Rorate Caeli

Castra sunt in Italia contra populum Romanum in Etruriæ faucibus conlocata

Fisichella - Lombardi


  1. From the first Catiline oration. I like it :-) Just to tag it:

    perge, quo coepisti, egredere aliquando ex urbe; patent portæ; proficiscere

  2. Johnny Domer5:19 PM

    It's so bizarre how Msgr. Fisichella was thought to be extremely loyal to the Pope, supportive of tradition--he even did the ordinations for the Institute of Christ the King a few years back. Now, it seems like he's a whole new person.

  3. Anonymous7:05 PM

    In Italy, bloggers ultra-loyal to the Pope, even express 'perplexities' about good cardinal Burke's words :

    Long live His Eminence!

  4. M. A.4:37 AM

    The enemy within the walls?

  5. Anonymous1:36 PM

    They look like a couple of ghouls.

  6. "I thank God that I live in a day when the enemy is outside the Church, and I know where he is and what he is up to. But I foresee a day when the enemy will be both outside and inside the Church...and I pray now for the poor faithful who will be caught in the crossfire."

    John Henry Cardinal Newman

  7. Anonymous5:58 PM

    Ok I am not afraid to admit that I don't know what the headline means can any of you care to translate.

  8. "A (military) camp is pitched in Italy against the Roman people in the mountain passes (literally "jaws") of Etruria (Tuscany)."

  9. Anonymous1:43 PM

    Mt 23:27 Whited sepulchers full of dead men's bones, anyone? One pushes abortion and the other condoms. Yikes!!


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