Rorate Caeli

For the record

It seems, if the report is accurate, that Father Federico Lombardi, the spokesman of the Holy See, now confirms, in general terms, what the Superior-General of the FSSPX/SSPX had said over a month ago on the time frame of the eventual release of the document on the liberalization of the Traditional Latin Mass. article:

The Vatican spokesman, Fr. Federico Lombardi, has declared this Wednesday in Vienna, in an interview to, that the Motu proprio on the "old Mass", willed by Pope Benedict, will certainly come [be released]. Questioned on the matter of the delay, Fr. Lombardi detailed that the exact date is still unknown; however, publication is expected for this year.

There have been speculations regarding the publication of this document for months. In the past few weeks, several Cardinals of high position in the Vatican have declared that publication was close. [The document] should declare that every priest would be able to celebrate Holy Mass in the Tridentine Rite.