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Orange invites God back inside

Father Régis Doumas standing in front of the Altar in the newly restored chapel of the Hotel-Dieu in Orange, France

Tomorrow is D-Day for the Tridentine Mass. By that I mean the Mass in Latin will be celebrated this Sunday at 9 am in the chapel of the Hotel-Dieu, Rue de l'Hôpital in Orange and this will continue to be the case every Sunday morning. The newly renovated chapel was inaugurated on Wednesday by Mayor Jacques Bompard. The Municipality has footed the cost of the renovation.

"At a time when many churches are closed and debased in France,” said the Mayor and General Counsel at the opening of his speech, “we in Orange chose to restore a religious heritage which is inseparable from our identity." The city fully funded the work up to a total of 197,000 €. The project lasted 6 months and was completed in January. A small community of parishioners attended the inauguration and before the unveiling of the plaque they were led in prayer by Father Régis Doumas, pastor of the communal parish of Orange.

"The chapel will be re-fitted with part of its original furniture,” Jacques Bompard announced, “but this will not just be a museum. It will also be a living place of worship." Humble in his role as first citizen of the town, he wished to add that "the work of the community ends here," considering that we were facing a "healthy concept of secularism […]." The mayor also used his speech to pay tribute to the craftsmen who worked on the site: "stained glass suitable for meditation” and “woodworking carried out by the municipal workshops” particularly attracted his attention.

By Rémy Martino in La Provence


  1. Simply excellent. Good to hear some good news from France!

  2. As crusader88 says, it's great to hear something nice from the Catholics in France. I hear we've been having tough times over there, what with all the Muslims moving in and all the politically correct problems.

  3. To the citizens of Orange, Thank You. Quite apart from the always expected pleasure of visiting La Belle Frence, I now have an unexpectedly pleasurable reason for visiting Orange and hearing Holy Mass there. May God bless your efforts.

    And may God Bless Pope Benedict XVI. Our Lady of Victories, intercede for him.

  4. ICK: in truth, the Moslem issue is not so severe, by far, as that of widespread apostasy across what used to be "the Eldest Daughter of the Church". Freemasonry is a more pressing danger. In fact, Freemasonry already rules in France. Islam does not, by a long shot.

  5. Maybe the French people will recover their religious tradition , and the Tridentine Latin Mass on their own with the help of the municiple governments and the traditional religious Orders and sympathetic priests and give birth to a renaissance of Faith in France.
    This will leave the liberal Cardinals, bishops, and aged priests and nuns who cling to the disasterous Vatican II reforms and the Novus Ordo out in the cold.

    Good riddance.

  6. France, with its rich history of our Faith, deserves the return of our precious traditional liturgy.

    Deo gratias!


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