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Corpus Christi in the Philippines

Last Sunday, May 25, the Traditional Latin Mass community at the Parish of the Lord of Divine Mercy marked Corpus Christi with a Missa Cantata followed by a Procession with the Blessed Sacrament. The procession started around four in the afternoon and went through mostly empty streets as the little crowd of some 80 people sang hymns to the Eucharist and the Sacred Heart. The procession ended in one of the rooms of the parish hall (see the last picture), where Benediction was held.

Even as the Traditional Latin Mass community had its Eucharistic Procession, my own home parish cancelled its Corpus Christi procession for the first time that I can remember. Pray for the Church in the Philippines, which is increasingly becoming a battleground between traditional piety and liberal theology.


Kathy Mylott said...

Thank you so much for your posting, Carlos, and we will pray for your home parish in the Philippines. Some good news to share: in our home parish of Our Lady of Good Counsel on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, we had a beautiful public Eucharistic procession for the magnificent Feast of Corpus Christi yesterday. Sponsored by the religious education program and the parish Hispanic apostolate, the event attracted some 150 -200 particpants. It was a glorious day here weatherwise here in New York. We borrowed a canopy from another parish and the priests used beautiful vestments. Franciscan nuns in full habit joined us and led all the people in the traditional hymns in Latin - including, of course, the Pange lingua. A number of little girls, dressed in their Sunday best, held Easter baskets filled with blessed rose petals which they sprinkled on the ground before the Blessed Sacrament, to the absolute delight of the priests and friars who immediately followed them. We really didn't know too well what we were doing, but somehow, with the help of the Holy Spirit, everything came together. We were overjoyed by the response of the neighborhood and especially at the large crowd of participants our publicity had attracted. For a first time out, it was an enormous success. The parish priest who had started the project, Fr. Richard Terga CICM, was so ecstatic he could hardly contain himself. He thanked the congregation profusely and reminded us all of the special graces that flow from such an activity.

John L said...

What's the deal with the liberal theology? Are there any orthodox alternatives on the scene?

LeonG said...

Now there is a Roman Catholic Corpus Christi celebration. It is vital that traditional Roman Catholics take every initiative possible to demonstrate that the dying NO liturgical type is nothing in comparison to The Faith of Our Fathers.
I notice that the SSPX community in Amiens in France who are kept out of doors by the "charitable" bishop there held a lovely Corpus Christi procession in the streets with Benediction on the Cathedral parvis. There were many bystanders who must have had their memories jogged a little by the ceremonial and the passing Blessed Sacrament. This touches souls. The NO has nothing left such as this to offer from its irreverent, horizontalised and anthropocentric penury.

They also hold The Latin Mass of All Times on the parvis too while "the spirit of the councils" compels the church authorities to keep them out in all weathers. In the meantime, schismatic Orthodox and sectarian Anglicans use the Cathedral for their services.

The traditional v. neo-modernist conflict is inevitable. The liturgical schizophrenia of the latter cannot stand against the catholic harmony and authenticity of the former

Thank you Carlos.