you very much, Mr Potter. You have perfectly expressed the gravity of the situation.