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Traditional Mass Returns to Fatima

The Canons Regular of St. John Cantius (Archdiocese of Chicago) are leading a pilgrimage in September, 2010 to Fatima, Portugal to help achieve the restoration off the Traditional Latin Mass to the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Fatima.

Included in this pilgrimage to the Fatima apparition sites will be a liturgical conference in Fatima providing clergy and laity with lectures on the history, spirituality, and mystical theology of the Classical Roman Rite.

On September 10 the Canons will celebrate a Solemn High Latin Mass (1962 Missale Romanum) at the High Altar of Fatima’s Basilica. This will be the first time in some 45 years that the High Altar has been used to celebrate the Traditional Mass.


  1. This ought to be interesting. Right now the only Gregorian Masses available in Fatima are in a couple of religious community houses and at a small "borrowed" chapel just outside the Shrine's grounds (the latter only on Sundays).

  2. Anonymous7:26 PM

    Thanks be to God! Fatima needs Traditional Mass so much, because the Message speaks of traditional devotion, i.e., Angels, Rosary, invocation of Saints (st. Joseph, O.L. of Mount Carmel, O.L. of Sorrows etc..), the Last Things and so on. The Gregorian Mass would help many pilgrims to renew their Faith. I will pray, that this Mass could be there on regular basis. The worst thing at Fatima Shrine is that monstrous, awful, horrible "basilica" in honour of M.H. Trinity. I have been at Fatima several times, and I could not pray inside that building. Horrible indeed.

  3. "On September 10 the Canons will celebrate a Solemn High Latin Mass (1962 Missale Romanum) at the High Altar of Fatima’s Basilica"

    What?! This is new!!! Deo Gratias!

  4. I couldn't find further info on their web site. They do mention a pilgrimage in August, not September. This sounds rather appealing!

  5. Do they have permission to do that????????????????

  6. Anonymous1:43 PM

    I'm a parishioner at St. John Cantius and this is the first I've heard of it. Maybe permission had to be granted first. I knew of the pilgrimage planned but their info says nothing about the Traditional Mass. In fact, any of their pilgrimages you must be comfortable with the fact that the priest leading the group may perhaps only offer the Novus Ordo every day. If you ask what Mass will be offered while on pilgrimage, you're made to feel like a radical-trad. Too bad.

  7. It is in line with a conference that will be given in September in Fatima about the Gregorian Mass.

  8. Anonymous2:38 PM

    This is wonderful news. Just afew years ago, before the death of John Paul II, the present Cardinal Patriarch of Lisbon,Policarpo (now 74 and close to retirement), the former rector of the Fatima shrine (a radical dissident progressive name Msgr. Guerra I believe, who must in in his 80's by now), and a priest name Jacques Dupuis, SJ (a Jesuit dissenter disiplined by the CDF under Cardinal Ratzinger), were hosting inter-religious dialog seminars, faith-sharing ceremonies, and allowing Hindus to worship their pagan gods in the Fatima Shrine.

    Cardinal Policarpo, a radical, is close to retirement. Monsignor Guerra is either dead or retired, and the heretical Fr. Dupuis is deceased.

    The atmosphere at Fatima I am told, is a little better now, than it was when John Paul II was alive, and all manner of religious groups were welcome to worship at Fatima. It was loosing it's Catholic atmosphere and identity.

    With the return of the Tridentine Latin Mass here, it is hope a renaissance of Catholicity, and a perminant return to Catholic tradition will grow at Fatima, and all Portugal.

  9. A priest who was then a member of the FSSP offered the traditional Latin Mass at the main altar of the basilica in the fall of 1998.

  10. Samuel Ferraro6:08 PM

    Don't let anyone ever make you feel that you have to apologize for your love of the Mass of the ages. Thanks to our beloved Holy Father, the TLM has been officially restored to the everyday life of the Church. You can respectfully ask any question you like regarding what form of the Mass will be offered. If somebody has some problem with that, that's their issue, not yours. BTW, I'm a member of St. John Cantius also. God bless.

  11. Anonymous7:15 PM

    Deus seja louvado! Que o Santo Padre faça uma boa viagem! Gostaria muito de poder acompanhar a visita pela televisão, mas receio não ter tempo para isto. Pude fazê-lo quando da vinda do Papa aqui ao Brasil.

  12. Anonymous8:16 PM

    Visit the Canons Regular website to see a video about this trip to Fatima and get more information...

  13. Anonymous8:20 PM

    Mass will celebrated according to the 1962 Missale Romanum each day during the liturgical conference (Sept. 8-11) and during the pilgrimage as well, which departs on Sept. 5th.

    There will be several Solemn Masses, but the Missa Lecta and the Missa Cantata will be offered as well.

  14. Anonymous6:29 PM

    I note that the Diocese of Leiria-Fatima is currently the only one in Portugal that has every-Sunday Traditional Latin Mass confimred (although the situation in the A. of Braga is uncertain.) In fact, Fatima has two every-Sunday celebrations.

    There is rien for Lisbon, nada for Oporto, nihil for Coimbra, and so forth, and those at Fatima are very recent. Portugal has almost no regularised T.L.M.s. Let's pray that the bishophs there open their hearts and not obstruct the old Mass when faithful ask for it.


  15. Anonymous6:33 PM

    Someone wrote:

    "Cardinal Policarpo, a radical, is close to retirement. Monsignor Guerra is either dead or retired, and the heretical Fr. Dupuis is deceased."

    I had not heard that Msgr. Guerra had retired. His Bishop from those days was indeed replaced but the new false shrine is there.

    What makes you think that Cardinal Policarpo is near retirement. As a cardinal and a titular patriarch and the main archbishop of such an important see, he would normally be allowed to stay on until he is 80. Of course, if he's been a bad boy ....

    Comments on this? He is planning his exit?


  16. Anonymous3:40 AM

    Here are the details from the Canons Regular of St John Cantius...

  17. Anonymous6:59 PM

    A related (but independent) project to document the pilgrimage:


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