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Zielinski at L'Osservatore Romano

Published in this afternoon's edition (January 10) of L'Osservatore Romano: an excellent article on Gregorian Chant, written by Dom Michael Zielinski, O.S.B. Oliv., the Vice-President of the Pontifical Commission for the Cultural Heritage of the Church (and also of the Pontifical Commission for Sacred Archeology).

Excerpt of "The Universality of Gregorian Chant" (full text in Italian):

Despite the pronouncements of the Vatican II Council and of the papal magisterium, Church music is in crisis; it is affected by the hermeneutic of discontinuity and rupture, of which Benedict XVI spoke in his Address to the Roman Curia of December 22, 2005.

To recover the great treasure which the Tradition of the Church gave to us, it is necessary to begin with Gregorian Chant, which is capable of communicating to the People of God the sense of Catholicity and to guide it towards a correct inculturation.

German writer Martin Mosebach recalls that this music was peculiar also to the ears of Charlemagne, of Saint Thomas Aquinas, of Monteverdi, or of Haydn. And it was as strange in their age as it is in our age. Today, however, one is more inclined towards the music of other cultures than the Christians of many centuries ago. Besides, the melodies of the various local traditions, even of those of cultures different from ours, are close relatives of Gregorian chant and, even in this sense, Gregorian Chant is truly universal.
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  1. Anonymous1:17 AM

    Hello Folks,

    I was presented with an intresting comment tonight. It is not related to the post but I don't know how to go about posting this comment to recieve comments.
    I was asking a permanent Deacon if he would enjoy helping out at Tridentine Mass. He replied, "We were told there is no role for us to play in this rite as there were no permanent deacons at that time."
    Is there any official clarification, in the form of writing to clarify the point that a permanent deacon may function as a deacon in the Extraordinary Form?

  2. Anonymous7:22 AM

    First, why would there need to be such a clarification, since permanent deacons are validly ordained deacons?

    Second, my own parish has permanent deacons who participate in solemn high masses in the traditional rite. These deacons were assigned to the parish by the archdiocese for this purpose so how can there be a problem?

    Third, the deacons in question should, of course, know what they are doing if they are to participate.

  3. Anonymous10:18 AM

    Fourth, everytime someone places an innocent question on a message board, why shouldn't we respond in a condescending tone?

    Fourth, if it's done like this in your parish and your archdiocese, then it must be the same throughout the world since, as we all know, what is done in your parish and by your bishop couldn't possibly be wrong, right?

    Fifth, you seem to be an expert on everything. You should rename yourself The Oracle so that no one misidentifies you.

  4. Anonymous11:40 AM

    I have no quam, problem or doubt that a permenant deacon can participate.
    A CLARIFICATION NEEDS TO BE MADE in order to avoid the discouragment from the diocese, that Albany's deacons are getting. That is more or less why I placed the post and initiated the discussion.

  5. Anonymous5:26 PM

    I don't think the statement that there were no permanent deacons at the time is totally accurate. My understanding is that members of religious orders were sometimes ordained to the subdiaconate and even the diaconate so that they could have Solemn Mass as their conventual Mass. Of course I could be quite wrong and correction would be appreciated. Nevertheless, a deacon is a deacon -- and someone who is a cleric (which a deacon certainly is) can certainly act as a subdeacon in the traditional Mass (in fact, the PCED clarified that a man who is an instituted acolyte can be a "straw" subdeacon). So the claim that a permanent deacon can't be deacon in a solemn TLM would seem to be a very strained interpretation of the law. I am personally not capable of that kind of mental gymnastics.

  6. Anonymous7:47 PM

    I would love to see those modernist novelties called permanent deacons forbidden from handling the Real Presence at the TLM.

    It doesn't have anything to do with validity. It has to do with alter girls, unnecessary Eucharistic ministers, multiple Alter Christus' (pardon my Latin), etc.

    We don't need them in the TLM. We don't have a priest shortage. That's your problem. Don't pollute the old ways with your problems.

  7. Anonymous8:40 PM

    Don't you just love it... More Vatican II ambiguities!

    Trash Vatican II and its spawn. That will solve the problems!

  8. Anonymous10:25 PM

    We don't have a priest shortage

    Really? Then just why is it that one SSPX priest traveling out of Singapore is responsible for all of Korea and Japan?

    The FSSP and ICKSP have,as far as I know, zero priests in these countries.

    One priest for 200 million people seems a bit insufficient to me.

    Korea, in particular, has a very large Catholic population that is, on the whole, quite orthodox. But the young people are not being taught the faith and they are falling away. Korea needs help. Where are the holy traditional priests for Korea?

  9. Anonymous10:28 PM

    Korea is infested (literally) with bible -based Protestants and Protestant cults. Ugh!
    That's why they need good and holy priests, to strengthen the Catholics against this type of "christianity", and to help convert souls to Catholic Truth.

  10. I agree with the writer who stated 'Don't pollute the Tridentine Mass with Vatican II things' Vatican II was not evil; the actions of those who hijacked the Council were. Their intent was the destruction of Holy Mother Church.
    It is time for men to take their cojones out of their wives purse and get rid of the limp wrists and lisp.
    Women need to grow two feet of hair, preferably on their heads, buy some skirts and veils, and practice wearing high heels. The guy that said a woman should be barefoot and pregnant never saw how nice a woman looks in high heels.
    Get all the lay people out of the Sacristy, and send the Altar girls to Home Economics class.
    Wake up guys: the only reason the Vat II gremlins let you be Deacons is to sneak your wives closer to the woman priesthood. There is nothing sadder than seeing a 'Deacon' led around by the nose by his bulldog wife.
    Our families have suffered much from Vatican II. Many of us have gone to Hell. How much more do you Vatican II Roman Protestants want?

  11. Anonymous4:59 AM

    Novus Ordo defenders - please - you're not going to tell us you aren't aware of the embarrassing decline in seminarians in Novus Ordo orders and the opposite problem of Traditional orders - too many well qualified seminary applicants for the seminary space available - and that the decline coincided exactly with VC II. You can't be serious about that. If so, come back when you've done your basic homework. You can't be serious about that and be followers of this blog.

    As for Korea, Singapore, and Japan, Traditional communities are the solution for them. Our communities produce more priests than we need and attract large Catholic families which exponentially grow the faith. Invite us into those places and support us with Traditionalist bishops instead of opposing us, and we'll regain what you've lost and then increase the fold. Can't miss. We have the superabundant actual graces that flow from fidelity to the old ways. We are what VC II called for - a renewal of the faith. The real one.

    By the way, your lukewarm mass, by design, introduces the locals to the protestant version of Christianity, while your lukewarm communities are then unable to demonstrate why anyone would want to be Catholic. See the problem?

  12. Anonymous1:10 PM

    The permanent deaconate is not a "Vatican II novelty". The order of deacon was made transitional only after Trent as part of the Counter-Reformation. In response to the Protestant outbreak more priests were deemed necessary. But until that point the deaconate had been an important order within the Church. Indeed, deacons had closer bonds with bishops than rank and file priest out in the diocesan wildernesses. Great Saints such as St. Francis were deacons.

  13. Anonymous1:28 PM

    Really? Then just why is it that one SSPX priest traveling out of Singapore is responsible for all of Korea and Japan?

    That's the SSPX. Who cares about them? They're so small they're not even a blip on the radar. Ironic really, since Trads like to pretend that their movement attracts so many young men to the priesthood.

    One priest for 200 million people seems a bit insufficient to me.

    Yep, the SSPX are wholly insufficient.

    Where are the holy traditional priests for Korea?

    For someone who has ALL the answers, you ask a lot of questions. Why don't YOU tell us the answer, Oracle?

  14. Anonymous4:31 PM

    Mr ni,
    Good point - a clarification is warranted. I'm well aware of the historical benefits of deacons properly selected and used. The Novus Ordo community push for the permanent deaconate, however, didn't target the St Francis type of soul, it targeted the married man as a transitional step to women in the deaconate and, eventually, women priests. That's the novelty in it - there's no comparing the modern push for deacons with historical, saintly motives and results. As a class, modern deacons are insufficiently committed to celibacy, are selected by the same corrupt processes that favor homosexual priests, and as a result, won't significantly improve the priest shortage problem anyway. In fact they'll exacerbate it. Bad fundamentals as a class.

    There is no other answer - the traditional practice of the faith produces large Catholic families which produce a superabundance of priests, although it does take some time. But the Novus Ordo mentality is contraception-based (tacit approval, not official), and so will continue to lose by attrition. Traditionalists aren't universally opposed to contraception, of course, but at least you encounter open encouragement to large families in those circles, and the family examples give witness to the beauty of traditional Catholic life. God bless all you parents of large Catholic families.

  15. Anonymous11:59 PM

    ¿quieren saber como cumplen con Redemptionis Sacramentum en San iisdro, Argentina? Vean mi recien nacido Blog

  16. Anonymous6:05 AM

    I wonder what the sentiment is here on an issue I raised over at Father Zuhlsdorf's blog.
    How do traditionalist Catholics in communion with Pope Benedict (as opposed to the sedevacantists or name-your-own-Pope-ists) feel about the potential extinction of unbroken succession in pre-Vatican-II Holy Orders?
    At this stage the Pope and most Cardinals have received Novus Ordo consecration (claimed to be invalid by the radtrads),and I think Bishop Rifan is the only bishop under Vatican obedience to be consecrated in the traditional rite since the vernacular ordinals came into use in the 1960s.(He was consecrated by Cardinal Castrillon Hoyos,who had received Novus Ordo consecration in 1971,but assisted by Bishop Rangel,who had been traditionally consecrated by the traditionally-consecrated Bishop de Castro Mayer).
    Traditionally-consecrated potential consecrators are dying out...officially this is a matter of indifference and the folks at WDTPRS agreed.How say you all?

  17. Anonymous9:26 AM

    What the hell is a "radtrad"?

  18. Anonymous10:21 PM

    A RADical TRADitionalist,as I am amazed you would not know,is the kind of person with an affinity for the SSPV or sites like Tradition,Daily Catholic,or TrueCatholic....they regard themselves as the real Catholics and anyone who considers Novus Ordo sacraments valid as heretical.

  19. Anonymous10:22 PM

    Oops,I meant Traditio(.com)

  20. Anonymous4:28 PM

    "Radtrad", sounds like some kind of ridiculous Americanism. God spare of from "American English."


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