Rorate Caeli

Rt. Rev. Msgr. Moises B. Andrade 1948 - 2009

Our esteemed Msgr. Moises B. Andrade reposed in the morning of Monday, February 23 (Manila time). As reported previously on this blog, he had a stroke last Thursday, and he never recovered consciousness.

Even as "Father Moi" lay in the intensive care unit, the Sunday TLM that he had faithfully offered in his parish -- the National Shrine of Our Lady of Fatima -- was unceremoniously suspended by the priest who took over his duties, even though there was another priest willing to offer it. Pray that this state of affairs will be reversed.

With the passing of Msgr. Andrade, we have lost one of the strongest voices for the Traditional Mass in the Philippines, and perhaps we have lost another parish TLM. There are now only two places under diocesan auspices (down from four as of July last year) in Metropolitan Manila where the faithful can count on the TLM being offered every Sunday -- the Parish of the Lord of Divine Mercy in the Diocese of Cubao, and the Parish of St. Jerome Emiliani and St. Susanna in the Diocese of Paranaque. Of course, the SSPX has a church in Cubao, with two Masses every day.


Anonymous said...

The fruits will come very soon from Fr. Andrade's death. RIP. Let's pray for him. I also pray for his parishioners, for their intentions to be heard by the Sacred Heart.

Joe B said...

God rest this heroic warrior's soul.

But note the power of the local bishops, such that they can so easily squash traditionalists in most places. Nobody has more power than the local ordinary. This is why SSPX is justified in not submitting to the internal authorities of the Vatican and local bishops without a solid and authoritative document protecting the rights of traditionalists. It is also confirmation of the continuing state of emergency. Not all bishops are as weak as those in America.

SSPX represents all traditionalists. They are sufficiently succeeding where separately most fail. Support your local gunfighters.

M.A. said...

Those who knew him and loved him, must feel sadness and abandonment. That is understandable.

Pray much for him and to him. He will be of immense help. The traditionalist movement in the Philippines now has a most powerful advocate.

Richard Friend said...

I join the rest of the Philippine traditionalist movement in mourning the passing away of this great man, who silently bore the scorn and disdain of his fellow priests and courageously kept the TLM alive in the Philippines during the 80s and 90s when the TLM community was practically underground.

I note his relatively young age (61). Why must the good always die young?

Stéphane said...

What a loss for the Philippines! God must have a plan about this. His ways are not ours.
I was in the Philippines just 2 weeks ago and had a chance to make contact with the local Summorum Pontifical scene. My general impression was that these are good, devout and devoted Catholics.
Something that is usually not known abroad is that Fr. Chupungco "runs the liturgical business" in that country. This is the 11th plague of Egypt! The Filipino Bishops usually know next to nothing about liturgy, so they tend to let their liturgical commission in charge (a classic case of "expertocracy"). And who is in the driving seat in the commission and in St. Beda College but Dear Uncle Anscar?
Let us pray for the Philippines.

TLM Community of Singapore said...

Requiem aeternam dona ei, Domine. Et lux perpetua luceat ei. Requiescat in pace.

The Traditional Latin Mass Community of Singapore sends our deepest condolences to the TLM community of Manila.

May Msgr. Andrade intercede for us in heaven!

Adrienne said...

Once again, a novus ordo priest does not hnor The TLM, or even the legacy of a Traditional Priestfor the good of his parishioners.

We lost a Traditional Priest in Buffalo of recent time, Fr. Federico, and although he requested and left formal instructions with another priest, our Bishop did not honor it and gave him a hoakey novus ordo send-off. Oh, the times, the times! Jesus have mercy!

Requiescat in pace. Amen.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

May God have mercy and bless this good priests' soul.

And may he also swiftly inspire the Pope to remove the Cardinal Archbishop of Manila from office for a well deserved and perminant retirement.

Paul Haley said...

Can you imagine the reception this holy priest will receive by Our Lord in Heaven and can you imagine what his request of Our Lord will be? I can. I pray for the repose of his soul and the souls of all the faithful departed, especially those who have defended Tradition in liturgy, practice and belief during their sojourn here on earth. May they intercede for us left in this vale of tears.

Stanislaw Wojtiech, Stanislawów, Ukraine said...

Requiescat in pace!

May the Sovereign High Priest Jesus Christ receive His faithful servant in His heavenly eternal Kingdom and Paradise.

I hope the Philipinians will not be lost due to the loss of this dear priest. Of course, the SSPX church in Manila (PHIL) is a great church too.

Eugene said...

May you rest in peace, Fr. Andrade, good and faithful servant!

Anonymous said...

The only hope now for my country is the Society of Saint Pius X who is leading the way. I hope to unite my Filipino countrymen to bring the TLM to every neighborhood to save souls, especially to save the souls of priests. We cannot wait for the disoriented anti-TLM authorities to change. We must save the Church and lost and confused souls.

Even though abortion is outlawed in the Philippines, there are still 500,000 abortions being done every year there. Even my aunt confessed she had an abortion in the 1980's in Manila. So there is so much work to be done!