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No surprise

The Holy Father, Benedict XVI, has accepted the resignation from pastoral oversight of the Metropolitan Archdiocese of New York (U.S.A.), presented by His Eminence Card. Edward M. EGAN, in conformity with canon 401 § 1 of the Code of Canon Law.

The Pope has named Metropolitan  Archbishop of New York (U.S.A.) H. E. Abp. Timothy M. DOLAN, up to now Archbishop of Milwaukee. [Holy See Press Office]


Berni said...

...and the Holy Father, Benedict XVI, has STILL NOT accepted the resignation of Bishop Nominate Wagner!

The suspense is getting to me!

Anonymous said...

I wonder who will be named to Milwaukee now. Is Archbishop Weakland still alive?

VatSpy said...

I see that the Pope received Bishop 23 this morning, the 23rd! I wonder has that anything to do with a certain imminent reconciliation?

New Catholic said...

Yes, VatSpy, this unexpected visit was certainly intéressante...

Anonymous said...

I take consolation in the fact that the Pope could have picked much worse (Gregory of Atlanta), but he could also have picked much better ( Cordileone, Olmstead, Finn) to name but afew.

Hopefully the appointments to St. Louis, Milan, Westminster, Manila, will reflect traditionalist Catholics in favor of strong defense of the Faith and Catholic tradition....and not the usuall corrupt, spiritually bankrupt inner circles of the dissident "Spirit of Vatican II" crowd.
That group used to be huge in the USA.
Remember about 15 years ago and the likes of Cardinals Bernardin, Keeler, Archbishops Kelly, Pilarcyzk, Untener, Pelotte, Quinn, Fiorenza, Weakland, etc.etc.

Jason said...

Out of curiosity, why would Archbishop Gregory of Atlanta have been worse?

Anonymous said...

Because he is a protege of ArchbishoP Bernadin one of the most liberal archbishops in the history of the US Church

M.A. said...

"..inner circles of the dissident "Spirit of Vatican II" crowd.
That group used to be huge in the USA.
Remember about 15 years ago and the likes of Cardinals Bernardin, Keeler, Archbishops Kelly, Pilarcyzk, Untener, Pelotte, Quinn, Fiorenza, Weakland, etc.etc."

You forgot to mention Imesch of "Women in the Church" fame.

By the way, please pray for a good bishop to replace +Cooney of the Gaylord Diocese. It is a relief to see Cooney go. He and Imesch are/were birds of a feather in their intense dislike for the Old Mass. Cooney absolutely forbade any Tridentine Mass in his diocese; that is until SP when he had not choice.

Anonymous said...

Gregory was just about the last of Bernardins' protogees.

Bernardin WAS the msot liberal and dissident Cardinal in the history of the USA Church. But I'm not sure if he was as bad as Weakland, or Hubbard, or Clarke.

There had been rumors shortly before Bernardin's death that he was gay.

Does anyone know if that was ever true?

Anonymous said...

I don't even want to say the nickname we used to have for Bishop Gregory when I was in the seminary! It would probably be deleted from this illustrious blog.

Anonymous said...

I really don't care who the new Archbishop of a city in a foreign coutry is. We need to know if the Holy Father signed a decree regarding the S.S.P.X. Yes or no?


Chironomo said...


That "Archbishop in a foreign city" as you call him is one of the most influential prelates in the Catholic Church, like it or not. For nearly 50 years, the US Catholic Church has been held in the grip of powerful Liberal Bishops in key posts (NY, Chicago, LA, Atlanta...). That time is coming to an end now, and we can only hope that this means some changes in the USCCB as well (though I'm not as encouraged in that arena!). The SSPX issue is of great importance too, but progress is made with the appointments of Bishops...

Anonymous said...

Decree? Bishop "today"?

Anonymous said...

Remember people:
De mortuis, nil, nisi bonum

Dan Hunter said...

God bless His Excellency Bishop Dolan.
I pray that His Grace shepherds the Archdiocese of New York [where I lived for 9 years] with great orthodoxy and let us pray that Bishop Dolan establishes several personal parishes for the Celebration of the Gregorian Mass.
New York craves it!

And yes as our Canadian poster comments,
Let us pray that the Holy Father sets up a canonical structure for the FSSPX today!
The world craves it!

Anonymous said...

Who is Bishop 23???

Paul Haley said...

I note that Archbishop Dolan was formed in the Faith as a youth before all the liturgical changes in the post Vatican II era. He also has had positions in leadership at seminaries both in the USA and in Rome (North American College). Therefore, with the utmost humility I urge him to present to the catholics of the Archdiocese teachings which coRrespond to what the Church has always taught, held and professed to be true from time immemorial.

My prayers shall be with him as he leads this most important of Sees and I ask all catholics of good will to do likewise.

Dom said...

Bishop 23:
André Armand Vingt-Trois (born November 7, 1942) is a French Cardinal of the Roman Catholic Church. He currently serves as Archbishop of Paris, having previously served as Archbishop of Tours from 1999 to 2005, and was elevated to the cardinalate in 2007.

New Catholic said...

We are Catholics, citizens of the Holy Nation: nothing that is Catholic is foreign to us.

Dan Hunter said...

"We are Catholics, citizens of the Holy Nation: nothing that is Catholic is foreign to us."

New Catholic;

Here Here!!!

I am fed up with this America bashing by P.K.T.P.

I served my country as an USMC TOW gunner and my father before me was a Korean War vet.

We are Catholics and Americans and damn proud of it.

Anonymous said...

It should be added that, given the trajectory of things following WW II, America would probably be a Catholic nation today were it not for Vatican II.

This should give pause to Catholics who criticize America pause.

What would one think of a horribly negligent teacher who complained that his students failed to learn what he was supposed to (but did not) teach them!

Anonymous said...

Archbishop Dolan has been on the fast track to Cardinal for a while now,he was rector of the North American College in Rome and was popular. He falls in the line of those who are not known for fighting hard for orthodoxy but he will never be a dissenter.

Paul Haley said...

I am a citizen of the United States of America and I love my country but not all that it has done. When it acts in accord with the moral law I'm proud of it. When it acts otherwise, I am ashamed. I'm sure Professor Perkins feels the same way about his country, the Dominion of Canada.

Professor Perkins and I go back a long ways from the times we shared together on Petersnet. I know him to be a loyal son of the Church who holds the Church in higher esteem than any worldly entity.

I've also served a lengthy period of time with NORAD, a joint US and Canadian Command, and during that time I met many Canadian men and women that I'm happy to call my dear friends and comrades in arms.

A lot of people don't know this but Canadian forces were responsible for the rescue of Americans, military and otherwise, that might today be rotting away in prison in some remote corner of the world. They desired and got no publicity for their efforts but the lives they saved will bear testimony to their Charity and good will. God bless them and I proudly salute them as my friends and cohorts.

Let's all come together in unity of Faith, Liturgy and Practice and let no one sow seeds of dissension among us.

Joe B said...

"... I love my country but not all that it has done. When it acts in accord with the moral law I'm proud of it. When it acts otherwise, I am ashamed."

Always qualifying their praise of America and never qualifying their criticism of her, Hate America Firsters are quick to express their shame with America, and very slow to express their pride in her. Hence we have good reason to doubt the sincerity of their claims.

Anonymous said...

Oh how sensitive our American neighbours--a word always spelt with a u--are. I was not America-bashing. I'm just fed up of all this other news about Wagner and now Dolan. The status of Society Masses is all that's on my mind right now and I want it resolved so that we can move on.

But since there is still no word on any decree, I'll comment on Archbishop Dolan. From the buzz I've heard on the net, he'll be a substantial improvement in one of the world's most important sees. On the other hand, I would not call him an extreme archconservative. He has the reputation for being diplomatic.

His elevetion could be mark an important juncture for America. The last two Archbishops refused to allow personal parishes. They did allow six or seven every-Sunday T.L.M.s but very few (any?) on other days, and not even one personal parish for N.Y.C. is really a scandal. the Greater Paris area now has something like 38 every-Sunday Masses (Paris plus its suffragans).

So I'd say that this is good news and also important news, although I would have preferred, say, Bishop Perry from Chicago.

Back to the Main Item:

I expect that we shall know by tomorrow if there was any decree signed on Sunday for the S.S.P.X, perhaps granting their priests faculties. I urge everyone to pray on this uninterruptedly.


Anonymous said...

As per PKTP's suggestion, I shall certainly be praying for some good news.

That said, I see very little reason for believing that something is imminent. In fact, everything I've read (from Vatican sources, and from the SSPX) all suggest that the Williamson brouhaha has really set things back for quite a bit of time.

I most certainly hope I am wrong. I just see no reason to get our hopes up at the moment.

But, by all means, let us pray for the best.


Anonymous said...

I have yet to find a Tridentine Mass said daily except for those of the SSPX in all of New York State. Does anyone know otherwise? I would very much like to be aware of it if there is.

A.M. LaPietra

Anonymous said...

On +DR's comments, I am not expecting a regularisation from this Sunday. It is clear that the S.S.P.X will not accept that right now. I was hoping instead for a unilateral granting of faculties to Society priests on the part of the Pope. Really, the Pope must in justice grant this before he 'talks doctrine' to the Society; otherwise, he is encouraging the breach of his own laws by negotiating with lawbreakers.

There remains hope that a decree was signed on Sunday. It took three days between the time of the excommunications decree and its publication. So I continue to pray for an announcement tomorrow. I can't see how it could go past tomorrow, however, for the Holy Father would not want this to distract us on Ash Wednesday.

Bishop Fellay has given Bishop Williamson until this Saturday to 'recant'. It may be that Rome is waiting for that to be resolved first.


Anonymous said...

"For nearly 50 years, the US Catholic Church has been held in the grip of powerful Liberal Bishops in key posts "

Make that at least 100 years.

Hey, wait a minute, wasn't the father of the U.S. episcopate, John Carroll, a liberal too??

Adrienne said...

Happens here in Buffalo, NY, too - God will provide for these good priests; but will He provide for those priests and princes who deny them? We will pray in charity. Lord have mercy.

Paul Haley said...

Professor Perkins said in regards to the granting of faculties to the SSPX:
Bishop Fellay has given Bishop Williamson until this Saturday to 'recant'. It may be that Rome is waiting for that to be resolved first.

I must say that Bishop Williamson is taking his bloody time to issue a recantation. All he has to say is: "I have reviewed all the evidence and I was wrong to minimize the extent of the atrocities committed in the death camps and I humbly ask forgiveness from those who have been hurt by my previous remarks."

That's it, a gesture of honesty and humility from a bishop who has been so much criticized recently. Will it suffice? I dunno but it sure seems like it is being made a prerequisite to the granting of faculties.

Anonymous said...

The USCCB - "The Democratic Party at Prayer"

(kudos to Katie O'Beirne)

Joe B said...

Better look beyond the apology, because it won't matter. Even if Bishop Williamson apologizes as you say, nobody that dislikes SSPX or the Catholic faith will accept it anyway, because that's what's at issue here. We all know the NO bishops themselves could care less about Jewish history, but won't let this opportunity to bash SSPX die. Might as well wait for Bishop Williamson himself to die if that's what's holding up progress. Stop holding your breath.

Anonymous said...

On Paul Haleys' comments:

I agree entirely with you. Records on this wonderful blog show that W. asked to be given time to review all the evidence, and Bihsop Fellay responded that he has until this Saturday to recant or be expelled.

Given Williamson's reputation for seriousness on such things, I imagine that he is doing an around-the-clock analysis, reading and checking everything. I think that he will take it to the eleventh hour, until he literally runs out of time. That way, he can say honestly that he gave the matter his complete attention in the time available to him.

What will be the result? Well, if he finds that his statements were all wrong, he will really need to recant for everything he's said on this subject for the past twenty years or so. That means that he was wrong for all that time to make such statements--seriously wrong. And that, in turn, means that his judgement is poor. Hence the Holy Father would never even consider appointing him as an auxiliary bishop in any new structure--or even as a parish priest, for that matter. He would have to serve as a cleric in residence somewhere and then retire in six years, when he turns 75.

If, on the other hand, he refuses to recant, out he goes.

We are normally bound to assume the best of others, so let us assume that his views are honest, however mistaken they might be. Is he likely to find compelling evidence to the contrary in just a fortnight of study? I doubt it. I rather suspect that the evidence for gas or for any number of victims is difficult to verify. Really, he'd have to say that he simply believes the eye-witnesses who reported such things.

He could recant--call back--his statements without repudiating his opinions. But I'm not sure that that would be enough.

In the mean time, I think that the Pope or someone in the curia must have told Fellay that, until this matter is settled, there can be no granting of faculties or regularisation. Sadly, no decree has been published, and I think that if one was signed on Sunday it would be published before the opening of Lent, which has now begun in Rome.


John McFarland said...

As regards Archbishop Dolan, you might look up Tuesday's piece in the New York Times. He looks to be the perfect model of NO pastoral practice: the compleat Professional Nice Guy. Smart if his credentials are any indication, but hides it well (note that virtuoso sappy smile); good fund raiser; drinks (domestic) beer and professes to love baseball; never bucks Rome and never does anything about it (but then, come to think of it, neither does Rome); shows no more evidence of supernatural outlook than his weight in cinder blocks. In a way, he's a better measure of the decadence of the Church than Randy Engel's dramatis personae.

John McFarland said...


I forgot about Bishop Williamson "recanting."

I don't think that one can (sincerely) recant (etymologically, to sing again) without at least implicitly asserting that what one recants is wrong. But perhaps it's different in Canadian English.

Issues of usage aside, do you seriously expect Bishop Williamson or anyone else to say, in effect: all hell has broken loose, and Peter Perkins and all other right-thinking men are out upon me (even though they don't seem to know exactly why), and so I hereby officially withdraw what I said, although I'm not saying that it's wrong?

Let me be frank, Perkins: this whole business is bringing out an unpleasantly squirrelly side of a lot of people, and I'm afraid that you may be one of them.

Paul Haley said...

John McFarland said...
Let me be frank, Perkins: this whole business is bringing out an unpleasantly squirrelly side of a lot of people, and I'm afraid that you may be one of them.

Addressing someone of the experience and education of Professor Perkins, not to mention his dedication to the cause of Tradition in the Church, by using his last name is rather childish, wouldn't you say? It bespeaks a petulance than has no business among charitable Catholic men, IMHO, of course. Let your argument(s) speak for themselves.

John McFarland said...

New Catholic (or whoever of your team censored my longer response to Mr. Perkins),

Just for the record, let me point out what you're doing. Bishop Williamson is pretty much entirely fair game. Any contention that the outpouring against him is, at a minimum, well over the top is not fair game.

In brief, it's pretty much the same game that Bishop Williamson's (and the Church's) more powerful enemies) are playing on a larger scale.