Rorate Caeli

A Fantastic Eucharistic Miracle
Faverney, France, 1608

Exactly 400 years ago, between May 23 and May 25, 1608, an extraordinary Eucharistic miracle took place in the town of Faverney, in the Franche-Comté, France. The old Catholic Encyclopedia summarizes the events of those days:

In olden times many cities possessed a miraculous Host, but the French Revolution destroyed a certain number of them, especially the one at Dijon where each year a Mass of expiation is yet celebrated in the church of St. Michael. In other places the miraculous Hosts have disappeared, but their ancient feast is still commemorated.

In the seventeenth century the Benedictine abbey at Faverney (Haute-Saône) was the scene of a noted miracle. On the night of 23 May, 1608, while the Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament was in progress, a fire consumed the tabernacle, the linens, and the entire altar; but the ostensorium remained stationary, being suspended in the air without any support. This prodigy lasted for thirty-three hours, was well authenticated by thousands of persons, and was made the object of an investigation, the documents of which have been preserved. The ostensorium contained two Hosts, so that the crucifix could be seen from both sides.

One of the Hosts was given to the city of Dole, where it was destroyed in 1794, and the other is preserved in the parish church of Faverney, where the anniversary is celebrated annually on the Monday after Pentecost.


Anonymous said...

Communion on the tongue still not mandatory for the TLM even after Pontificum Summorum.

Please Pope Benedict order back the communion rails, for a start, in the churches...

Anonymous said...

Would someone be so kind as to explain the seemingly peculiar form of this monstrance? Does the horizontal glass tube serve a purpose, is it an odd decoration?

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Oh for such reverance to again behold our faithful

Anonymous said...

Anon--probably a reliquary.

Roslyn said...

i believe, from what i understood from this website, that the tube was or held a relic and a letter from the pope heres the website to see for your self
sorry i know its kinda long but im pretty sure this is the translated version the original is in french