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Brussels: From Merovingian to Mohammedan

According to a report in Le Figaro, the Belgian capital – seat of the European Union, Nato, and several other international organizations – is nearing the completion of a historic cycle from Christianity to Islam. Below is my translation of the story.

Islam to be primary religion in Brussels within twenty years

Today, one third of the population is Muslim and younger generations are more religiously active.

The European capital will be Muslim in twenty years. At least this is what is confirmed by a study published last week in the daily La Libre Belgique. According to Olivier Servais, a sociologist at the Catholic University of Louvain, nearly a third of the population of Brussels is already Muslim and, due to their high birth rate, practitioners of Islam should be in the majority "in fifteen or twenty years". Since 2001, Mohamed has consistently been by far the most popular first name given to boys born in Brussels.

"You have to put these figures into perspective,” insists Mahfoud Romdhani, Socialist MP and vice-president of the Brussels francophone Parliament. “Not all immigrants from Muslim countries are Muslims! I myself am Muslim culturally, yet I am agnostic. Olivier Servais needs to be cautious about long-term projections since Brussels, as the capital of the European Union, undergoes significant population fluctuations.”

Albeit that, according to La Libre Belgique, "even if their parents were not religious," in order to facilitate integration in their host country, "the youth show a significant return to religious practice." Some 75% of Muslims consider themselves practicing today. Flemish journalist Hind Fraihi, author of Infiltrée parmi les Islamistes Radicaux, goes further: "Young people are increasingly radicalized," she says. “They reject Western values - which even worries their parents. In Brussels there are enclaves such as Molenbeek, where one sometimes finds it hard to believe he is in Belgium…”

From the Tafoukte bazaar to the Mohammed jewelry store, music of the Maghreb captivates the passerby. Lined with multicolored plastic buckets, sneakers, and shimmering caftans, the pedestrian zone of the Prado leads to the administrative building of Molenbeek - the Moroccan district of Brussels. Almost all women are veiled and the merchants speak Arabic. "You feel better here than in France or Spain,” says Akim, manager of a clothing store, “Maybe because we are such a large community. It's like a country of itself!"

"Gestures of respect"

Several years ago” says Philippe Moureaux, commissioner of Molenbeek, “Muslims sought me out. They wanted me to be the "president" of their new mosque…." That means that the former minister, although himself agnostic, is well-received by the "large third" of the 83,000 Muslims among its citizens. Creating an advisory council of mosques with local funds, opening of a municipal slaughterhouse during the feast of sacrifice, presentation of an electoral ballot with a majority of Muslims… "These are gestures of respect which have earned me the trust of this community," says the commissioner. “We were very far, some say too far, but for me the only solution is openness."

According to Alain Escada, president of the Belgium and Christianity association, "We continue to surrender more and more. More and more cafeterias introduce halal menus at the expense of Christians” he says with regret. “The authorities no longer do their jobs: politicians with a short-term vision are desperate to attract a new electorate, but also the clergy who place Muslims on equal footing with Christians even though they cannot expect anything in return. Look at this archbishop who was just murdered in Iraq!"

For the moment, "the essence of Belgian Islam is peaceful and familial,” insists Olivier Servais, “but one day there may be a clear claim to Islam. I do not exclude the social ramifications." He fears that some communitarian parties could capitalize on the very high rate of unemployment in Brussels (over 20% of the population) which affects the Muslim population in particular.

Jean-Francois Bastin, a 65 year old Belgian sporting a checkered turban and a henna-dyed beard, is known today as Abu Abdullah Abdulaziz Bastin. A convert to Islam, in 2004 he founded the Young Muslim Party. Abdullah does not shake the hands of women. "It deceives Allah,” he said. “It also deceives the one to whom the hand is offered into believing that you are equal. But I will offer you a big smile!" he quickly added.


He himself says that the smiles which some politicians give to Muslims are only a "huge instrumentalization: There is enough of this kind of neocolonialism,” he said. “They claim that they are going to defend us and then they forbid headscarves in schools." In the last municipal elections, the Young Muslim Party, which is represented in only two districts of Brussels, garnered less than 5000 votes. "We can use this as a foundation to require more visible mosques, calls to prayer, cemeteries, schools, retirement homes…” says the convert. “I say to the Muslims: ‘Lose this spirit of the colonized! Colonizers have been expelled from Algeria; perhaps that can happen here’.” "Immigrants," he concludes, “have had enough and maybe ‘too much’ of integration. It is now time for Belgium to adapt."


  1. Anonymous3:10 AM

    Frightening !

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  3. Alas! all of this has been aided and abetted by the NO church - Islam has been afforded the status of a majority religion. Witness the removal from the Tridentine Catechism the true teaching that Mohametanism - let us call it by its true name - is pagan and worships a false god and one Roman Catholics do not know: capricious, distant, unpredictable and not our father of triune nature with Whom we may communicate meaningfully. Also, its alleged sayings of its prophet are mostly not his: this is being properly & honestly revised at present by muslim "scholars" in Turkey. Watch out for bloody vengeful mayhem in the streets to follow. Further, Mohametanism and its false book, embraced publicly by a pope who also gave permission for the grand mosque in Rome to be built, advocates violence against all non-believers - it says so. They are not true sons and daughters of Abraham since they have defected from Biblical teachings and have followed a false prophet about whom The Christ warned would be among the many who would follow after Him. Only Ishmaelites who have converted to Our Blessed Lord inherit the promises made by God to them in the New Covenant.

    The ecumenical nonsense that pursues NO church where ever it goes these days, has facilitated this respectability accorded idolatry - which includes adhering to false teachings. When we are witness to hierarchs of the church worshiping in idolatrous temples then it is time to recall Daniel the Prophet.

    Our Blessed Lady has called on all of us to pray, do penance and make sacrifices. She has not told us to enter unholy temples and give respectability to false teachings. Charity to God first, to ourselves and then to our neighbour does not include turning Roman Catholic lieu into mosques and teaching that , "in some manner" all religions lead to Heaven. This is patently untrue.

    There is only one systematic antidote - a wholesale return to The Holy Sacrifice of The Mass in Latin and proper obedience to the consistent teachings of The Church. We need liturgical and doctrinal discipline and an end to the neo-modernist tendencies that govern contemporary church thinking.

  4. France and UK soon to follow Belgium into Mohamatenisation. Please, let us call a spade a spade. The Councils of Trent were correct. It is time to revise the NEW cathechism of the NO church.

  5. Anonymous4:19 AM


    The prerequisite for Jesus’ claim to be the Son of God is the belief in his resurrection: it is only through his resurrection and subsequent ascent to heaven that the executed criminal can prove that he is indeed the Son of God. Our rabbinic texts, all in the Bavli [Babylonian Talmud], emphasize that Jesus, the new Balaam, does not have a portion in the world to come: his fate is that he must be punished in hell forever, with no chance of redemption–and the same is true for his followers: they better give up any hope of earning eternal life in his succession, as his apostles promise … Jesus is punished by forever sitting in hell in the excrement of his followers, who believe that through eating his flesh and drinking his blood, they will live forever. (Princeton Judaic Studies Director and Professor Peter Schafer, Jesus in the Talmud, Princeton University Press, pp.111, 113)

  6. Anonymous4:56 AM

    Wait! "Our Lady" of Medjugorje when asked by one of the "seers" who was a saint, pointed to a Muslim lady; where's the problem?

  7. Anonymous5:05 AM

    Agnostic Belgium is in the same situation as Jacobite Syria was in the 7th century : it is faced the the consequences of its apostasy from Christ and the reminder that it is impossible to totally separate religion from public life.

    Liberal Christians in Belgium and the Netherlands ought to see this as a sort of punishment for their very unchristian attitude towards euthanasia, homosexuality, abortion, etc.

    In case islam does really take over, they will be reminded that it is the Church that is forever Christian and that the State usually follows the dominant religion, no matter whose's pretension at separation.

    The Archbishop of Brussels is aware of the situation ans was saying that his country was becoming Turkified. Pray for the Christians of Turkey, Algeria, Iraq, Saudi Arabia and so forth so that the status of the Dhimmi may be improved.

  8. Anonymous9:01 AM

    I recommend you read an article at The Lion and the Cardinal called "Permanent Scars Revisited" from March 6, 2008. The Christian Church is not the same as Christian civilization. The former is protected by Almighty God against the gates of hell. The latter has died a number of times, and is now already dead again in Western Europe.
    With his Motu Proprio, the Holy Father has made it more easy for Christians to lead Christian lives in the midst of a hostile world. A great apostasy of Christians has led to this death of Christian civilization in Europe. I only hope that those who apostasized live long enough to see and experience the death of their culture; it may lead them to compunction before the end.

  9. Anonymous9:59 AM

    Just yesterday heard a Marine friend speak with some trepidation about revealing he is US military in Germany by taking off his dog tags at airport security checks. Will we stop traveling in Europe due to fears such as this?

  10. Anonymous saysthat "the Archbishop of Brussels is aware of the situation ans was saying that his country was becoming Turkified". Really? Well, it's not whatever Cardinal Danneels says that's important, it's what he does and the fact is that he has been destroying Catholic faith in Belgium for almost 30 years now. You can take my word, as I have lived in Brussels since before he became our local Archbishop.
    Is organising two muslim religious events in churches what you would call fighting Turkification or islamization? This is what was done on 29 and 30 Oct. 2006, and planned well-ahead and announced in the official magazine of the Archdiocese of Mechlin-Brussels. Viz.:

  11. Anonymous11:17 AM

    The world slips farther into a new Dark Age.

    I found a website for an association that prays for Christendom - That is much needed in today's world, I think!

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  13. "With his Motu Proprio, the Holy Father has made it more easy for Christians to lead Christian lives in the midst of a hostile world.'

    This was a necessary act of Roman Catholic justice in a church in which such justice has become almost risible: for example, sexual deviancy & financial lack of probity among the clergy is not really being tackled from within. Where The Holy Mass in Latin is concerned, note that Pope Benedict acted out of the weight of conscience, as has been admitted publicly not out of any other motive. The primacy of conscience is one of the councils' major paradigm shifts. As one of the protagonists for modernising the church before, during & after the pastoral councils of the 1960s, Father Ratzinger can hardly absolve himself of at least some of the responsibility for their destructive consequences. Anyone who knows the history of the councils well and who has read his earlier writings influenced by Rahner etc., can understand that the current pontiff is far from being traditional. In many respects, the NO train is still on the track and hurtling toward its ultimate demise. Indeed, this man certainly needs our prayers, in more ways than one.

    The SP came with strings attached - if you want The Holy Mass in Latin you have to accept the "vernacular only" NO is one and the same rite with it. That is just sheer phenomenology. This distorted logic has been applied to ecumenical processes to the detriment of Roman Catholicism and to the favour of Mohamatenism. The Trent Councils were not prey to such intellectual folly and deceit. This is why their teachings invalidate much of the existentialist, anthropological, Hegelian and phenomenological egology inherent in post-conciliar liturgical and pastoral tendencies. Archbishop Lefebvre was quite correctly suspicious of Vatican motives and had every right to be so. We ought to also. Nothing is plain for the moment. Anyone who wants evidence of this has only to watch the forthcoming trip to the USA.

  14. Anonymous1:31 PM

    Thank you Vatican II!

  15. "We can use this as a foundation to require more visible mosques, calls to prayer, cemeteries, schools, retirement homes…” says the convert. “I say to the Muslims:... It is now time for Belgium to adapt."


    The bells?
    They stopped years ago
    At the Consecrations
    Of many a Mass,

    Where kneeling down
    Their Savior adore,
    The people said
    "We'll pass."

    And now at six
    The happy-hour,
    When the Angelus
    Used to chime

    There are no bells
    To remind the people
    Pray your souls
    To prime.

    And in the night clubs
    Dancing till dawn
    The people sin
    No regret.

    And now at six
    The mourning hour
    Bells die with each passing

  16. Anonymous9:26 PM

    Pray for Belgium and a peaceful co-existence between Moslems and Christians. The continuing deteriorization of Catholicism can be halted. But much prayer is required and firmer more spiritual leadership from the clergy.

  17. '....firmer more spiritual leadership from the clergy."

    You are getting plenty of that but it is of the wrong type - neo-modernist phenomenological, New Ageist falsehoods and semi-truths. What appears at first orthodox doctrinal perspectives are dripping with secular humanistic ambiguities: Faith and Hope indeed BUT somehow the pantheistic god with its divine mercy is going to intercede at the last moment and we shall ALL be saved; the church is the church of The Christ BUT......; Jesus is the Jesus of the scriptures BUT........everyone has their own sacred books AND.....; sodomy is disordered indeed but is it still a MORTAL SIN..... [uneasy silence]? No one in NO church will give a straight answer to such questions. All one receives are equivocal expressions that leave the doubts open. This is a very useful strategy by neo-modernists and one successfully employed since the councils in the 1960s. Many in the church who consider themselves "orthodox" do the same as these clerics and hierarchs without mature reflection. This is why Roman Catholic obedience has become a form of papolatry: obey everything the pope says & teaches or else!

    Ask yourselves why the pope still has not celebrated publicly The Holy Mass in Latin? Why is the American trip Novus Ordo liturgy and hyper-ecumenically oriented with no traditional liturgy at all? Why were Levada and Niderauer, known sodomite sympathisers appointed to such elevated status within the church? Why are types like Maloney etc., able to continue flouting church teachings, and do seemingly as they please yet nothing is done by The Vatican? Awkward questions with very awkward answers........ [another uneasy silence].

    Prayer, sacrifice and penance. Remember when the Prophet Daniel opened up the prophecy of the last days he was very ill for several days. These may not be the last days but they certainly can make one feel extremely ill at ease without the compass of Sacred Tradition with its authentic liturgical expression The Latin Mass of All Times and authoritatively interpreted Holy Scriptures. Without these, Europe is going to descend into absolute paganism. The signs and portents superabound.

  18. Anonymous12:39 AM

    I think we're missing the essence of this. The Muslims are having large families and we're not - that's it, plain and simple. Contraceptive mentality. Western (and most of the rest of the world) materialist culture. Not going to change without a catastrophic event, folks.

    I suspect we're getting the fruits of our sins in this regard, and we just better hunker down and get ready.

    Maybe the Fatima consecration would stem the tide for awhile, but the Mass alone won't.

  19. Anonymous3:16 AM

    Anonymous said: Islam?

    Yes, Islam. You know -- the actual subject of this weblog post. Brussels is not on the verge of becoming an Orthodox Jewish city, it's on the verge of becoming a Muslim city.

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  21. "....but the Mass alone won't."

    It will if it is properly celebrated since it has preserved the very essence of Roman Catholic norms, values and mores. The NO has seriously damaged these since it is essentially a protestantised liturgy with the consequent protestant behaviour. This is why most NO catholics have adopted a largely contraceptive mentality.

  22. Anonymous9:05 AM

    I witnessed first hand a Catholic girl apostatize to Islam, right here in Fairfax Virginia. There was a presentation given by an Imam on Who Jesus was in Islamic thought, and like an altar call at a Baptist church she accepted Islam.

    Where has the Church militant gone? Why aren't more of our priests and bishops waking up to the crisis?

    Tradition is only the tip of the spear. We've lost our identity.

    The apostate girl, God have mercy on her, she knows not what she has done. She left the Novus Ordo, not true Catholicism. True Catholicism was never shown to her poor soul. She said that she was drawn to Islam because it was beautiful and the teachings fit together like a beautiful puzzle, and that Muslims took their faith seriously and were not wishy washy.

    She accepted Islam, what her heart longs for is the true faith of her Fathers.

    We are enjoying a time of great hope in light of Summorum Pontificum and I do not believe we should do anything to suck the joy out of it, we should celebrate. But Our Lady still weeps. We need to work and pray harder than ever.

    Dear God, save souls!
    Our Lady Queen of Victory,
    Help of Christians,
    Virgin of Fatima,
    pray for us poor sinners.

  23. This comment has been removed by the author.

  24. Thou preferrest the Gospel of Mahomet to the Gospel of Jesus Christ ...

    O God! O Brussel!

  25. Anonymous10:49 AM

    what to do, they the european dig their own grave for their children, their grand children. EU will fall into muslime hand. that's the fact.

    Lord pray for us.
    Our Lady of victory for us...

  26. Anonymous2:52 PM

    We Europeans are letting many illegal immigrants from sub-Saharan Africa come and have preferential treatment in southern European countries (read Italy, Spain and Malta). Mostly Mohammedans, they are already creating security problems in the afore-mentioned countries. This coupled with a modernist, secular mentality by clergy and laity alike is doing the rest.


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