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They have no respect for the dead.

Msgr. Moises Andrade loved the Traditional Latin Mass. Even the Philippines' most-watched evening news show, in reporting his passing, mentioned that he was an expert in the "Latin Mass" and opined that his death was a great loss for the Catholic Church in the Philippines. (The fact that his death was reported on national television was a testament to his stature.)
How fitting, then, that a Requiem Mass according to the 1962 Missal had been scheduled for the evening of February 23, in the National Shrine of Our Lady of Fatima, the parish that he had last served.
Except that, at the last moment, the clerics now in charge of the Shrine and the funeral of the Monsignor decreed otherwise. The TLM is no longer welcome in the very Shrine -- dedicated to Our Lady of Fatima! -- where the late Monsignor had given it refuge. It is not even welcome at his own funeral.
The enemies of the Traditional Latin Mass will not stop even at the grave.
To all priests who read this: of your charity, please remember Msgr. Moises Andrade in your prayers and Masses. And if you could, please offer a Requiem Mass for him according to the Gregorian Rite.


  1. At least this holy priest is resting with Our Lord.

  2. Anonymous4:13 PM

    What do you mean "decreed otherwise?" Was the priest who was to celebrate the Requiem Mass one of the clerics who decreed otherwise?

    If not, then why did the Mass not continue as usual? No priest can tell another priest he can't celebrate the Traditional Mass.


  3. Anonymous4:25 PM

    Sooner or later, sooner, I hope, those of you trying to "fix" the NO Mass will cease and finally focus on restoration and not reform. Not until you do will we ever rid our Church of this cancer.

  4. Anonymous5:09 PM

    I will say a (Novus Ordo) Mass for him. I have not learned the Gregorian Rite well enough yet to be able to celebrate it, although I am working on that.

  5. Anonymous5:32 PM

    So then, please explain of what good is the Pope's "Motu Proprio" if the Tridentine Mass continues to be banned for even so high profile a priest?

  6. Anonymous6:02 PM

    Our priest offered the traditional Mass for the repose of the soul of Msge Moise Andrade this morning.
    A requiem Masss will be offered in due course.


  7. Anonymous6:55 PM

    o these are the must careing people (Monderist)in the world they feel your pain. As long has you agreed with them. RIP - YOU WILL BE REMENBER IN MY PRAYERS.


    Enter, under Sermons, then Requiem Masses: Mass for Mrs. Mary Santorum.

    This is a Priest speaking clearly on not honoring the wishes of the deceased.

  9. I have just spoken with the priest who celebrated this Requiem Mass, Fr Michell Joe Zerrudo, and he says that the priests at Our Lady of Fatima shrine told him that the local Bishop (Oliveros) had explicitely forbidden the TLM for this funeral (and probably on any other occasion at this shrine). So the order came from the ordinarius loci. Now, as this is a blatent violation of Summorum Pontificum, Fr Zerrudo was not obliged to give in but I can appreciate that he felt under tremendous pressure.
    After the outrageous "Manila guidelines" issued by Cardinal Rosales, this is one more example of open defiance of the Holy See by Filipino Bishops. What is Rome waiting for?? How long will it take for Rome to intervene and protect the good priests and faithful who are being pesecuted and bullied on grassroot level?

  10. Anonymous7:50 PM


  11. Where is this clarification or other documents that were suppose to follow the Motu Proprio at?

  12. The Good Lord sees all this happening and I have no doubt that he is whispering in Pope Benedict's ear right now. His Holiness will have none of this and I suspect he is preparing the necessary documents as we speak. Do I have evidence of this? No, but I have Faith and that will overcome any doubt in my mind.

  13. Anonymous8:24 PM

    Look: the Mass is the Mass no matter what rite it is celebrated, whether it be the extraordinary Gregorian Rite so-called or the Ordinary Rite of Pope Paul VI. Both rites are valid while the Rite of Paul VI is the ordinary extpression of the Mass today withn the Church.

    Maybe in the Philippines the Old Rite of Mass is used by those who seek to further divide the Church and maybe that is why the bishops there have prohibited it ?


  14. Anonymous8:54 PM


    Don't be simple. The Church wasn't divided until the new Mass came. Now the new Mass is used by some as an expression of another faith altogether.

  15. Anonymous9:03 PM


    "All rites are equal. But some rites are more equal than others"

    The Bishops are doing these things in open defiance to the wishes of The Holy Father.

  16. The same thing happened to a Dutch traditionalist priest.

    Ghastly. Outrageous.

  17. Anonymous9:35 PM

    This is an absolute disgrace that this man was refused the old rite Mass, a Mass that has been considered the most holy and sacred for centuries. In fairness was it too much to ask?!

    It just goes to show that narrow-mindedness and fanaticism; two words frequently used to describe traditionalists, is in fact a perfect reflection on those who use them.

    But the tide is beginning to turn and all this hurly-burly is probably just the tip of the ice burg. But in any case, having survived the last 50 years is a sure sign that the light at the end of the tunnel, although quite dim with this news, will not go out.

  18. What a disgrace. Resquiat in pace. At least the liturgy is perfect in Heaven.

  19. Anonymous10:04 PM

    My question is, "Why are these people so afraid of the Traditional Latin Mass? Why are they so opposed to it?" When you witness such outright opposition and fear by churchmen of all ranks, it's pretty darn clear that Truth and Goodness resides within the Mass of All Time...

  20. Is there more going on here than 'modernist' fears of TLM? Are there prejudice convictions against Latin in the 'Third World?' Is Latin seen as an offense against Nationalist sensibilities in former colonial areas of the world?

    Mike B.
    St Petersburg, FL

  21. Anonymous10:18 PM

    Perhaps that's the result of the illegitimate and juridically void, yet de facto effective "guidelines" by with which the Cardinal Archbishop of Manilla, evidently acting "ultra vires", under the pretext of implementing Summorum Pontificum, actually blocked its application in his particular Church, by decreeing norms that are in direct opposition to those issued by the Roman Pontiff.

    Of course, local clergy tend to be more afraid of the wrath of the local Ordinary then of the Pope, who in all likelyhood will not act directly against them (and may even fail to discipline the Ordinary for his rebellion),

  22. Anonymous10:21 PM


    Your statement that the Mass is the same regardless of Rite is very alarming.

    This describes the exact idea of RELATIVISM being perpetuated by Vatican II influence.

    Everything in the "Novus Ordo" or "ordinary form" has been so bastardized that it can no way compare to the efficacy of grace contained in TLM.

    I pray that our Holy Father remains steadfast in his fight for the restoration of tradition in the Church. Through the intercession of Pope St. Pius X, "Restore all things in Christ!"

  23. Jamie:
    Please go to the Philippines, and you will be able to see with your onwn eyes, as I have, that the traditional Latin mass is not used by anyone as a weapon. On the contrary, the NOM is used as a weapon of "mass destruction".
    The situation in the Philippines is outrageous. Can you imagine that some Filipino priests are prevented by their bishops from celebrating even the NOM ad orientem? This is just outrageous.
    Anyway, even if some in the Philippines used the "old mass" as a means to make trouble (quod non), this would not give the bishops any right to outlaw it. It is permitted, and this is a general law of the Latin Church, as recalled by Summorum Pontificum. And general laws of the Church also apply to the Filipino Bishops, whether they like it or not.

  24. Anonymous: This is not (at least a direct) result of the "illegitimate and juridically void, yet de facto effective 'guidelines' given by the Cardinal Archbishop of Manila".
    The Archdiocese of Manila is tiny, as it ecompasses only central Manila. The "real Manila" is much larger but it is covered by several neighbouring dioceses. Now, the celebrant, Fr. Zerrudo and his parish (Parish of Divine Mercy), are part of the Diocese of Cubao and the shrine or Our Lady of Fatima is within the Diocese of Parananque. Both are within the Greater Manila but outside the Archdiocese of Manila. Nevertheless, it is clear that the usus antiquior is under heavy pressure in several places in the Philippines, not just in the Archdiocese of Manila.

  25. Anonymous10:44 PM


    The Novus Ordo did not come about as a result of organic development in the history of the Body of Christ (The Church). It was composed in collusion with others not of our faith by someone (Annibale Bugnini) intent on creating a liturgy so radical that its definition was declared heretical. While a new definition was created that wasn't heretical,
    the liturgy remained unchanged.

    All rites of Holy Mother Church in their officialy approved Typical Editions are valid. The Novus Ordo is too often celebrated in a manner not consistent with the official form. This Mass (now called Ordinary Form) is in the way it came to be, very different from all other approved rites of Mass (as previously explained). It seems that God has witheld the efficacy from this form of celebration that the 20 other rites of Mass recognized by Rome still receive. This efficacy (intended result) is manifested in various ways which include to name just a few, sanctity of life, inspiration of vocations, unity of faith and so on. I do not happen to share your view that all celebrations of the Eucharist are equal, for these reasons.

    A.M. LaPietra

  26. Well they did it to Padre Pio, so they do it to Msgr. Moises Andrade...

  27. That is our pain in this country so Catholic and yet so afraid of the TLM. The silent apostasy is so common now in the Philippines and I pray that this my beloved country will not be lost to modernism and irreligion. The Bishops should be more strong in standing for truth. Right in our diocese lives the congressman who sponsors the RH Bill so condemned by the Church. But our local bishop does not say anything.

  28. "The enemies of the Traditional Latin Mass will not stop even at the grave."

    THIS ISN'T and never has been JUST about the Traditional Latin Mass, as the SSPX Order has asserted all's about the enemies of the WHOLE Roman Catholic Faith and that's why the SSPX never stopped at "just the Latin Mass" but by cooperating with the True Mass's graces has spread the WHOLE Faith with Seminaries, Convents, Monasteries, and many, many CATHOLIC SCHOOLS from Kindergarten through College, Deo Gratias!


    And where are the schools?
    The daily Mass,
    Lines to confess,
    A uniformed lass?

    And where are the schools?
    The Latin class,
    Cassocked priest,
    Candles in brass?

    And where are the schools?
    To strengthen souls,
    Shape their wills,
    Set the goals?

    And where are the schools?
    The altar boy,
    Assisting priest,
    Like Christ, their joy?

    And where are the schools?
    Oh, time you lied,
    Two generations
    Have gone and died.

    And where are the schools?
    Which don’t derive,
    That two plus two
    Are sometimes five?

    S – S – P – X,
    They’re found in large,
    Where struggling families
    Let priest take charge.

    For the good of the whole,
    Priests’ lives are laid,
    So many may come,
    Not be afraid.

    And win the Faith,
    From Christ-like hand…
    St. Pie the Tenth
    Two and two are grand!!

  29. Anonymous11:33 PM

    Anonymous said...
    Look: the Mass is the Mass no matter what rite it is celebrated, whether it be the extraordinary Gregorian Rite so-called or the Ordinary Rite of Pope Paul VI.

    Not so. One is Catholic and the other is well...

    People like you are the cause of the division in the Church today. Real Catholics are through being second class citizens, sitting in the back seat of the Modernist bus (which by the way is headed for oblivion).

  30. Anonymous11:38 PM

    Anonymous said:
    My question is, "Why are these people so afraid of the Traditional Latin Mass? Why are they so opposed to it?

    Because it's Catholic. The others belong to a different religion. Lex orandi, lex credendi.

  31. Anonymous12:44 AM

    Fr. BJ said...

    I will say a (Novus Ordo) Mass for him. I have not learned the Gregorian Rite well enough yet to be able to celebrate it, although I am working on that.

    23 February, 2009 17:09

    Please remember there are still priests offering the NO who do have the faith. These priests have a difficult role encouraging those souls attracted by false and novel beliefs back home. Pray for them as well!

  32. "...the shrine or Our Lady of Fatima is within the Diocese of Parananque."

    Diocese of Malolos, actually.

  33. Anonymous3:34 AM

    Many Roman Catholics do NOT know that the diocesan bishops in the Philippines are very much opposed to the Latin Mass. When my husband and I were attending the indult 11 years ago in the U.S., my husband spoke to a former superior of an Ecclesia Dei order about an indult in the Philippines. That superior told my husband (who is from the Philippines) that he (the superior then) had already asked the bishops in the PI to allow his order to offer an indult Mass in the PI, but was refused. He told my husband that the bishops there are very much opposed to it. And yet the Filipino bishops are supposedly very obedient to the Pope and supposedly support him without question.

    But if you have never visited or lived in the Philippines, you see quite a different picture. So the posts here do not surprise me when you see MOST Filipino priests do NOT even where their clerical collar. I went to seek confession in a Franciscan -run parish in the PI and could not find a priest. When the secretary finally found the pastor for me to hear confession, I could not even identify him since he was dressed in a casual golf shirt. Wherever I went in the PI, this was the case, even in family gatherings ( and here too in the U.S. with regards to priests from the PI).

    When I asked someone who knew Cardinal Sin then, she said that this was encouraged since the priest seemed to mix better with the lay people. So it became more accepted and as you can see the bishops cannot even define the Roman Catholic Priesthood in my native country.

  34. Anonymous8:19 AM

    Perhaps someone based in Rome should bring this to the attention of the FSSP at Ss. Trinita, in the hope that a proper and fitting Solemn Requiem Mass might be offered for the repose of Msgr. Andrade's soul. Others living elsewhere should make a similar request of all priests willing to offer the Traditional Mass for the same intention. Let accounts and photographs of those masses be published on as many Catholic blogs as possible in order to let the Philippine leadership know that this noble warrior's memory has been given due honour and respect, even as both are denied him in his native land.

  35. It is very disappointing that the local authorities have done this. To me it seems unjust and disrespectful.

    However this thread has spawned a lot of kneejerk comment as well, some of it calling into question the efficaciousness of the ordinary form of the Roman rite.

    In Australia we have a saying - "perhaps you better have an aspirin and a little lie down". I commend that sentiment to my fellow posters.

    On the general antithetical sentiment of the hierarchy in the Philippines to the old rite, and Latin, I do wonder if it is associated with colonialism. I haven't done enough research on this yet but I wonder if the role of the USA as a power generally unsympathetic to the Catholic church made much of the connection to the Spanish. The recent vernacularisation of the liturgy will have played into that sentiment as well.

  36. "I haven't done enough research on this yet but I wonder if the role of the USA as a power generally unsympathetic to the Catholic church made much of the connection to the Spanish..."

    Yes, this is one reason. The American regime in the Philippines (1899 - 1942, 1944-46) demonized the Spanish era in the minds of generations of Filipino students, and the use of Latin in the liturgy was often held up to ridicule as a form of "obscurantism." The stereotype of the "monk-ridden" Catholic Church that prayed in mumbo jumbo is alive and well in Philippine education.

    The Philippines is, in many respects, like Mexico: a nominally Catholic nation with a strongly anticlerical elite.

  37. Carlos

    While not a filipino, I have some connections with the country and would be very interested to discuss with you sometime.


  38. This is truly demonic, and I mean that literally. It is one thing to be indifferent to the traditional mass and quite another to exhibit a deep hatred of it as this bishop has done (to say nothing of the most monstrous uncharity towards members of his flock). As with expressions of hatred for Our Blessed Mother or for the unborn child there is always a hiss straight from hell that can be heard when they are uttered, or in this case, displayed. I urge all to make the sign of the cross and to say a St. Michael prayer to
    combat the demonic evil of this bishop. May his evil works be confounded and may justice descend upon the victims of his perversity.

  39. Welcome to the Vatican II church, to the Conciliar Religion of Love, Peace, World Unity and Solidarity and Tolerance.

    Of course Rev. Monsignore should have become a Buddhist. They would have granted him the shrine in case of such a request of course.

    And please remember: all done by those in "perfect" "communion" with the Vatican II Church and the Conciliar popes. Not attacked or corrected by Benedict XVI. Instead promoted.

    These same things happened in the Archdiocese of München-Freising (Munich and Freising) in Bavaria during the episcopate of then Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger from 1977 to 1981. Numerous Bavarian priests who remained faithful to the traditional Roman Rite were threatened with suspensio a divinis. Which was imposed.

    It is not like the neocon revolutionaries of Vatican II, with conservative moral points of view, in the pluralistic Conciliar Church, are thát tolerant and in favour of 'freedom of speech'.

  40. Anonymous1:25 PM

    "My question is, "Why are these people so afraid of the Traditional Latin Mass? Why are they so opposed to it?" When you witness such outright opposition and fear by churchmen of all ranks, it's pretty darn clear that Truth and Goodness resides within the Mass of All Time..."

    In response to this contributor, these people (Cardinals,Bishops,priests,nuns, friars and lay church workers) who have done their best to destroy the Church since Vatican II with the Novus Ordo of Paul VI and all the garbage that went with it, and decades of improvisation are TERRIFIED of the Tridentine Latin Mass because it represents what they have tried for forty years and failed to destroy.
    The Holy mass of all time (Tridentine Latin Mass), which brought so many Saints, great religious Orders and movements, and magnificent works of art and monuments to God will never be destroyed. It will last forever.
    But the Novus Ordo Vatican II Mass is already dying, and has been since JP II and all thru his disasterous reign.
    Our wonderful Pope, Benedict XVI knows this. UNfortunatly, because he participated in Vatican II, he can't condemn it outright. But he knows it's flaws, and will seek to destroy the rot and correct things.
    THAT's why those opposed to the TLM and a return of catholic tradition are against him. It is because he is not stupid. He is not a showman, a rock star, an improvisor, a radical, an ecumenist, a dialoger, a dissenter, a liturgical hack, or a naive, hyper-optomistic, starry eyed dreamer.
    He is THE the old style of Pope. And that's were he's leading the Church. And the TLM is part of that.
    The radicals who are all very aged now, and their offspring who are also not youthful know their days are over. Their day ended April 2, 2005. They know that.
    They hate the TLM because it represents the returning Church. It ruins their show. And they won't tolerate it.
    But in afew months, this Pope will issue something that will put them out of business for good.
    Just watch.

  41. Anonymous3:05 PM

    1. Some, maybe the majority, of the laymen that oppose the TLM are just ignorant: they don't know it. It's is the "latin? priest turned back?"...

    2. That majority has not worked intentionally to destroy the church. Those people were "usefull idiots".

    3. Those really worried about the return of the Church to its roots are those who have knowledge of the process of the Church destruction, in which they have taken part. They are very few, but with a revolutionary expertise we could possibly imagine. They were indoctrinated by people outside the Church: Gramsci, Frankfurt school, "catholic" humanists, KGB, and tutti-quanti.

  42. Anonymous3:24 PM

    Why the surprise? Even Novus Ordo "bishops" who grudgingly allow an occasional Mass often do not allow marriages, baptisms, or funerals according to the traditional rites.

  43. Anonymous7:51 PM

    From Philippines to ... Albi (France).

    The local group asking for a TLM according to the motu proprio got this (funny peculiar) response from the parish pastor after consultation of the bishop :
    - yes for a Latin ... NO mass, facing the people
    - only 2 Sundays and ad experimentum for 6 months
    - without any advertisement and without letting the bells ring at that semi-clandestine ... Paul VI Mass !

    Yes Paul VI Mass in Latin in many dioceses of France is considered ... dangerous and "integrist" !
    Then some people are shouting (obscenely) "Vatican II is not debatable". Not debatable, for whom ?


  44. Anonymous10:39 PM

    After having read this story, I went to the church and have said a Gregorian Rite Requiem Mass for Msgr. Andrade.
    How sad the loss of the Bishop's integrity, not only through disobedience to the law of the Church but to also be so mean-spirited as to withhold this Mass from Monsignor that was so dear to his heart. Let us pray for the bishop so that in the end, he will have a Gregorian Rite Requiem Mass said for him. Sooner rather than later for such an attitude is contrary to the Holy Spirit who is animating the Church. There is a lack of belief in this animation for if the Holy Father signed into law such clear measures concerning the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, anyone who thinks that such an act of supreme importance was not influenced by the Holy Spirit is sadly without the fullness of the Catholic faith.

    Best, don Jeffry

  45. It's one of the sins that cry to heaven, not to allow the last request of the poor departed.

    It shall not go unpunished, either in this world nor in the next.

    Pray for the conversion of Bishops!

  46. Anonymous1:11 AM

    There are times when I ask myself "Why did they become priests in the first place?" This is one of those times.

  47. Anonymous2:52 AM

    Mr. Palad, where can one read more on how the American regime did this to Filipino Catholics? I'm part pinoy, and would like to learn more about anti-ecclessiastical sentiment. Thanks


  48. Yet another example of the love of the post-conciliar church which has the despicable audacity to criticise the pre-conciliar church, and unjustifiably at that, for lacking in charity

  49. Anonymous6:00 AM

    You need to understand that the TLM is a threat to the false ecumenism that Filipino and Asian bishops in general are promoting. They do NOT want the Catholic Faith before Vatican II. These bishops from the Far East strongly believe that Vatican II and all of the Conciliar reforms are what is best in "unifying" all of Asia...and the whole world.

    The TLM and the movement to restore all things in Christ threatens their plans for a one world religion. My Filipino grandmother who supported the TLM before she died in the Philippines, said that it is well known that many Filipino Bishops are freemasons. Unless you have lived in Asia, you won't see the obvious errors like inculturation in the Catholic Churches and the bishops even encourage the mixing of the old pagan religions with Catholic practices...basically a return to Paganism.

  50. Alsaticus,

    I have a somewhat counter story from France.

    I recently visited Paris and went to Mass at the parish of Notre Dame de Grace, Passy. The Mass was ordinary form, mostly in French, but celebrated with reverence and the ordinary was completely Gregorian and in Latin, even the Creed. The congregation all joined in the singing.

    I think this might be described as 'reform of the reform' and shows that not all France is lost to avant garde excess, (which is what you might conclude from blogdom). The parish had confessions EVERY DAY for 45 minutes an twice on Saturday.

    However if as many seem to imply in their comments that the ordinary form of the Roman rite is inefficacious then it doesn't actually matter ...

  51. Anonymous7:47 PM

    Leon: One of the reasons why I left the SSPX was what I perceived to be a lack of charity. So, I took myself back to the Church. Sad to tell, I found no more charity there either just indifference and apathy. Makes me think of what St.Paul wrote about the end times and charity grown cold in the hearts of men.

  52. "Carlos

    While not a filipino, I have some connections with the country and would be very interested to discuss with you sometime.


    You may contact me at caloyraj AT yahoo DOT com

    "Mr. Palad, where can one read more on how the American regime did this to Filipino Catholics? I'm part pinoy, and would like to learn more about anti-ecclessiastical sentiment."

    I am not aware of any systematic book-length studies of the American policy vis-a-vis the Catholic Church, and for that matter little has been written about the history of the Catholic Church in the Philippines between 1898 and 1946 -- even by our few Catholic historians. My conclusions are drawn from my own readings of books and magazines from the period 1900 to 1950. ("Light Cavalry" by Horacio de la Costa SJ has some accounts of anticlericalism in American-era Philipines)

    It simply isn't a topic that interests our notoriously anti-clerical historical establishment. (How do I know that they are anti-clerical? I read for a minor in Philippine History in the University of the Philippines, and had personal interactions with some of our "greatest" historians; their bigotry towards the Catholic Church was unbelievable. And the standard textbooks on Philippine history used from the 1960's until today (those written by the Marxist Renato Constantino and the "nationalist" Teodoro Agoncillo) drip with contempt for the Catholic Church.)

    I would recommend that you do the following:

    1) Familiarize yourself with how the American government promoted the nationalistic cult of Jose Rizal, culminating in the declaration of Rizal as the national hero of the Philippines (Jose Rizal was doubtless a brilliant and brave man, but his anti-Church writings and novels -- especially "Noli me Tangere" and "El Filibusterismo" -- have poisoned the minds of generations of Filipinos).

    2) How textbooks and writings on Philippine history during the American era (and even today) have paid disproportionate attention to Spanish (read: Church) exploitation of and violence towards the Filipino people, while studiously ignoring the very real accomplishments of the Church for the development of the nation;

    3) The role of Protestant bodies in urging the America conquest of the Philippines (President McKinley spoke of the need to "Christianize" the Philippines in a speech to some Protestant missionaries -- when the Philippines was already 87% Catholic in 1898). Guess what their agenda was...

  53. Low Mass of the Thursday after Ash Wednesday will be celebrated at Maternal Heart Church, Lewisham, Australia by Fr Duncan Wong FSSP for the repose of the soul of Monsignor Moises Andrade. At 7pm AEDT on the following Thursday, 5 March, a Solemn Requiem Mass will be celebrated followed by Solemn Absolution.

    Requiescat in pace.

  54. A friend told me that when Father Jesus Maria Cavanna, CM died, the indult TLM community in Manila was allowed to offer the Requiem Mass (TLM) at the wake by the Vicentian Fathers. They allowed it for the reason that they know Father Cavanna celebrated it regularly for the TLM community.

    Msgr. Moises Andrade will be buried today. In behalf of the family and friends, thank you all for your prayers and support especially for the requiem masses.

  55. Anonymous6:54 AM

    Although we have seen mons. andrade saying the mass in latin, we must also consider the decision of his bishop to whether latin mass for the late mons. can be celebrated or not. Thus, obedience must be observed. don't be so angry let the will of God flow into our hearts for the spritual benefit of the late Mons. Moises Andrade and for the common good of the Church. Remember we have the same one goal as Christians and that is to follow only the footsteps of our Lord, Jesus Christ. Pax...


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