Rorate Caeli

The Prophet - II
The "Moderns" and their high-sounding words
creeping into the very veins of the Church

Celebrating 100 years of
Editae Saepe,
the encyclical of Pope St.Pius X on St. Charles Borromeo

In those days [the 16th Century] passions ran riot and knowledge of the truth was almost completely twisted and confused. A continual battle was being waged against errors. Human society, going from bad to worse, was rushing headlong into the abyss. Then those proud and rebellious men came on the scene who are "enemies of the cross of Christ . . .Their god is the belly...they mind the things of earth."

These men were not concerned with correcting morals, but only with denying dogmas. Thus they increased the chaos. They dropped the reins of law, and unbridled licentiousness ran wild. They despised the authoritative guidance of the church and pandered to the whims of the dissolute princes and people. They tried to destroy the Church's doctrine, constitution and discipline. they were similar to those sinners who were warned long ago: "Woe to you that call evil good, and good evil."

They called this rebellious riot and perversion of faith and morals a reformation, and themselves reformers. In reality, they were corrupters. In undermining the strength of Europe through wars and dissensions, they paved the way for those modern rebellions and apostasy. This modern warfare has united and renewed in one attack the three kinds of attack which have up until now been separated; namely, the bloody conflicts of the first ages, the internal pests of heresies, and finally, in the name of evangelical liberty, the vicious corruption and perversion of discipline such as was unknown, perhaps, even in medieval times. Yet in each of these combats the Church has always emerged victorious.

God, however, brought forth real reformers and holy men to arrest the onrushing current, to extinguish the conflagration, and to repair the harm caused by this crowd of seducers. Their many-sided zealous work of reforming discipline was especially consoling to the Church since the tribulation afflicting her was so great.
The true son of the Church and reformer never thinks he has attained his goal. Rather, with the Apostle, he acknowledges that he is only striving for it: "Forgetting what is behind, I strain forward to what is before, I press on towards the goal, to the prize of God's heavenly call in Christ Jesus."

The reformers that Borromeo opposed ... tried to reform faith and discipline according to their own whims. Venerable Brethren, it is no better understood by those whom We must withstand today. These moderns, forever prattling about culture and civilization, are undermining the Church's doctrine, laws, and practices. They are not concerned very much about culture and civilization. By using such high-sounding words they think they can conceal the wickedness of their schemes.

All of you know their purpose, subterfuges, and methods. On Our part We have denounced and condemned their scheming.

They are proposing a universal apostasy even worse than the one that threatened the age of Charles. It is worse, We say, because it stealthily creeps into the very veins of the Church, hides there, and cunningly pushes erroneous principles to their ultimate conclusions.

Both these heresies are fathered by the "enemy" who "sowed weeds among the wheat" in order to bring about the downfall of mankind. Both revolts go about in the hidden ways of darkness, develop along the same line, and come to an end in the same fatal way. In the past the first apostasy turned where fortune seemed to smile. It set rulers against people or people against rulers only to lead both classes to destruction.

Today this modern apostasy stirs up hatred between the poor and the rich until, dissatisfied with their station, they gradually fall into such wretched ways that they must pay the fine imposed on those who, absorbed in worldly, temporal things, forget "the kingdom of God and His justice." As a matter of fact, this present conflict is even more serious than the others. Although the wild innovators of former times generally preserved some fragments of the treasury of revealed doctrine, these moderns act as if they will not rest until they completely destroy it.

When the foundations of religion are overthrown, the restraints of civil society are also necessarily shattered. Behold the sad spectacle of our times! Behold the impending danger of the future! However, it is no danger to the Church, for the divine promise leaves no room for doubt. Rather, this revolution threatens the family and nations, especially those who actively stir up or indifferently tolerate this unhealthy atmosphere of irreligion.

St. Pius X
May 26, 1910


Rollo1 said...

I find it curious that he mentions a ''revolution in the family'' towards the end. It's almost like he was predicting the 60s revolution ... 60 years before it happened.

Anyways, Pius X was a a true prophet ... virtually all of what he said came true during the 20th century, even though he only lived until 1914. All the barbaric political regimes he describes eventually came about, such as in the extreme ideologies of the middle of the century.

Rick DeLano said...

Indeed, this holy Saint was a prophet. How terrible, how awful, that our sins have led us to be scourged with prelates who dismissed- and continue to dismiss!- his warnings.

Anonymous said...

A look back and comparing his statements and writing to the Vat II Council would be an interesting experience..I would like to see how they are reconciled completely through the traditional lens.

Paul Haley said...

..."creeping into the very veins of the Church", eh?

This about says it all about the "new springtime", the Upside-Down Church in the theatre of the absurd, the church of What's Happening Now. When will they ever learn?

MCITL said...

Much of this "modern" disease has done its damage by creeping into the life-blood of the Church: the sacred Liturgy. It has gestated and mutated there through innovation, sacrilege, deconstuction, perversion of the sacred signs and symbols, of the language and music of worship, by the foisting of options which have deformed and displaced noble customs, in a myriad of ways. And the wages of this sin against the true worship of Holy Mother Church is the death of faith itself.

John McFarland said...

I'm afraid that "creeping into the veins" is an obsolete metaphor at a time when virtually every document emanating from the Vatican is premised on the modernism that St. Pius denounced.