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FSSPX Celebrates Mass at Amiens – in the Cathedral!

Having spent 63 Sundays celebrating Mass in the streets after being evicted from their chapel of 23 years in November of 2007, the FSSPX community of Amiens, France was invited into the Cathedral on Sunday to offer Mass at the altar of St. Joseph. The charitable gesture was made by the pastor of the Cathedral as the outdoor temperature dipped to 14ºF (-10ºC) creating a hazardous icy condition at the usual Mass site in front of church of St. Germain. The community thanked the pastor for his kindness.

Although the pastor’s motives are being debated in some quarters, let us pray that this is the start of a camaraderie between the local diocese and the FSSPX that will culminate in the finding of a permanent home for them in Amiens.

Amiens, des catholiques à la rue (photos)

* Update: Video montage of the Mass


  1. Anonymous11:20 PM

    Deo gratias!

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  3. The Orthodox and the Anglicans have had their services there, so why not, even more so, traditional Roman Catholics. While it is a delayed gesture, there can be no doubt that given its French context, it is very significant.
    With time, the besieged and failing NO establishment will be worn down into ultimate admission that they seriously need the traditionalist Roman Catholic movement if Catholicism in France is ever to regain its full affections in the minds and hearts of the French people.

  4. Anonymous1:07 AM

    Whatever the motive of the Cathedral pastor of Amiens was, as a French catholic, I believe this is great news. God has ways to bring people together that we could not have foreseen. Deo gratias!

  5. Photos of The Holy Mass

    63 Sundays later & 55 celebrations outdoors.

  6. Anonymous3:18 AM

    Please God this is a start of things to come

  7. Ubi caritas et amor, Deus ibi est.

  8. Anonymous1:57 PM

    This news is not accurate:
    Far from having been "invited" into the Cathedral by the pastor, the traditional community in Amiens in fact had to "invite itself" into the open Cathedral, due to the impossibility to celebrate Mass outside.
    The only charitable act by the said parish priest consisted in refraining to intervene and not kicking the Traditionalists out during the service. Actually, the parish priest described the spontaneous Traditional Mass in the Cathedral as a "diabolic escalation"...

    I have no idea why RC posts such semi-truths, as the original French report is very clear in stating the facts.

  9. "I have no idea why RC posts such semi-truths, as the original French report is very clear in stating the facts."

    The original French report is not as clear in stating the facts as you claim it to be. True, it did not use the word “invite” yet it did nothing to dissuade anyone from getting that impression. After recounting the potential dangers of holding Mass in front of St. Germain, the anonymous author says that the people went to the Cathedral to offer it. He or she closes the piece by thanking the pastor of the Cathedral on behalf of the community for “allowing them to celebrate Mass peacefully.” (“Nous remercions le curé de la cathédrale de nous avoir laissé célébrer paisiblement cette messe.”)

    To be fair, there are those who seem to be close to the situation, who are characterizing it as a defensive decision by the (as yet un-named) pastor in order to deflect any poor publicity for the diocese that may have arisen in the event that someone ended up in the hospital as a result of assisting at Mass in the street under hazardous conditions. These charges may certainly have merit and Rorate Caeli is not advocating that they be ignored. We will monitor the situation and report any pertinent evidence as it becomes available.

  10. Anonymous3:15 PM

    Well that's brilliant: after a Mass inside the cathedral, bash those who allowed it to take place. One wonders how the Society found itself out in the cold in 1988, with instincts like that.

  11. Modernists have a hatred, that's right a hatred for the SSPX and their followers and not only their followers but those who sympathize with them. Who could have possibly imagined that the SSPX would not be allowed in Catholic Churches post Vatican II when the modernists claim they are tolerant of everyone, including the Buddhists, Hindus, Mohammedans and others. You see, folks, they are diabolical and no covering up of that fact is possible because by their fruits ye shall know them.

    To have a group of Catholics disenfranchised from their own chapel and not being provided for by the local diocese is nothing short of diabolical. To have to celebrate Mass in the streets is, well, a reflection on everyone from the local diocesan priest, the local bishop, the Ecclesia Dei Commission's Cardinal Hoyos and Pope Benedict XVI himself. To have a group of Catholics denied permission to celebrate Mass in the EF at Mother Cabrini's shrine outside Denver is diabolical as well.

    But, you see, they are all comfy in their basilicas and cathedrals while poor souls whose only crime is their defense of Tradition are left out in the cold. Egads, it boggles the mind.

    I have also noted posts on other blogs where it is denied the local clerics invited the SSPX into the cathedral but they had to more or less force their way in.dingl

  12. Anonymous4:03 PM

    You have made some valid points Paul Haley. How can the NO in good conscience simply ignore that - a faithful Catholic congregation saying Mass on the streets?

    Bless the Lord ye frost and cold...

  13. Anonymous5:18 PM

    "Actually, the parish priest described the spontaneous Traditional Mass in the Cathedral as a "diabolic escalation."

    So now it has come to this.

    A Catholic priest calling a Catholic Mass, "diabolical".

    Now ain't that sumthin!

    Thats like St Peter calling our Lord, "This atrocious Rabbi."

  14. Anonymous6:25 PM

    [T]he parish priest described the spontaneous Traditional Mass in the Cathedral as a "diabolic escalation."

    On the other hand, it's a sign that the parish priest believes in the devil, which is more than we can say around here. This may be an unintended, but nonetheless beneficial, consequence of the actions in Amiens.

    Incidentally, if the original article is the one posted here at Rorate Caeli, there's little ground for thinking that they were invited into the church.

  15. "Incidentally, if the original article is the one posted here at Rorate Caeli, there's little ground for thinking that they were invited into the church."

    When the writer of the story thanks the pastor for allowing the Mass to take place within the Cathedral, there is little ground for thinking that the pastor objected. I have found nothing in past reports in Amiens, des catholiques à la rue that suggests the blog is given to sarcasm. It is entirely possible that the editors wish to look on (or at least portray) the matter as an amicable encounter rather than a belligerent one with an eye toward showing that such episodes don’t necessarily have to be occasions of aggression.

  16. Rorate Coeli said...

    "Although the pastor’s motives are being debated in some quarters, let us pray that this is the start of a camaraderie between the local diocese and the FSSPX"

    "...and do good to those who hate you."

    ...sorry, Bernadette, another "ditty" is coming, just don't read the rest below...I guess that's just the kind of hair-pin I am!


    Saint Joan,
    Saint Tim,
    Queen Mary
    Of Scotts,

    The true Mass,
    So knew
    Their true lots.

    They could
    Have said
    "Oh, no,
    I shant!"

    But they
    Were Saints,
    No persons,

    Not ones
    To lord
    Their innate
    Good -

    While being
    Prepared like
    On wood.

    Or having
    Their eye-lids
    And nipped,

    Even though
    With kings
    They sipped,

    No, no -
    With joy,
    No fuss...

    "For you, et
    Pro multis."
    Now, daily,
    For us!

    Many of us have been blessed for years with the True Mass and True Faith, schools, etc. but we have never stopped praying, like Archbishop Lefebvre taught, that ALL Roman Catholics should receive their true inheritance and that ALL Roman Catholic Priests must be allowed to confect the True Mass so "that many" (Pro multis)might be
    saved by the shedding of His Blood.

    Deo Gratias!

  17. Anonymous11:42 PM


  18. Following their own web site, SSPX at Amiens were allowed in because of the terrible weather conditions and this after 63 Sundays with The Holy Mass outside the cathedral. Whether it was motivated by genuine compassion or by need for public relations damage limitation, the cure has demonstrated a gesture that is replete with significance. With the French NO church literally dying before our very eyes, while the number of mosques is set to double from 2,000 at present, it is time for the SSPX in France to be given the place in The Church it merits. This is in some form an implicit recognition.

    While FSSP and the Institut are also represented in France even though they are fully approved they have made nowhere near the same progress as SSPX. The problem is in the minds and hearts of the French hierarchy.

  19. Anonymous2:29 PM

    Hello LeonG,

    This is Jerry - several months ago we had agreed to contact each other through New Catholic. I sent my coordinates to the email address on this site as suggested but nothing happened?

    I would still very much like to talk with you about the SSPX. Please contact me at 1010anon at gmail dot com. I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you.

    In Jesus and Mary,

  20. Anonymous3:23 PM

    Follow-up on this topic:
    The pastor of the Cathedral announces a lawsuit against the traditional community that celebrated Mass in the Cathedral...


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