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New sodality for servers - and training course for servers

From our friends at The Latin Mass Society of England and Wales:


On Saturday 15th May 2010, at Blackfriars, Oxford, the Society of St Tarcisius, a sodality of servers of the Traditional Latin Mass (Extraordinary Form), was founded during a training day for altar servers, arranged by the Latin Mass Society. Thirty servers were present, with the training being delivered by Fr Armand de Malleray FSSP, Br Lawrence Lew OP, Mr David Forster, and Mr Richard Hawker. The day began with an address from Fr de Malleray on the importance of the service of the altar. The servers were divided into two groups of the less and more experienced for training. Some people travelled long distances to attend - one as far as Preston, Lancashire.
The two groups each had an experienced MC and a cleric to guide them: the less experienced group was led by Fr de Malleray and David Forster; the more experienced group by Br Lawrence Lew and Mr Richard Hawker. The day was interspersed with prayers and ended with Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament.
The Society of St Tarcisius has been founded to encourage servers of the Traditional Mass in their work on the altar, to provide training for new servers and the more experienced, to promote a high standard of reverence and accuracy, and to form a network through which servers can stay in touch and share resources.

The Society of St Tarcisius is sponsored by the Latin Mass Society, though membership is open to all who wish to serve the Traditional Mass. Saint Tarcisius was a Roman acolyte who was martyred while defending the Holy Eucharist from profanation during the fierce persecutions of the third century. The sodality has taken “Fidelis usque ad mortem” – Faithful even unto death – as its motto, and seeks to inculcate in servers an intense devotion and reverence for Our Lord in the Eucharist, as well as a precise attention to the ceremonies of the Mass.

The society’s website is Servers wishing to join the sodality should contact the Secretary, Mr David Forster.

Photographs of the training event on Saturday 15th May can be seen here.

The Latin Mass Society and the Society of St Tarcisius will be holding a residential training course for lay servers at Downside Abbey, Somerset, from Tuesday 10 August to Friday 13 August. This will run alongside the LMS’s Downside training conference for priests to learn the Extraordinary Form. Full details are available from the LMS.


Cruise the Groove. said...

So Wnderful!

Does anyone know if there is anything like this in the United States of America?

Justin Tomac said...

The FSSPX has the Archconfraternity of St. Stephen's Guild.
Go to page 6 on this link,

In the choir loft said...

I would ask the same question that Cruise does. There are two of us training new altar boys and it would be good to know if anything like this exists in the U.S.

Jon said...

My FSSP parish in Pennsylvania has revived the old Knights of the Altar Sodality.

We have about twenty members, and the boys participate with lots of excitement and enthusiasm.

They've expanded their activities beyond the sanctuary, as well, into fundraising and extracurricular (though devotional in some way) activities, much like a junior Holy Name Society.

It's been tremendous.

Romulus said...

Does anyone know if there is anything like this in the United States of America?

At St. Patrick's Parish in New Orleans, an association of altar servers called the Servants of the Holy Eucharist will train any interested Catholic male 17 or older to serve in the Extraordinary Form (or for solemn, ad orientem celebrations of the OF).

Interested persons should contact me: quirinus (at) I serve as the president of this association.

arthur said...

not that I know of

Deo volente said...

Father Kevin Cusick who has several blogs (A Priest Life; Meeting Christ in the Liturgy) and who writes for The Wanderer has a blog located here.

The blog is self-explanatory and is to encourage altar servers and to help foster vocations. I would recommend it to all.


John McFarland said...

This has nothing to do with the topic at hand, but I'd like to suggest that you call attention to the piece by Fr. Regis de Cacqueray of the SSPX on the current situation of the Holy Father, which can be found in both English and French on

davidforster said...

Just to let you know that Catholics from the USA are very welcome to join the Society of St Tarcisius - in fact, we enrolled our first American members by email this afternoon.

It would be even better if there was an experienced MC in the USA who was willing to be the American contact - any volunteers out there?

Saint Tarcisius
Fidelis usque ad mortem

Jacob said...

In the US:

"Although St. John Bosco gave the name Knights of the Altar, Fr. Francis E. Benz was the first to formally organize and found the society for altar boys in 1938. Fr. Benz was a priest in the archdiocese of St. Paul, Minnesota, USA when Archbishop John G. Murray granted his approval to the organization..."
(from Wikipedia)