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For the Record - Le Figaro: the document is on the Pope's desk

From the French daily Le Figaro:

Latin Mass: Benedict XVI takes his time

Hervé Yannou (at the Vatican)
Published March 3 2007

The project of a pontifical decree liberalizing the celebration of the Mass in Latin according to the ancient rite has not been shelved. The document is on the desk of Benedict XVI. It remains to be known when and how he will decide to publish a text which greatly interests him [lui tient à coeur] and what will be its exact content. The rebellion of the French episcopate at the time of the first news on the document last fall had deeply affected the Pope. The perception of the question of Catholic Integrists [sic] is not the same on both sides of the Alps. The diplomats of the Holy See had not always understood the parties and political divisions of this "liturgical war".

The Roman Curia is divided. ... Benedict XVI thus takes his time to prepare the publication and reception of the text. He could have therefore changed the juridical nature of the decree. He could make it public particularly following the publication of the final text of the Synod on the Eucharist, assembled in October 2005.Expected for several months, the Pope's conclusions to the reflections of the bishops of the entire world should face the question of the celebration of the Mass. The text could therefore include some indications. Benedict XVI has publicly announced that he would shortly sign this exhortation...

P.S. Post at Paix Liturgique à Reims (French only).


  1. Suggestion accepted; thank you, poeta.

  2. Anonymous3:23 PM

    Check this one Out!

  3. This may seem off topic, but it's not. If I may attempt to be a voice of forsight (certainly not prophecy), I just want to be on record as saying that while this is GREAT for the faith - and I can't wait for it to happen, if it happens, it is going to bring with it great suffering, as it is going to inflame the forces of the ongoing "enlightenment" against the church. The French revolution is far from over, it simply found its ultimate fulfilment in the United States. The current federalization of Europe is a further manifestation of the success it found there. I think that with the legislation defining moral obection as a homosexual hate-crime, they have found a tactic by which they can either try to force the church to compromise it's doctrinal integrity beond the point of no return, or legally try to suppress it through court judgements and bankruptcy. Benedict has clearly drawn the line. We may go with our mass back into the catacombs for a while, but if we must, we must. Perhaps it will be by those means that they will try to unseat the papacy, or to divide the church against itself, some following the "compromise pope" and others the true one. Maybe that is the answer to the vision of St. Malachi, as to the "end" of the number of popes he saw. I'm just saying that politically it's a possibility. Some Catholics will understand that, many will not - were ot to happen. I'd like to think I'm wrong. But publish it soon.

  4. For further information on the European legislation, and the future ability of Catholic Schools in England to conform to their requirements, and I mean this is blunt, see Fr. Ray Blake's St. Mary Magdelene Blog.

  5. New Catholic, I just wanted to say go ahead and remove these if you want to. I do think there is an element of truth in them, but now probably isnt' the time to worry others about it. Please take them off.

  6. News that the motu proprio is complete but awaiting release by the Pope. Assurances that the document is "close to the Pope's heart." Rumors and rumblings with increasing frequency.

    Prayers! We must pray fervently for Our Lord to tip the scales in our Holy Father's heart - may the Love of the Sacred Heart in the Eucharist lend an indomitable strength to the Pope's resolve in the face of wicked opposition!

  7. anonymous,

    Que ce soit vrai!

  8. No Heb you're right (sorry about the last post NC). Poland's President Lech Kaczynski telling the truth about homsexuals in Ireland and getting hammered for it (hate crime), Greenpeace et al want Poland stoppped and /or fined by the EU for certain infrastructure developments they deem ecologically unsound (as reported on Radio Polinia a few days ago, but I can't find the *best* link now), the persecution of Germans who want to homseschool their children...

    There is more than one front.

    Until we all seek what is first, little else will be added unto us. The Church (that means me too) has to varying degrees not been faithful with what she has received, and thus what "little" she had is being taken away from her until she (that means me too)stops playing the harlot.

    No Church, no Europe.

    Then again, as someone once said "Only I can help you."

    Consecrate Russia exactly as requested please. We all know it has NOT be done.

  9. Thanks SP, I wish I were wrong. Of course, the constitutional freedom of speech defends the right of the Church in the United States to promulgate and teach its doctrines, but Europe has no such constitutional protection.

  10. If we think the US Constitution affords us any protection, we would do well to take instruction from the example of the "Mormons".

    Congress passed a law that did not violate the 1st Amendment (as it did not establish a religion) but did require that for Utah to be granted statehood, the CoJCoLDS must reject its doctrinal commitment to polygamy.

    They did so. Utah became a state of the Union. And now Mormons who hold true to their founder's beliefs, be they ne'er so vile, are considered outcasts and are hounded by the police arm of the secular state.

    Regarding the issue of "freedom of speech" that hebdomadary raises, there is a long, inglorious history of the supression of both free speech and of the press, chiefly during Lincoln's tenure when habeas was suspended, domestic opponents of his war detained by the military without trial, the press organs which aired views critical of him were shut down, etc.

    And, to be fair to Mr. Lincoln, this had been done repeatedly by no less eminent men than Jefferson, Adams, and Jackson during regional rebellions during their time in office.

    So I have little confidence that the flames of the French Revolution, and its anti-catholicism, will not reach us here.

    Just my deux centimes, gentlemen.

  11. Anonymous11:04 PM

    Religious freedom only goes so far. Aztecs are not allowed to have human sacrifices.

  12. The truth is, the Constitution never really protected us, it only served as a deterrent while the men in power decided they should hold to it.

    Take for example the Soviet Constitution. It was very similar to the American Constitution. However, the enforcement and practice was entirely different because of the atheist and immoral culture fostered by Communism. We have witnessed the Supreme Judicial authority in this country discard the Constitution, as they did in Kelo vs. CT, why should we not expect they do so again, or that government will flatly ignore the constitution if it suits them?

    I do not believe in the 1st amendment. What the first Amendment basically says is that error has rights and that lying opinions can not be censored. In the just state however should have the right to censor. If for example, we have 3 opinions, and one is obviously wrong while 2 are debateable, why should the state not exclude the obviously wrong opinion from view? The whole system is very similar to the French Revolution ideals, albeit the American Revolution is not the same as the French.

    All of modernity however reduces to the French Revolution. The French Revolution is a microcosm of the final age of this world. It is the rapid action in just a few years of the course that modernity would follow over nearly 300. Modernity, and its chief philosophical and theological expression Modernism, are all based on the principles of the French Revolution, which make the foundation of this modern world.

    The Restoration of the Traditional Latin Mass to the Church's life, even if it does not eliminate the Novus Ordo, is an enormous step in the opposite direction. It focuses on the rights of God, rather than the rights of man.

  13. Anonymous2:53 AM

    Re "The diplomats of the Holy See had not always understood the parties and political divisions of this "liturgical war"." So we are asked to believe that the reaction of the French bishops was a surprise in Rome and that the Pope was taken aback by its ferocity? I can't believe it. Much more likely that the pope has been floating trial balloons here and that this is all part of a strategy to issue the document in such a way and at such a time so that it will have a better chance of producing the desired effect. My guess is he is only too well aware of the strength and determination of the opponents of authentic renewal. It is tricky thing dealing with these malodorous ones, just dropping the document on them without preparation, without this preliminary struggle and marshaling of forces, might well have been disastrous. At least it is my fervent hope that this is what we are experiencing. The St. Michael prayer and the sign of the cross are recommended as weapons here for we do know who it is that we are wrestling with in all of this do we not?

  14. "be they ne'er so vile"


    "Just my deux centimes, gentlemen."

    Thanks for making me smile, Monsieur Flambeux. One good turn deserves another.

    If you *are* a Chesterton afficiando, you might like to go here:

    It's the tiny url I made from a Chesterton page at audio books for free. I think you'll have to sign up, but it's free to sign up and download,only takes a minute. They also have the Paradoxes of Mr. Pond.

    also here for Baroness Orczy and Lady Molly of the Yard, pretty good.

    Holmes of course,

    You'll also find some Chesterton at Maria Lectrix here:

    She just started on The Everlasting Man too.

    (You can find these and other links for *happy* Catholics on my blog, on the right, scroll down)


  15. Yes, behind the modern state's principle of the equal rights of all beliefs is the assumption that it is impossible, or at least inadmissible, to know the truth. Therefore, any attempt to govern by the truth is strictly forbidden.

    The result is that lawmakers who don't see this conflict, and who try to wave the Stars and Stripes and simultaneously lift high the Cross, are justly denounced as hypocrites by the Revolution. The Girondists simply stand a little higher on the slippery slope.

    Why indeed, under freedom of religion, shouldn't Satanism have the same rights as Christianity? Because it is too distasteful to the majority at this point in time? Then what has become of your oath to support the Constitution?

  16. Oh, Charles you always were so frightfully grim! You're right about the mass though. The new one is definitely de classe, what a perfect horror! I think all of you should pray that the long delay won't tempt some very droll soul to resort to the "Godfather III solution" to prevent that letter being brought forth. That would be annoying. Charles and my dear Sebastian....I'll be avoiding study and class at my digs at Balliol this year, come by for champers and talk of old times if you're in town. You can even bring that old stick Bridey if he promises to be good!

  17. Athanasius, you are absolutely right. Well said!!

    The state cannot grant "religious freedom" any more than it can define "marriage". Anything else is statism. For what the state giveth, the state can taketh away.

    Regarding this miraculous power of the state to turn a square into a circle was recently manifested in Canada's parliament "re-definition" of "marriage".

    When one reads Pius XI's encyclicals on fascism and communism, one only sees the natural lineage from the "new jurisprudence" to these latter day manifestations.

    "The Fascist State organizes the nation, but leaves a sufficient margin of liberty to the individual; the latter is deprived of all useless and possibly harmful freedom, but retains what is essential; the deciding power in this question cannot be the individual, but the State alone...." (Mussolini, What is Fascism, 1932).

    We also see, how the modern "democracies" submerged in agnostic pluralism are internally rotting at the core. For example, having rejected (France, 1789), or never having as a foundation (the United States, 1776) the Church as the sole Guardian on Faith and Morals, it was inevitable (c.f. Tametsi).

  18. I hope and pray this will be all worth the wait! Sign away, Holy Father Sign Away!!!


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