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Yes, that is just what the Church in Belgium needs: more Liberalism

From the successor of self-confessed pedophile Vangheluwe:

Jozef De Kesel, the new Bishop of Bruges, has placed celibacy and the status of women within the church under debate. In addition, he sees the church as blind to the suffering of abused victims.

According to De Kesel, celibacy should no longer be required [for a person] to be a priest. "One could say that there should be celibate priests, but, for people to whom celibacy is humanly impossible, the opportunity should be given of becoming a priest," he told Radio 1.

The bishop is also open to the possibility of women priests. "That is certainly negotiable and I hope for it, but it is still more sensitive than the issue of celibacy. I think that the discussion about celibacy can proceed much faster than the debate on the admission of women to the priesthood."
[Source:, tip: C. Gillibrand; see also, in Dutch, De Standaard, De Morgen,, Nederlands Dagblad; in French, Le Vif, Le Figaro]


  1. The issue of celibacy is a disciplinary one and I'm not going to get into that. But W/O is carved in stone doctrine. This man is a heretic. He should be deposed and excommunicated.

  2. Prof. Carlos Ramalhete10:34 PM

    The guy dressed as a bank manager in the picture is the Bishop? Well, it certainly helps explaining why we would like to have priestesses and no celibacy: it would certainly be quite sexist to forbid women to be bank managers, and mandatory celibacy for bank managers simply make no sense. Unless one has a sense of what the priesthood means, it is impossible to say anything that would make sense on the subject.

  3. Who appointed this man? I think that person has some explaining to do!

  4. Brad C11:23 PM

    This is hysterical:

    "One could say that there should be celibate priests, but, for people to whom celibacy is humanly impossible, the opportunity should be given of becoming a priest," he told Radio 1.

    Classic modernist double speak: one "could say that there should be celibate priests" but we should reject the requirement of celibacy. Clear enough?

  5. for people to whom celibacy is humanly impossible

    I think I see the fatal flaw in his position. If we've got priests trying to get by on what is humanly possible then it's no wonder we're in a crisis.

  6. Not just "Liberalism," but worse than that -- it's as John said, he has espoused heresy and must recant or be excommunicated.

  7. This guy is newly a bishop? Or is it just that he's been a bishop for a while and is new to Bruges?

    I certainly hope it's the latter. I keep telling myself the Holy Father has been better at appointing bishops than his predecessor was, but this makes me reconsider.

  8. Bishop De Kesel was consecrated bishop in 2002. He served as auxiliary bishop for Malines-Brussels until this year, when he was named Bishop of Bruges.

  9. Anonymous1:24 AM

    Doesn't even a Bishop know that there can't be woman priests because they are the successors of the Apostles all of which were men, are they that stupid or plain evil?

  10. Anonymous2:22 AM

    "...he has espoused heresy and must recant or be excommunicated."

    But he will neither recant nor be excommunicated, it will never happen to him.

    Cruise the Groove.

  11. Msgr De Kessel is 63 years old. 12 more years to go...

  12. Anonymous4:34 AM

    "For whom celibacy is humanly impossible"... I wonder if the good bishop has heard of prayer?

  13. Adeodatus4:39 AM

    He hopes for women priests even though it is heresy. What a dark, wearying sickness we have contracted.

    True charity would be to depose this man and order him to recant. Let us hope that the Holy Father learns of this treason and admonishes him swiftly.

  14. Anonymous6:50 AM

    I hope the Holy See will intervene.

    Fr. A.

  15. Anonymous7:41 AM

    Our Pope is a lamb: an intelligent one, an eloquent one, a photogenic one. The tragedy for the Church is that She urgently requires a lion as pope, and, lo!, there are none to be had.

  16. Anonymous10:34 AM

    The real question : why had Abp Léonard, the Nuncio in Belgium, cardinal Ouellet proposed this man, the heir of too famous liberal cardinal Danneels, for being a residential bishop i.e. to give him more power and influence to continue in the moral/doctrinal corruption of the decaying BelgChurch ?
    And ultimately how can pope Benedict XVI sign up without a blink to promote these persons ?
    Why knowing well their iniquities the pope is continuously signing up to populate European episcopates with liberals and neo-modernists like Bp Nourrichard and this kin, one brilliant appointment of the Holy Father ?
    Ultimately we are accountable of what we do, of our own signature.
    I'm perfectly aware of the complex procedures and that the pope is not entirely informed on any candidate : that's obvious. However how can any pope not be aware of BelgChurch putrid state ? How can any person in the whole Curia be not documented on the die-hard liberal Bp de Kezel ?
    It's absolutely unthinkable. So the conclusion is the pope has no intention to implement the Ratzinger's program of 1998 for Europe and the Catholic Church there is doomed to fall apart. Not very good news.


  17. Once again.. St. Pius X, ora pro nobis!!

  18. Prof. Basto2:30 PM

    John (Ad Orientem) hits the nail on the head.

    One who thinks woman ordination is possible is a heretic and is unfit to be a bishop. Excomunication and removal from the clerical state are in order here

  19. Anonymous3:58 PM

    Josef De Kesel was appointed auxiliary bishop of Cardinal Danneels in 2002. It is an open secret that he was Danneels's preferred successor. He is a perfect clone of Cardinal Danneels, his "eldest son", so to speak. This is public knowledge in Belgium (and abroad too, as it was widely reported in the Italian press).

    Yet, Bishop Leonard, instead of keeping him under his control as auxiliary, managed to convince the Pope to appoint him bishop of Bruges after Vangheluwe's resignation! Many thanks to Archbishop Leonard Many thanks for spreading danneelsism throughout Belgium instead of containing it.

    Notwithstanding Bishop Leonard's reputation, it is an illusion to believe that he going to do much in the way of a restoration.

  20. Martial4:23 PM

    Sister Lucy writes in various letters:

    "Diabolical disorientation is invading the world," wrote Sister Lucy.

    "Let people say the Rosary every day, Our Lady has repeated that in all of Her apparitions, as if to fortify us in these times of diabolical disorientation, in order that we not let ourselves be deceived by false doctrines ... Unfortunately, in religious matters, the people for the most part are ignorant and allow themselves to be led wherever they are taken. Hence, the great responsibility of the one who has the duty of leading them ....

    "It is a diabolical disorientation that is invading the world, deceiving souls! It is necessary to stand up to 'the devil'"

  21. Anonymous4:33 PM

    Prof. Carlos Ramalhete, this picture is not representative, as Bishop De Kesel usually wears a Roman collar on a grey shirt (although, granted, he is every bit a Danneels Boy).

  22. Anonymous6:51 PM

    Pope Benedict XVI did.

    With the suggestion of the infamous Cardinal Re and his gang (including Bertone of course).

  23. Anonymous6:56 PM

    "The real question : why had Abp Léonard, the Nuncio in Belgium, cardinal Ouellet proposed this man, the heir of too famous liberal cardinal Danneels, for being a residential bishop i.e. to give him more power and influence to continue in the moral/doctrinal corruption of the decaying BelgChurch ?

    Cardinal Ouellett wasn't in office at the time. It was still Cardinal Re. That should explain everthing.

    Nothing will change for the better in the Church until the following are either dead, or retired.


    Re, Bertone, Arinze, Kasper, Rosales(Phillipines), Tauran, Tettamanzi, Vinght-Trois, Sandri,Danneels etc.

  24. Anonymous8:26 PM

    No, the fact that it was Re does not "explain everything". Of course, Re must have been too happy to secure a see in its own right for Danneels's protege but Leonard pushed for it in the first place. Leonard is not interested in restoring the Church in Belgium, he is mainly keen to preserve his own personal power.

    What was not reported on this blog is that on March 17, Leonard transferred his then auxiiary Bishop De Kesel from the vicariat of Brussels to that of Flemish Brabant. It was a demotion, as the job of auxiliary bishop for Brussels yields much more influence than that of auxiliary for Femish Brabant. Leonard's strategy was clear: he wanted to clear the way to etablish his personal authority as much as possible in his new Archdiocese. As a result, when the see of Bruges became vacant after Vangheluwe's resignation, Leonard had De Kesel transferred once again (June 25),although he knew full well that De Kesel is every bit a Danneels Boy. By doing so, he effectively gave De Kesel carte blanche to pursue Vangheluwe's danneelsian agenda in Bruges.

    Leonard's aim is not to restore the Church in Belgium, he just wants to be in total control of the Archdiocese of Mechlin-Brussels. This may sound a bit hard to believe but it explains why Leonard recommended (and secured) Vancottem as his successor in Namur. Vancottem was Danneels's very first auxiliary (appointed 1982) - and just as liberal as Danneels himself (shortly before his ordination as a bishop, Vancottem boasted that he would never ever wear a Roman collar). Vancottem is almost literally Danneels's first-begotten son.

    Leonard obviously does not mind having Vancottem undo the job he did in Namur between 1991-2010, otherwise he would have insisted on keeping him under his control as his auxiliary for Walloon Brabant. He would not have recommended him as his successor in Namur.

    We shoud also bear in mind that Leonard did not make one single change to Danneels's staff of advisors in Mechlin and that he appointed a new spokesman who is as much a heretic as De Kesel, as was reported on this blog:

    For short: with Leonard in the driving seat as Archbishop-Primate of Belgium, there is no more need for Daneels or Re to push through the liberal agenda in Belgium.

  25. Anonymous12:31 AM

    Maybe he wants celibacy lifted because he himself has fallen off the wagon. He would not be the first, or the last. Why else doesn't he just shut up.

  26. Prof. Carlos Ramalhete1:07 AM

    I am sorry, but I do now own a Roman collar, for the very simple reason that I am not a priest. If I were a priest (and a Bishop is, first and foremost, a priest) I would not own a neck-tie. Even if he does not usually walk around illegally disguised as a layman, he not only did that, but had his picture taken while disguised. IMHO, it is a very bad sign.

  27. Louis E.2:09 AM

    We are all born can anyone think it humanly impossible to remain in that state?

    Will more orthodox auxiliaries to Archbishop Leonard now be named?

  28. Anonymous2:40 PM

    I can't understand why everyone continues to give the blame to Cardinal Re.

    The ultimate person responsible for these appointments is the Pontiff. Please don't tell me these "moderate" appointments are not made with the express intent of avoiding an open war with the local Bishop's Conferences.

    Cardinal Re (and Cardinal Ouellet now) can only act according to guidelines set by the Pope.
    It is simply unconceivable that all those liberals would be appointed or promoted **without the Pope's specific consent**.


  29. Just saw this:

    Another Belgian bishop is questioning the celibacy rule:

    "The bishop of Hasselt, Patrick Hoogmartens, also strayed from the official line, declaring in remarks reported by Het Belang Van Limburg, a Flemish newspaper, that requiring celibacy was "useless".

    "I don't think it would be stupid for married men to also become priests," he said, citing the positive role played by deacons, assistants during Mass who can marry."

  30. Anonymous8:07 AM

    Dr Palad, thanks a lot for this. Bishop Hoogmartens is perhaps the most insipid of all Belgian bishops. His churches are empty, his seminary is empty etc. Yet, that guy was arrogant enough to forbid any form of publicity for the TLM in his diocese and to warn the Servi Jesu et Mariae (a neotrad socierty) "against recruiting any vocations in my diocese".

    Bishop Hoogmartens is due to resign in 2027... Will any Roman Pontiff (the current one or his successor) have the courage to destitute him before that?

  31. Why don't people who want women priests just convert to Anglicanism? That's why Protestanism was invented in the first place - to protest stuff.

  32. Anonymous4:25 PM

    -- A third Bishop, Johann Bonny, is reportedly questioning celibacy as well.

    That makes for three (relatively young) bishops in Flanders questioning celibacy. Flanders -- the black hole of liberalism in once-Catholic Europe -- also has 85% of the reported cases of clerical sex abuse...


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