Rorate Caeli
A November reflection ...

The following thoughts are from the Chaplain of the Rorate Caeli Purgatorial Society -- a 27-year-old American diocean priest who remembers the Society at every Mass he says, and will continue to do so for as long as our Good God allows him to minister to His children.
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Chaplain's Reflection:
November is a month when we reflect on how fragile life is, and contemplate what comes after this life. At the beginning of the month, the Church throughout the world celebrated the solemnities of All Saints and All Souls. Throughout this month -- dreary and gray as it often is -- our thoughts are turned toward the Four Last Things -- death and judgment, eternal punishment and eternal reward.
We are reminded in faith of how close we are to those who have gone before us on our pilgrimage toward eternal life. But as God's creation around us grows old and the leaves are shed from living vegetation, the Eucharistic Sacrifice comes to us like a light shining in darkness.
We are indeed brought face to face with the Messiah, in whom all things live. Every Holy Mass is offered for the deceased and offered in union with the heavenly court surrounding the Triune God. As we know, it is a great act of charity and mercy to pray for our brothers and sisters.
The Church's teaching on purgatory is an especially great consolation, as it is a reminder that our final words on earth are not God's last word on us, and simply our final purifying passage on the journey toward the Kingdom of Heaven.
We remember with love and thanksgiving our brothers and sisters who have died, and we look forward to that time when Jesus Christ, who is All in all, will come to "make all things new."
As the liturgical year ends and we anticipate the birth of the Savior in the humble crib of Bethlehem, we pray:
Come, Lord Jesus!
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Anonymous said...

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Long-Skirts said...

Chaplain's Reflection:

"November is a month when we reflect on how fragile life is, and contemplate what comes after this life."


Yes, I know November
The tolling of the bell,
The whispers of the suf’ring souls
From mountain top to dell.

The chilly, gray, damp mornings
The rusting of the leaves,
The whispers of the suf'ring souls
Like moans from one who grieves.

And in the windy noon-time
When clouds fight 'gainst sun's might,
The whispers of the suf'ring souls
Cry, "Sanctuary light!"

So 'fore the red-glassed candle,
Compelled, I go to pray,
The whispers of the suf'ring souls
Plead, "Sacrifice today!"

Now, deep, dark sanctuary
Is lit by candle, bold,
The whispers of the suf'ring souls...
"Your prayers are autumn gold!"

So like the leaves of autumn
I fall to kneeling posture,
The whispers of the suf'ring souls
Beg, "Say a Pater Noster!"

The flicker in the red glass
Burns hotter, now, with Creed.
Oh, yes, I know November!
The month of Hope...souls freed!

Aurelija said...

I'm interested in the iconography of the image "Carmelite purgatory" iliustrated that text. May be somebody know more details: author, location, creation date. Thank you.