Rorate Caeli

Moved by hatred: the words of an enemy of the motu proprio - I

Almost four months after the publication of Summorum Pontificum, the only book on the motu proprio for sale at the John Paul II International Bookstore (the Vatican bookstore at Piazza San Pietro), still is "The Missal of Pius V: Why the Latin Mass in the Third Millennium?", by Manlio Sodi, SDB, published by Edizioni Messaggero, the publishing house of the shrine of Saint Anthony, in Padua.

The work is extremely critical - to say the very least - of the motu proprio. Throughout this Saturday, we will publish translations of excerpts of this disgraceful book, written by one of the most influential "liturgists" in Italy - a man deeply committed to the Bugninist mafia still occupying the most unexpected places in the Vatican machinery, and charged by the Vatican Publishing House itself with the scholarly introductions to the academic editions of the liturgical books of the Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite.