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Personal Parish for the Traditional Mass in Rome

We were asked to remove the following note (first posted on December 17, 2007) - but now that the largest Italian daily, Corriere della Sera, has confirmed it in today's edition, there is no reason to maintain discretion about it anymore.


From the website of the Priestly Fraternity of Saint Peter (FSSP) in Melbourne:

Personal Parish for the Extraordinary Form to be established in Rome: the traditional Mass apostolate in Rome under Fr Joseph Kramer is to be elevated into a personal parish, with Fr Kramer as its first parish priest. The apostolate will move early in 2008 into a larger Church, which will be given for the exclusive use of the new Parish: the Church of Trinita dei Pellegrini. We are told that the Holy Father wishes this model to be “an exemplar for the whole Church”. We thank God for this development, rejoice in the Holy Father’s leadership, and congratulate Fr Kramer and his community.
Congratulations to Father Kramer and the Traditional Mass congregation in tiny Muratori.
Tip: Bob Catholic

Picture: High Altar at the church of the Most Holy Trinity of the Pilgrims (Santissima Trinità dei Pellegrini), near Piazza Farnese, in Rione Regola; painting by Guido Reni.


The Corriere also reports the following this Wednesday:

"There is still not an official act by Cardinal Ruini [the Cardinal-Vicar (Administrator) of the Diocese of Rome]", [says] monsignor Ernesto Mandara, who oversees the churches of the city center at the Vicariate. But the document for the establishment of the new parish which we be granted to the Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter, which includes over 200 priests around the world to carry forward the ancient rite, is ready. Barring unforeseen [events], the activities will begin soon after Holy Week.
Transcript: Papa Ratzinger Blog.


Anonymous said...

Will San Gregorio Muratori then be closed? Also, wasn't that already a personal parish? It was certainly not the easiest parish to find, and it most definately was not very large, but I don't think anyone else was using it.

Where is this new parish located?

alsaticus said...

an excellent news : the Bishop of Rome is on the way to implement generously what the ... Bishop of Rome has decided "motu proprio".
We can remind both German and Polish Church solemnly rejected last Autumn the eventuality of creating personal parishes, trespassing incidently grossly what a bishops conference is allowed to do.

Preaching through example, acts matching words, are always the best way to proceed.

Anonymous said...

Thank goodness for this. So good that it was the Fraternity. They teach the faith rather than cook it until they can get people to swallow their own version.

Athelstane said...

"They teach the faith rather than cook it until they can get people to swallow their own version."

This wouldn't be a veiled shot at another traditional order, would it?

Anonymous said...

I think what anon ment was a novus ordo group.
This is certainly wonderful news for the Church and Rome.
Know I wish the Bishop of Raleigh, North Carolina would establish a personal parish for the Tridentine Mass, maybe Sacred Heart Cathedral, in our diocese.
Deo Gratias.

Jay said...

Very encouraging news. Thanks God!

Gian said...

I think the key here is that HH Pope Benedict XVI wishes this parish to be a model for the whole Church. I wonder how far we may take this statement... Truly the Extraordinary form along with all the sound Catholic doctrine it brings along should be a model to all parishes

Anonymous said...

I don't think there are any cathedrals dedicated to the TLM, are there?

My daughter started a Gregorian chant choir in Charlotte, NC, mostly for her six children but open to other homeschoolers. It rapidly grew to include over a hundred children, not just homeschoolers, most all from Novus Ordo parishes, and "performed" at some diocesan functions. It still exists, but has withered for, in my view, lack of a TLM mass to adhere to, and this under a bishop who seems to be saying pro-TLM things. Think about that neglect - a hundred children whose parents recognize the value of Gregorian chant. The point is, most of us are desperate for ANY TLM in our area. Words are starting to wear thin.
Joe B

Anonymous said...

Joe B,
I do not know if you are aware of it but every Sunday at 9am, there is a Tridentine Mass at St Anthony of Padua church in Mt Holly.
The pastor is very sweet and amenable and he would love to have your children and your group chant at his Mass.
His name is Father Novak.

There is also a weekly Tridentine Mass at Wake Forest University,Davis Chapel, offered by a saintly priest named Father Weber.
There are going to be many Tridentine Mass's popping up all over the Diocese of Charlotte very soon so take heart and have hope.
God bless you.
in Christ,
Dan Hunter

Anonymous said...

I'm aware of those two options. I understand SSPX was very helpful in the development of the choir, but there are limits (girls in the choir and many parents are still uneasy about SSPX). And the Wake Forest option is far too distant for these large families to attend on a regular basis. They need a local TLM, and probably two or three.
Joe B

There are those words again. Many masses coming. Hope springs eternal, but it's been too long already and damage has already been done by not having a diocesan priest and TLM to champion these children for so long.

Thanks for your kind note and interest.

Anonymous said...

PLEASE explain canonically, or, as defined elsewhere by the Church, what is a PERSONAL parish referred to in the blog? I have heard of national churches [set up pre-Vatican II] with parishes instituted for Masses devoted to a particular language (hymns and homilies) and particular culture for foreign nationals who have emigrated, etc. Personal parishes in the past have for centuries belonged to noble families, such as in the heart of Rome, that have had them open to the public.

I have never heard religious society's, congregation's or order's parishes referred to as "personal parishes" but informally as "religous parishes" as distinct from those that are diocesan. So wouldn't a parish given to the Fraternity of St. Peter be more accurately referred to something akin to a parish of a "religious association"?

Is this what you mean?

Anonymous said...

Was this a shot at the community of the Institute of Christ the King, that offers the tridentine Mass at the Gesu Maria Church on the Via Del Corso in Rome every Sunday at 10am ?

New Catholic said...

Next-to-last anonymous,

Your answer is in the Code of Canon Law and in the motu proprio Summorum Pontificum.

Athelstane said...

Was this a shot at the community of the Institute of Christ the King, that offers the tridentine Mass at the Gesu Maria Church on the Via Del Corso in Rome every Sunday at 10am ?

If you mean why FSSP was selected for this honor instead of "upgrading" ICK's parish, my assumption was that FSSP has the manpower for a full personal parish more readily available. Anyone think I am offbase?

OTOH, I'd like to think that if offered a full personal parish in the heart of Rome, ICK would do whatever it took to find the extra priests/deacons and other resources necessary. Perhaps one day both orders will have personal Roman parishes - we can certainly hope.

Anonymous said...

Yes, you may be off-base in not factoring in the cloud under which ICK has operated, both in regards to rumors of effeminacy and a propensity for aristocratic airs. Of course, Pope Benedict is much more sensitive to this sort of thing than the last pope, as witnessed by the handling of the Marciel affair.

Athelstane said...

Yes, you may be off-base in not factoring in the cloud under which ICK has operated, both in regards to rumors of effeminacy and a propensity for aristocratic airs.

I'm afraid I don't know enough to really say. "Effeminacy" - I am not sure what this is about, but it's a can of worms I will leave to others to open and sort out.

BTW, I am curious if anyone knows the answer to the query in the first post: Will San Gregorio Muratori then be closed?

Tom said...

Anonymous at 14.50

Perhaps you know something others do not.

My wife and I attended a Mass celebrated by the Institute of Christ the King in Rome - the first Mass of a newly ordained priest - and I have attended a Mass at their Chicago church and gone to confession there. Priests of the Institute were in both places enormously impressive - especially in the confessional and in their homilies, that were full of love and Christian witness. The Institute has attracted many seminarians. Let there be no doubt that there are many good reasons why.

Anonymous said...

the priests of the ICK may be impressive but their founder does not seem to realize that the reputation of the ICK would benefit from his 'retirement':

Anonymous said...
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Dr. said...

Tom wrote:
Anonymous at 14.50: Perhaps you know something others do not."

As the previous poster noted, it is public knowledge that the ICK's first district superior of the US was convicted and imprisoned for repeatedly sexually molesting a young teenage boy.

Anonymous said...

Please will people forget about the Wachwatch stuff . . . its really outdated and silly. . . .So when was the last time Monsignor Wach wore the attire of a Monsignor? I think at least two years!! Give him a break, just pray for him and stop the criticism.

God Bless!