Rorate Caeli

Yes, that is just what the Church in Belgium needs: more Liberalism

From the successor of self-confessed pedophile Vangheluwe:

Jozef De Kesel, the new Bishop of Bruges, has placed celibacy and the status of women within the church under debate. In addition, he sees the church as blind to the suffering of abused victims.

According to De Kesel, celibacy should no longer be required [for a person] to be a priest. "One could say that there should be celibate priests, but, for people to whom celibacy is humanly impossible, the opportunity should be given of becoming a priest," he told Radio 1.

The bishop is also open to the possibility of women priests. "That is certainly negotiable and I hope for it, but it is still more sensitive than the issue of celibacy. I think that the discussion about celibacy can proceed much faster than the debate on the admission of women to the priesthood."
[Source:, tip: C. Gillibrand; see also, in Dutch, De Standaard, De Morgen,, Nederlands Dagblad; in French, Le Vif, Le Figaro]