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The Novara Affair - second chapter

We first reported on the situation of three Parish Priests in the Piedmont region of Italy who wished to celebrate only the Traditional Latin Mass last November. The most detailed report on the current status of this situation seems to be the one published today by the official news agency of the Italian Episcopal Conference, SIR:


The decisions regarding the situation in the parishes of the three priests who celebrated, for about a year, "solely according to the ancient rite" are but "a correct application" of the Motu Proprio of Pope Benedict XVI "Summorum Pontificum". The Bishop of Novara, Renato Corti, signaled it with a letter - made public during the masses of the past Sunday - to the parish communities of Garbaglia and Nibbiola (No [Province of Novara]), Preglia and Crevaldossola (Vb [Province of Verbano-Cusio-Ossola]), and of Santa Maria Maggiore at Vocogno (Vb).

Don Alberto Secci, parish priest of Santa Maria Maggiore and Vocogno, and don Stefano Coggiola, parish priest of Preglia and Crevaldossola, delivered to the Bishop their resignation from the position of parish priests. Bishop Corti has already named a new parish priest, don Alberto Miazza, for Santa Maria Maggiore and Vocogno. Don Secci, to whom the Bishop - it is written in the letter - has already expressed "concrete proposals for pastoral work", will live in the rectory of Vocogno, where the faithful who so wish will be able to take part in the liturgy according to the ancient rite, setting up the schedule in agreement with the new parish priest. The same will happen for don Coggiola, who will live in the rectory of Bognanco, also available for the liturgy according to the ancient rite.

Don Marco Pizzocchi, on the other hand, has not delivered the resignation to his position as parish priest of Garbagna and Nibbiola, and the Bishop finds himself "forced to replace him".

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