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For the Record - Schmitz: Motu proprio "is ready"

Some excerpts of Brian Mershon's report on a recent conference by Mgr. Michael Schmitz, United States Provincial of the Institute of Christ the King Sovereign Priest (ICRSS), published by Envoy Magazine:

On the "Motu proprio":

“I can tell you that the document is ready,” he said. “The person who is responsible for it does not want to discuss it any longer,” Schmitz added.

Msgr. Schmitz’s revelation corresponds with the February 7 Mexican daily Milenio article, although citing no sources, which reported the PCED had delivered the document to the Pope in January for his review, consideration and eventual promulgation.
Marini to be replaced soon:

Another notable newsworthy item that Msgr. Schmitz delivered at his February 19, hour-long presentation during the question-and-answer period was that Archbishop Piero Marini, whom many had speculated would have been removed long ago, has finally accepted another assignment.

“The Pope is before all else, a gentlemen,” ... Msgr. Schmitz did not give any details as to the nature of Archbishop Marini’s new assignment.
On the "Reform of the Reform":

...the popularly called “reform of the reform” of the Novus Ordo missal is distinct from, and “does not concern the old missal,”
On changes to the 1962 edition of the Roman Missal:

“The missal we use will be left unchanged”...
Aspects of the post-synodal exhortation:

...two specific encouragements — offering Mass ad orientem and using a Latin canon and Gregorian chant during the ordinaries of the Novus Ordo liturgy — may indeed be part of the post-Synod on the Eucharist document...


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  2. If this be true, then this is monumental. The Reform of the Novus Ordo, to my mind is even more important than the release of the Latin Mass. Simply because the vast majority attend the former. If these changes are accomplished (and with other reforms e.g. the abolition of Holy Communion in the hand, the return of the Communion Rail, the elimination of female readers and "serviettes") then proper instruction can begin once again, and samity can be restored.

    The only fly in the ointment might be renegade clergy, led by (dare I say it) nominal Catholic bishops. Nonetheless, following the release of the Moto Proprio at least we will see each bishop in his true colours.

  3. Anonymous3:00 AM

    I hope and pray that all he says will come to pass. The Church suffers such anguish and needs healing, and it won't be possible until real liturgical reform is implemented, to fix what went so dreadfully wrong during and after Vatican II.

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    I am friends with Monsignor!!! This is soooo awesome!!!!

  6. Anonymous6:11 AM

    Seeing is believing.

  7. Anonymous6:49 AM

    I have grown weary of the rumors, and insider info, but I do have hope, and that hope sparks enthusiasm. I pray that Pope Benedict's "recommendations" don't receive the same kind of reception that Ecclesia Dei has. If the Holy Father recommends the ad orientem posture at the NO Mass, that is as good as permission for me provided that the Pontiff does not leave it up to the individual bishops discretion.

  8. "The Pope is before all else, a gentlemen.” Great. That kind of attitude will make any new policy regarding reform of the NO Mass "dead on arrival." Without the willingness and, frankly, the intention of stepping on clerical toes DEMANDING reform and KNOCKING heads about, the Pope's alleged policies will remain stillborn and useless. The beautiful thing about the Papacy is that it is a divinely ordained office with full power and authority to act decisively whenever the Pope finally wakes up from his post-conciliar slumber. Because his power and authority comes directly from God he can, with the stroke of a pen, eliminate the execrable term "collegiality" from the Catholic lexicon. The Mahoneys of the world can be deposed on Saturday and replaced with "traditional" bishops on Sunday. In fact, once the malefactors are identified, the Holy Father could depose every last heterodox and lavender bishop in the world in the same weekend and replace everyone the next day. This is why, despite my near despair at some of the awful appointments Pope Benedict XVI has made, I have great hope for the future of the Church. It is God's Church and He has already utterly defeated the adversary of mankind. Please God we will see some fruits of that defeat soon.

  9. Anonymous12:04 PM

    "Hope springs eternal in the human breast,
    Trads never are, but always to be, bless'd"

    (Apologies to Alexander Pope, a true English Catholic).

  10. Anonymous4:20 PM

    Pascendi is right, the reform of the Novus Ordo is even more important, for souls are at stake. And yet, and yet ... is the Novus Ordo reformable? Was Ottaviani right or wrong? When we see the fruits of the reform (witness the gallery of horrors on display at Cathcon), one wonders. Should we be lulled into a false confidence by "reverent" celebrations of the Novus Ordo? I really don't know.

  11. "the Holy Father could depose every last heterodox and lavender bishop in the world in the same weekend and replace everyone the next day."

    The Catholic version of the Night of the Long Knives? I often think the same thing myself. Problem would need to have the replacement Bishops waiting right outside each Chancery with large men handy because I would fully expect "physical" resistance from some quarters. I recommend the midnight knock with snap brims, leather trenchcoats, and idling Mercedes.

    But the Lord does not act this way? Well he did with me, literally beat me half to death (physically and mentally) to get my attention and restore some order. If it's good enough for me...

    I will be eternally grateful for his merciful thrashing.

  12. Anonymous6:25 PM

    A "reform of the reform" assumes that the intentions of the Council were actually carried out, yet that is precisely what did NOT happen. Instead of reforming the Old Rite, a New Rite was fabricated and the Old was tossed aside. The notion of a "reform of the reform" is at best a well-intentioned equivocation, at worst a smokescreen.

  13. Excellent point, Brideshead. My hope is that this "reform of the reform" becomes a "repression of the revolt".

    Any action should be called the "return of the restoration" and with it the burying of the Novus ordo. If - and I say IF - teeth are attached, then much good can come. If not, then we will continue with a series of options - though with even more extremes - there might be a Mass similar to the 1965 Missal right next to an option akin to an Anglican communion service! If this happens, even greater confusion could abound.

    The key, as I see it, will be how to remove the most glaring protestantisms from the Novus Ordo. Obviously, the return of the TRADITIONAL Roman Canon (and ONLY the Roman Canon), the Offertory prayers and ALL post-1969 abuses.

    What is needed is a Sacrifice of the Mass and NOT a Lord's Supper emphasis (valid though it might be if said according to the mind of the Church). The Mass also is a catechism of the Faith.

  14. Anonymous6:54 PM

    If the Old Rite is granted wider use, will it still need to be reformed according to the intentions of the Council???

  15. Anonymous6:57 PM

    My last question crossed with Pascendi's comments. I agree with the latter, yet still wonder what becomes of the reform of the Old Rite.

  16. If it does, in whatever small degree, it won't happen anytime soon. The tinkering with the old rite is a dead issue. Give it a hundered years, if ever. The intransigence of the traditionalists and their worldwide success has shown the hand of the Divine in the mass's protection. I really don't think there's going to be any messing with it any time in the forseeable future.

  17. My previous post was addressed to Brideshead.

  18. Anonymous7:12 PM

    I agree with Hebdomadary. Whatever the original intentions of the Council Fathers, the fact is that Bugnini and his heirs have made such an absolute mess of things that there is no turning back. Let the Old Rite be restored as far and wide as possible, let the New Rite be organically suppressed under the gradual influence of the Old, and let the Holy Spirit do the rest.

  19. Anonymous7:50 PM

    I should add: let the worst abuses of the New Rite be suppressed and their perpetrators sent to retirement with great haste. Our Blessed Lord is mocked and souls are endangered. I am reminded of the embroidery on the wall of the warden's office in *The Shawshank Redemption*: "His judgment cometh ... and that right soon."

  20. Anonymous7:54 PM

    And I am aware that his judgment cometh upon me sooner than any.

  21. Anonymous8:55 PM

    Should we be lulled into a false confidence by "reverent" celebrations of the Novus Ordo? I really don't know.

    Brideshead: IM(H)O, four things have to happen to render the Novus Ordo acceptable (just acceptable): ad orientem, women/girls off the altar, adequate (and, I hope, good) translations, and the end of communion in the hand. Do you think these things will happen in our lifetime? (I don't.) Maybe a fifth, and for me that would be an end to the banal and heterodox music & lyrics.

  22. I know Monsignor, too. This is great!

  23. Who'd have thought this story would have made Whispers in the Loggia? It's particularly interesting in the light of his openly-expressed admiration of Marini in recent weeks. Indeed, he takes the opportunity in this posting of linking the late Pope's prestige with Marini's approach, even at the risk of suggesting a disconnect between him and the present Holy Father.

    However, there's no suggestion or even innuendo on his part that anything in Mgr Schmitz's interview is inaccurate, which is encouraging. In itself, this isn't so surprising, because Mgr. Schmitz is not a man to make a fool of himself. He clearly is speaking on the authority of someone whom he has good cause to trust.

    And the identity of "the one who is responsible for it" who doesn't want to discuss it any more? I think we all know his name.

  24. FWIW, Msgr. Schmitz was ordained to the priesthood by Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger.

  25. Anonymous5:55 AM

    BEWARE of the Institute of Christ the King. FR. Wach has always played to Perle and others while plotting against true priests dedicated to the Traditional Liturgy. This post is interesting since they have steadfastly been against the Indult by wanting exclusive control/agency over Latin Masses in various diocese. Either he knows the Indult is inevitable, or he is part of an effort to keep it for themselves. This group ONLY seeks to build up a kingdom $$$$ for Wach. The faithful peasants are not considered in this world of sashes, champagne, lace, precious gifts and villainous intrigue.
    Let us hope that this Indult will be an aid to the many faithful Catholic Families with CHILDREN who have suffered these many years. Let it not be an opportunity for those priest who have capitalized on the terrible situation in the Church by playing traditional aristocrat in Italian Villas.
    Mary, Mother of Purity, PRAY FOR US!

  26. Anonymous6:40 AM

    So, as I'm understanding this, if any priest in a diocese could offer the Traditional Mass, unless his Bishop says he can't, what would stop a bishop in a diocese from forbidding specifically those priests who wish to offer the Mass from doing so? The bishop could still say, I'll allow all my other priests to offer it, knowing full well they won't be interested. Or, maybe since Msgr. Schmitz seems to have such good connections in Rome, he's trying to make himself and the ICKSP, the exclusive power brokers for the TLM in a diocese. I also know Msgr.R. Michael Schmitz and that wouldn't be a good idea, they are NOT teamplayers ....its all about promoting the Institute above everything else first.

  27. Anonymous12:12 PM

    "let the worst abuses of the New Rite be suppressed and their perpetrators sent to retirement with great haste. "

    As our elder brothers would say, 'from your mouth to God's ear'

    Save the liturgy and you will save the world.

  28. Anonymous12:48 PM

    Prof. Ratzinger was also L. Boff's academic supervisor (and helped the latter get into print), so getting ordained priest by Ratzinger doesn't really amount to much.

    Moreover, Cardinal Ratzinger didn't seem to patronise the ICRSS' pseudo aristocratic headquarters, unlike other traditionally inclined cardinals.

  29. The Institute of Christ the King has done fabulous work, both in Europe and Africa, as well as in the States.

    The calumny displayed on this board against them is appalling.

    -Dr. Lee Fratantuono
    Professor of Classical Languages

  30. Anonymous12:13 PM

    On the 'calumny' against the Institute: They certainly seem to have an excessive fondness for lace etc. The founder uses a title he does not in fact have (see the Annuario Pontificio). But is there any hard evidence for anything worse? If not, we should be more charitable, I think. If so, the appropriate authorities should be informed.

  31. Anonymous5:14 PM

    Monsignor Schmitz is the most charitable man I have ever met.