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Aparecida Notes: Latin American bishop says
"Women's ordination is not a closed matter"

Barely had the Holy Father left South America and Bishop Celso Queiros, one of the members of the Fifth General Assembly of the Latin American bishops said this (in Portuguese, from the official website of the Brazilian Episcopal Conference):

The Pope recognized that the Church has a certain debt to women. We know that, at this time, the dialogue on the possible ordination of women is closed in the Church. Which does not mean that it cannot be opened.
Wow... "Progressive" bishops are just so used to distorting the message of the Gospel that they cannot even understand what is spoken by the Successor of Peter. The Pope actually said that "chauvinism" ("machismo") is a problem in some Latin American families, not in the Church; and then he added that what those families need are women who are good mothers and housewives: women must be able to "dedicate themselves fully to bringing up their children and to the service of their family".

In some families in Latin America there still unfortunately persists a chauvinist mentality that ignores the “newness” of Christianity, in which the equal dignity and responsibility of women relative to men is acknowledged and affirmed.

The family is irreplaceable for the personal serenity it provides and for the upbringing of children. Mothers who wish to dedicate themselves fully to bringing up their children and to the service of their family must enjoy conditions that make this possible, and for this they have the right to count on the support of the State. In effect, the role of the mother is fundamental for the future of society.

We will be covering the most interesting and troubling aspects of the General Conference of the Latin American Bishops throughout the month.

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