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You report: SCANDAL
Pro-death supporter in Episcopal Conference video

Congratulations to the Catholic Church in Brazil for another scandal. As our older readers surely remember, the Brazilian headquarters of the radical pro-abortion organization "Catholics" for a Free Choice are located in a Church-owned building in São Paulo, next to the local branch of the Brazilian Episcopal Conference (CNBB). They are still there, we have been informed. (First and second post on the matter)

Now, a new and shocking scandal, as reported by a Brazilian reader*:

In Brazil, pro-abortionists are making history! They even can infiltrate a campaign against abortion!

Dear sir, I bring you shocking facts... These facts demonstrate the extent of the influence of Liberation Theology in the Catholic Church in South America, especially in Brazil.

Every year, the Brazilian Episcopal Conference (CNBB - Conferencia Nacional dos Bispos do Brasil) organizes a campaign called "Fraternity Campaign" (Campanha da Fraternidade), with a specific "social" theme . In 2008, after popular pressure, finally the theme is "Dignity of Life". The intention is to fight against the push for the liberalization of abortion, against the "Culture of Death".

In Brazil, abortion is a crime. It is not punished in two cases: when the mother's life is in danger or when a woman is pregnant due to rape.

In recent years, under the government of Luis Inacio da Silva (Lula), the pro-abortion movement push forward as never before. Lula, the favorite politician of many priests and bishops linked to Liberation Theology, gave voice to the so called "social movements", including feminists. Well... We all know what these feminists want: ABORTIONS FREE FOR ALL. And what is the main voice of Brazilian feminists? The Brazilian branch of the CFFC ("Catholics" For a Free Choice): the CDD (Católicas pelo Direito de Decidir).

This is nothing new. But the shocking fact is documented evidence of people profoundly connected to the Church helping the Brazilian arm of the CFFC.

On this blog, one can see the e-mail messages between one representative of the video producing company, Verbo Filmes (, Nelson Tyski, and Dulce Xavier, one of the leaders of CFFC-Brazil. In those messages, Nelson Tyski, sent Dulce Xavier the preliminary text of the 2008 Fraternity Campaign. That text was not available even to pro-life Brazilians!!

The messages were discovered in the Yahoo!Group of CFFC-Brazil, which was erroneously configured and inadvertently left the exchange of messages open to the general public: (image) (image) (image)

Sorry, all that only in Portuguese.

Every year, Verbo Filmes is responsible for producing a DVD about the Fraternity Campaign. In those messages, Nelson Tyski invited Dulce Xavier to record a statement about her point of view about abortion for the 2008 video! Yes... The Episcopal Conference finally organizes a nationwide campaign against abortion and the DVD producer invites a well known pro-abortionist to record a statement!

The DVD was produced and commercialized with the declaration of Dulce Xavier in it! But Brazilian pro-lifers finally discovered that after the DVDs had been printed and distributed, and put pressure on the Episcopal Conference; Verbo Filmes was forced to make another edition of DVD, without Dulce Xavier's point of view.

Now for something different: what is Verbo Filmes? It is a video producing company and it is owned by "The Society of the Divine Word" (the Verbites) , a Catholic order!

And who is Nelson Tyski, responsible for the leak of the text of Fraternity Campaign to Dulce Xavier and also for the invitation to the official video? He is a former priest. A priest who left his duties to get married, but was later called by the Society of the Divine Word missionaries to work on their video producing company. The beautiful story of the man who left the priesthood and was later called to produce videos for the Verbites is on the front page of the Society of the Divine Word in Brazil, as a testimony (in Portuguese)

Well... That is the story. The Fraternity Campaign against abortion and euthanasia, which was so much expected by Brazilians pro-lifers, starts with a scandal. A scandal produced inside the Church, a scandal to the unborn.

By the way, the video is not good even without Dulce Xavier's statement... Most statements are from people connected to Liberation Theology.

*Revised text. Our thanks to this Brazilian anonymous reader.


Marcio said...

Even worse is the complete silence from the bishops' conference till now. At this moment many DVDs are on the hands of people all over the country, with the Conference logo on it and an abortionist speaking against Church doctrine. Are these people informed about the real purpose of the CFFC? I'm sure they aren't. Many may take the CFFC as a legitimate organization inside the Church, and their claims as legitimate "dissent". Despite this, the CNBB hasn't made any public statement. The conference's website is silent. I'm ashamed of being a Brazilian with a bishop's conference like ours, which has links with Marxist rural movements, promotes popular polls against the Church's Social Doctrine, and now allows abortionists to speak freely in a DVD.

Daniel said...

I am a 28-year-old brazilian frequent reader of this blog. I wish only to say that: yes, unfortunately, it is true: an official video of the Catholic Bishop Conference of Brazil is spreading pro-abortionist ideas. I am ashamed of being brazilian too, just like "marcio" up here. Pray for our bishops. The worst thing is the silence of the Conferenece about this. A sin is constituted not only by acts. When you silent in matters of abortion, you help abostionists. When the Conference of Bishops says nothing about this, there you have a sin. And a sin in matters of abortion. In fact, this is a case of excomunication, as you all may know. Anyone who does or supports abortion is excomunicated latae sententiae.

Anonymous said...

I have already said: at least 90% of the Church in Brazil is schismatic and the faithfuls here need urgent help.

William Murat said...

90%? Ok, this is just an educated guess... But the situation here is really urgent, I agree.

Let not forget these facts happened after a visit from Pope.

The silence continues here. Not a single word from anyone. But the responsibles for this mess, from the Verbo Filmes, the producer of DVD, called Dulce Xavier to apologize. Dulce herself gave this statement to a feminist website.

Yeah, that´s true! Verbo Filmes apologize to Dulce Xavier, a pro-abortion supporter, but didn´t gave any statement to apologize to brazilian pro-lifers.

What a shame... What a shame...